Tekashi69 Arrested in New York City Over Houston Assault Warrant

Brooklyn rapper Tekashi69, real name Daniel Hernandez, was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport on Wednesday after returning from his European tour, and was placed in handcuffs due to a warrant out for his arrest in the state of Texas. The incident in question happened in Houston, where Tekashi69 choked a 16-year old male fan in the Galleria Mall back in January of 2018.

Daniel Hernandez’ legal team plan to deal with the arrest accordingly, but said that their client should not have been arrested by the NYPD over a misdemeanour charge.

The outstanding warrant for Hernandez’s arrest has now been fulfilled, and the rapper will be extradited to Houston, which hasn’t made Tekashi69 or his legal team very happy either.

The Brooklyn rapper is famed for his facial tattoos, growing millennial social media following and increasing riches in being one of the youths favourite artists of today.

Tekashi69 has earlier admitted to groping a 13-year old girl, and plead guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance, where he allegedly cupped her breast in a sexual explicit video that he posted online back in 2015.

Tekashi69 was arrested after returning from his tour in Europe yesterday. Credit: Jefferson Siegel Pool

There were a total of three explicit and inappropriate videos posted online of the young girl, for which Hernandez took a plea deal for in the case in question, where Tekashi69 had to obtain a GED, refrain from posting sexually explicit material online, and not commit any other crimes for two years in order to stay off the sex offenders register, or then face up to three years in jail.

Tekashi69 reportedly failed his GED, but the court hearing was postponed to a later date after the courts were not able to obtain his GED examination for review.

In February 2018, Tekashi69 and his crew also got into a brawl at LAX Airport with two other males, causing a scene in the park and drop area, which hasn’t had any ramifications or consequence as of yet.

Moreover, other rival rap artist Chief Keef was shot at on June 2nd, and due to their ongoing feud, the NYPD are currently investigating whether Tekashi69 had anything to do with the incident, even though he was in Los Angeles at the time.

Tekashi69 has been growing in the limelight as a popular rapper over the past 18 months. Credit: Redfens

Tekashi69 has previously also publicly allied himself to the Bloods street gang, and continues to be considered as an artist that’s been facing and causing lots of controversy lately.

The artist also known as “6ix9ine” rose to fame in late 2017, with his debut single “Gummo”, but had been releasing songs since 2014, with much of his early working coming out on a Slovakian record label called FCK THEM.

The song “POLES1469” was the first track that got a significant response on YouTube in 2017, and he became a social media star due to an Instagram post that went viral on Reddit and Twitter, as his appearance turned him into an Internet meme.

His single “Gummo” went platinum and reached number 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the rest is history. Can Tekashi69 stay out of trouble and keep on the straight and narrow? Only time will tell…


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Featured Photo Credit: Hip Hop Globe


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