Stormy Daniels & Pipe Bomber Cesar Sayoc Worked At Same Florida Strip Club

Now here’s some very strange and surely coincidental news which links Democrat Deep State workhorse and porn star, Stormy Daniels, to Native American fake pipe bomber suspect, Cesar Sayoc: they both worked together at the same West Palm Beach strip club in Florida, called ‘Ultra Gentleman’s Club.’

Indeed, Cesar Sayoc, who was last week revealed as the main culprit in sending out nine “fake” pipe bombs that didn’t detonate, to the likes of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, to name a few, once worked at the same strip club that Stormy Daniels has performed at numerous times as the resident Disc Jockey back in April 2018.

That’s far less than six degrees of separation. In fact, that puts them in the same place of employment at the very same strip club, at the same time, and we all know that strippers do strike up close relationships with the resident music man. Wow!

Things are just getting much worse and far stranger in the story of porn star Stormy Daniels. Source: PeopleMagazine

The mainstream news media’s narrative of suspect serial mail bomber Cesar Sayoc being a far right Donald Trump supporter is taking many hits of suspicion already, after a retired United States Postal Service employee admitted to the Roger and JP Show, that the USPS do not deliver mail to anyone under secret service protection, such as Soros, Obama, or Clinton, and that any such mail would be sent to the Secret Service field office first. This has all the elements of a Deep State false flag news attack, if we’ve ever seen one.

So, what do we really have here? Well, it’s yet another news charade of the Deep State set to bring distraction and disturb the incoming “Red Wave” of Republican votes on November 6th. This is all “smoke and mirrors” of the Deep State agenda, but what’s great is that the narrative isn’t fooling anyone…

WPTV reported that Cesar Sayoc worked as a DJ at ‘Ultra Gentleman’s Club as recently as the day before he was arrested, with his white van plastered with plenty of anti-Democrat stickers with targets on them, that were all seemingly fresh from any sun fading in sunny Florida… How bizarre!

No doubt about it, this wreaks of another false flag, but the majority of intelligent people already see through this hocus-pocus attempt by Democrats to influence the voting public in next weeks midterm elections. 

Thick as thieves – Stormy Daniels on the stripper stage and Cesar Sayoc’s (whitewashed) mugshot to make him look less Native American. Source: ConservativeFighters

Ultra Gentleman’s Club manager, Stacey Saccal, said that Cesar never spoke about politics and that everyone at the club was “shocked and in disbelief” when they heard of his arrest. 

Saccal said that she never knew that Sayoc’s white van was plastered with anti-Democrat and anti-CNN political stickers, and she said that she thought that it was an “ice-cream truck.”

After his arrest, Cesar’s white van was impounded after he had sent out a string of “cartoon like bombs” which were obviously fake, and authorities called his van “the Trump mobile.”

On Monday, Cesar Sayoc will appear in court facing 48 years of criminal charges, however, Sayoc’s lawyer said the evidence against his client is very thin, and seemingly judging by this comment, they do not seem to be worried about the charges.

Meanwhile, former NXIVM member and still active porn star, Stormy Daniels, has been ordered to pay $300,000 in Donald Trump’s lawyer’s fees, after losing her defamation case over a tweet that Trump sent out earlier this year. Ouch! That must sting in her coffers’ quite a bit…


Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Source: The Gateway Pundit

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