Women Sues Bed Firm After Being Injured During Sex

Claire Busby, of Maidenhead, South East England, was enjoying a rip roaring night of Charlies Angels style full throttle frolicking fun until she was flung from her bed and left paralysed.

Busby sustained serious injury to her spine when she was catapulted from her super-king size divan while her and her “accomplice” were “exercising…” (get it? wink wink!).

Busby claimed that while getting to know her partner John Marshall (every teenage boy’s new messiah) better in the bedroom, the bed Ms. Busby was “introducing” herself on, bought from the Berkshire Bed Company, was defective and collapsed causing her serious injury. Now Ms. Busby is claiming a seven figure sum of compensation as a result of the incident, which was even taken to the High Court.

Claire Busby’s case was heard in the High Court, but a judge ruled it a ‘tragic accident’. Source: PA

However, the battle for compensation (and to regain some dignity) came to no avail. Presiding Judge Barry Cotter concluded what had occurred in the bedroom of Ms. Busby was a ‘tragic accident’, adding the occasion required ‘a most unfortunate and unusual combination of positioning on the bed and movement which I do not believe would have been foreseeable by any reasonable person’ (or bed designer).

In a hearing in London last month, Ms. Busby told how the bed she had been using for her “extracurricular activities” had given way as she lay with her “head towards the foot”, then suddenly the bed collapsed making her feel like she’d been catapulted. Ms. Busby said her head hit the floor, she fell to the side then she heard something ‘like a spring in my body snap’.

Ms. Busby went on to allege the divans that made up the base were not properly fastened and two were missing, creating a height difference between the two ends of the bed.

A similar super king size divan bed product, which according to Claire left her with an injury. Source: Time4Sleep

The Berkshire Bed Company released a statement insisting their products are properly assembled, with director Richard Manders saying after the ruling, “We are sorry that Ms. Busby was injured and we wish her and her family well for the future. Our beds and mattresses can be trusted to provide comfort and are perfectly safe.”

The culprit of the offense, partner John Marshall, was unavailable for comment.

Brainstain has surmised that if any lesson is to be learned from this tragic and rather peculiar case it’s that… before you begin… whatever it is… make sure… everything is level… since safe sex is always the best way.


Story by Harry Feraydon

Featured Photo Credit: Relax Sofas and Beds

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