What’s Next For The Leftist Agenda’s Selective Outrage?

Following on from Brett Kavanaugh’s rightful confirmation to the Supreme Court as Donald Trump’s personal pick for SCOTUS this past weekend – despite a “Wrap Up Smear” campaign of false allegations from the Left, in which they tried to destroy him, which ultimately didn’t work – one now wonders what selective outrage or panic stations will come next from the communistic Democratic socialists and their leftist minions?

Will it be the children and their parents being separated at the border (which happened under Bush & Obamaagain? Or will it be transgender’s in the military or transgender rights in women’s bathrooms again? Will the left come for your guns with the use of teenagers and children after another horrible massacre? Will Stormy Daniels get more live coverage from CNN on her next and probably her last nude strip show? What will happen next? We just don’t know!

Will Dianne Feinstein be investigated further, and even charged for having a Chinese spy as her driver for some twenty odd years? Will Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters finally be committed to insane asylums? Will Cory Booker or Michael Avenatti prepare for a Presidential run in 2020? Let’s hope so… So many questions… What will indoctrinated purple haired feminists and soy boys on college campuses yell about next?

A Chinese communist spy exposed as your driver for the past twenty years. No big deal, right Dianne Feinstein? Credit: tapwires.com

Surely, the Democrats can’t blame the 2016 US election loss on Russia again, can they? The Russia collusion and Robert Mueller special counsel investigation into meddling in the US 2016 election, as we all know, is a great big lie, so the left can hardly use that fake news story about Russia any longer, right? There was no collusion, as will be proven, so what has Robert Mueller and his special counsel really been investigating all this time? Answers on a Deep State postcard, please.

What about Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele and that fake Russia dossier? What about Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One scandal in which she sold Russia 20% of America’s uranium?

They never thought she would lose. Credit: Funny

What will evil billionaire George Soros and the Democrats try to stir up outrage about next with use of the cabal mainstream media such as CNN? Well, with the midterm elections only four weeks away, this will be the Democrats last roll of the dice before justice and reality hits them square in the face.

It should be pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that the Democrats will lie, cheat, deceive and do anything to try and cover up for their crimes in a bid to hold onto any remnants of power which they think they have left, which is dwindling to new lows of “nothing” as the November midterm elections approach.

Valerie Jarrett (pictured) is an enemy of the USA, and she should be seen as such. Credit: USdefensewatch

There’s so many questions and much curiosity surrounding the various underreported crimes of the left, with people soon being implicated for their treasonous and unthinkable immoral acts. For example, will Valerie Jarrett be exposed for what she is: a Muslim Brotherhood communist operative puppeteer steering Barack Obama to give billions to Iran whilst he was president.

Will former director of the FBI, James Comey, be properly investigated and charged for covering up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? Will the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop implicating Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in the crimes against children be made public?

Credit: FoxNews

Will the human and child sex trafficking evidence inside the email trail between former top level Democrats found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop be disclosed? Will the NXIVM human trafficking trial reveal even more about these topics and who was actually involved?

So many scandals, so much evidence, and so many questions… Now, whilst we don’t know what’s next from the selective outrage of the Left, what we do know is that there’s so many sealed indictments. In fact, there’s thousands upon thousands of sealed indictments which are already ready to go.

This will make a for a very interesting next few months, to a year, as military tribunals may be the only way to deal with these high level crimes of the enemies within. Enjoy the show!


Vote Republican in November!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: The Weekly Standard

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