Johnny Depp May Have Sustained Brain Damage From 1000 Degree Sauna Sessions

Strange news coming way out of left field from Hollywood now, as actor Johnny Depp has been revealed to potentially have sustained cognitive brain damage due to a 1000 degree sauna habit. Ouch! Talk about getting a “brainstain” from the heat by drawing comparisons as what life must really be like in hell.

New reports suggest that these lava-like sauna sessions that Johnny Depp indulged himself in, may have also affected his appearance, his alertness and his cognitive behaviour, following a string of bizarre red carpet appearances before and after his split from celebrity gold digger, Amber Heard.

All of that happened on top of Depp’s formerly spiralling financial situation, which was finally resolved in the summer for an undisclosed sum, after Depp sued The Management Company (TMG) for $25 million, which they then counter-sued Depp for the same amount after his flagrant spending was exposed. Depp then accused TMG of money mismanagement, with accusations being flung around between him and his former manager team for months prior to settling out of court.

Recent reports of speculation suggested that Johnny Depp’s gaunt look in recent times may be down to liver problems, whereas RadarOnline, believe that he may have sustained brain damage from those 1000 degree sauna sessions.

Johnny Depp has been looking gaunt and unwell this year. Source: TheMirror

That said, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that his gaunt look is probably down to the fact that somebody cut off his “adrenochrome” supply. Only joking! But, adrenochrome is the drug of choice for satanists!

Meanwhile, strange and unverified rumours in Hollywood suggest that Johnny Depp may have had some dark hand in the suspicious overdose and death of River Phoenix outside his nightclub The Viper Room on Halloween night in 1993, where the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were in attendance that very evening. The reason? Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder had recently called off their engagement, and River Phoenix was set to star in a new film with his former fiancé!

Anyway, Johnny Depp now explains in his own words about his 1000 degree sauna sessions, where he reveals his strange thinking behind his actions, which probably doesn’t really add up for any logical person. He said, “Captain Jack was actually born in a sauna – my sauna. I figured this is a guy who has been on the high seas for probably all of his life, the majority of his life at least, and therefore probably dealt with a lot of inescapable heat to the brain.”

Johnny Depp starred as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirate’s Of The Caribbean films. Source: Disney

“So I cranked the sauna up to about 1,000 degrees and I sat in there for as long as I could until it started to affect me mentally.”

He continued, “And then what happened is while I was in there, in that kind of heat you cannot stand still but the worst of it is if you move, it kills you. So that in itself sort of gave me… yeah, like his brain has been part-boiled to some degree.”

Many actors will go to strange lengths to get into character such as with classic method acting, whereas Johnny Depp chose to opt for a 1000 degree sauna session. However, actors and actresses have also been known to encourage their souls to be possessed by demonic entities, by use of witchcraft, satanic rituals and other black magic spells performed, in order to prepare for a specific film role or to achieve big success.

So all in all, when Johnny Depp explains that the 1000 degree sauna sessions were a preparation for him to play pirate captain Jack Sparrow, we really start to draw parallels to how hot it must be down in hell, with lord Lucifer by your side for all of eternity.

That’s surely a role that nobody will ever be fully prepared for, even less of course for Johnny Depp who has potentially been a practising satanist all these years…

Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp pictured in 1998, the same year of the release of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ directed by Terry Gilliam. Source: Getty Images

Depp’s perceived involvement in satanism and the occult would definitely make a lot of sense, since he even shot out known satanist Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of cannon to commemorate his passing and spent millions in order to do so… Wow!

And, as we all know now, Hunter S. Thompson was a really nasty piece of work behind the facade of his brilliant writing.

Hunter was a man that was deeply involved with the occultist cabal, with rumours of him even directing snuff films and enjoying hunting humans for sport, as was revealed on The Late Show with David Letterman, without mincing words.

So, could it be that what Johnny Depp was really preparing for with those 1000 degree saunas, was the preparation for living in the afterlife in an eternity in hell?

Nobody knows… however, there’s definitely something there to think about, right? Anyway, we wish that Johnny Depp recovers and that he really gets much better very soon…


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“Too much adrenochrome!” – Watch Johnny Depp playing Hunter S. Thompson and then you connect the dots. Hunter S. Thompson was one of Depp’s idols, and Johnny’s rock band is also called The Hollywood Vampires. So, when the adrenochrome supply goes out the window and runs dry, you start to look very gaunt. Keep an eye out for this from your favourite celebrities, both young and old. You know, just for fun!


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