Soulcalibur VI Released Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Another Friday is here, and another game has arrived to brighten up your weekend. This time, it’s the long awaited Soulcalibur VI which comes out after a six year wait, since the last game was released in 2012. However, this one is much better, please believe it! There’s two different story modes, and a full twenty characters to play with in this sword fighting face off, including Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, so pull out your sword and… En garde!

Our friends over at IGN have naturally already got stuck into this latest release, and Bandai Namco, along with developer Project Souls, do not disappoint with this respectable return of everyone’s favourite sword fighting combat game, that will have you slamming buttons and your opponent in no time. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Yes, this game promises hours upon hours of fighting fun, and with unique Critical Edge Moves to finish off your enemy for every character, it means that you’ll never get bored of defeating your opponents. Plus, with the Soul Charge attacks as per usual, you can easily knock your opponent back to their starting point and beyond, in quite some style, which is essential for the underdog comeback.

Holy smokes Ivy! She’s sure to be a cosplay favourite! Soulcalibur 6 doesn’t disappoint in the design department, does it?  Source: Fandom

Better yet, the latest addition of the new Lethal Hit attack can eliminate your opponent in only one strike, but you’ll glad to know that there’s a necessary qualification process and cool down period after the maneuver, so as to prevent any unworthy winners choosing to use it all the time.

Now, the critics have already lamented that having only 20 characters to choose from is a bit limited, but at least there’s some super sexy animated ladies to get your pulse racing as you slash your way to victory in this super slick fighting game.

Some new characters include Groh, Azwel and Tira, so let’s see them in action with Yellow Motion’s breakdown. Plus, don’t forget, you can also create your own character, so there’s really no need for critics to complain, is there?

The character creation concept is much more in-depth than in Soulcalibur V, within now being able to choose race, along with being able to customise limbs, hair, and much, much more. This improvement along with the game running on the new Unreal Engine gives the game enhanced visuals and animations, transporting you into the fencing fantasy of amazing swordplay. Excellent! 

Which character is your favourite? We know who ours is, but please do tell us in the comments section down below, before you purchase your game, straight to your door on the Amazon links provided. Thank us later!


Brainstain, over and out!

Buy Soulcalibur VI for PS4 here!

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