Big Cats Escape from Zoo in Lünebach, Germany

Moments ago in Germany, there has been the news of an incident where zoo animals have escaped from their enclosures into the public arena, sort of something you’d only expect to see in the original Jumanji film, but there’s reportedly two lions out on the loose, as well as two tigers, a puma and a jaguar that are still yet to be located. Yikes!

Naturally, these animals are highly dangerous, with German police warning residents of nearby towns to stay indoors, as they don’t know where the big cats are actually located. Additionally, there could be more big cats out on the loose than they first anticipated, with the specific numbers of the big cats still being undetermined at this stage.

Residents near the Eifel Zoo in Lünebach, Rhineland-Palatinate have stayed indoors since the news broke, but now police in the next town of Prüm, said that the big cats escaped from the mountainous area due to flooding, with fears now as to where the big cats have gone and hidden, as police try to respond to the outbreak.

If you’re in western Germany, then stay away from this big cat, if you can. Credit: TheHeureka

Local broadcaster SWR have also warned residents as far as on the Luxembourg and Belgium border to stay vigilant, as they may encounter a lion, tiger, puma or jaguar if they’re not careful.

The zoo was not available for comment, however, it is thought that the animals escaped their enclosures after a storm caused flash flooding which enabled the animals to escape. Unfortunately, the flooding of an overnight storm caused a river to burst its banks and damaged their enclosures, prompting the curious cats to make a break for freedom.

Local news reports that a bear has already been shot outside its enclosure by authorities, but with big cats on the loose, there’s a lot more to be concerned about than a rogue bear at this point.

This isn’t the type of cat that you’d want to meet during your afternoon jog. Credit: WorldWildLifeFund

German citizens have been asked to report any signs of the big cats that might just be lurking around their neighbourhood. Stay inside or become eaten is the advice being handed down by authorities.

Well, it surely sounds like the German police have their work cut out for them today, this time with wild animals on the loose, as opposed to with radical Islam and problems from mass immigration.

This Jaguar might look cuddly, but its vicious beyond your wildest dreams. Credit: BigCatRescue

This terrifying big cat outbreak is unprecedented and you only have to think of the San Francisco escape of a tiger at their zoo, to know what can really happen when a big cat is out on the loose, let alone being out on the loose outside the perimeter of a zoo.

What do you think is the best course of action to take in such circumstances? Shoot the animals down with bullets before they kill innocent people, or coax the big cats in with pounds of raw meat, then shoot them down with tranquilizer darts before taking them back to the zoo?

The Germans should know a Puma very well, after all, it’s their second biggest shoe brand.  Credit: EncyclopediaBrittanica

We will keep you updated with any further news on this story which is still developing. This might prove to be a highly dangerous situation for anyone involved.


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Featured Photo Credit: Mopo


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