‘Roseanne’ Show Cancelled by ABC; Left Wing Hypocrisy and Double Standards Permeate

It all began last night, when the hit show ‘Roseanne’, watched by some 25 million people or more in America alone, was cancelled ahead of its second season by ABC, after the not funny and extremely annoyingly voiced comedian, Wanda Sykes, said she was not returning to the show after Roseanne Barr had made a tweet concerning Barack Obama’s former top advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

Let’s now see the infamous tweet from Roseanne, and how the liberal Left suddenly latched onto it quickly in order to call it… guess what? “Racist!”

Credit: TheNewYorkTimes

On first look, you’d have to say it’s a quite a clever tweet and an epic observation, since Iranian born Valerie Jarrett serves the Muslim Brotherhood (a very questionable organisation for the 44th President to have been taking orders from), and definitely looks very alike to cast members of Planet of the Apes. Let’s take a look at some pictures, shall we?

Here’s Valerie Jarrett the unopposed traitor of America, who helped destroy America under Barack Obama. Maybe she had something to do with the Iran deal? Credit: TheNewsCommenter

Here we have an ape from the Planet of the Apes movie… We’re not sure what you see, but we see two sisters or perhaps there was a close family genetical trait in there somewhere, wouldn’t you say?

No, you’re not seeing double, this isn’t Valerie Jarrett… Credit: Artpractical

Let’s remember that Roseanne Barr is a comedian, and you’d have to admit that aesthetically, that there’s an uncanny resemblance in between Valerie Jarrett and other Planet of the Apes co-stars. However, the Planet of the Apes responded, and they were very offended with the comparison to Valerie Jarrett.

Breaking news: Planet of the Apes are offended by Valerie Jarrett comparison! Credit: Imgflip

Not even the Planet of the Apes characters wanted to be compared to, or even be associated with Valerie Jarrett, and who can blame them? The only one’s who didn’t mind being associated with Valerie Jarrett, were known traitors and known haters of America, such as Barack Obama, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Go figure!

Now was Roseanne’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett really racist, or was it just an epic comedic play on words? Well, if her tweet was so racist, how come Wanda Sykes wasn’t lambasted for these comments in her stand-up routine aimed at Donald Trump? Let’s have a watch, but please do mind her annoying voice…

For Wanda Sykes to call President Donald Trump an Orangutan, somehow it wasn’t racist then? Or when Jimmy Kimmel called Trump an Orangutan, that was all okay? Yes, the hypocrisy and double standards of the Left is abhorrent in nature, and it only protects their own kind.

At the White House correspondents dinner, Michelle Wolf (rumoured to have previously been arrested for bestiality, for having sex with dogs) made fun of Sarah Huclabee Sanders appearance, but she got her own show on Netflix. Wow, liberal hypocrisy at its finest.

But way before that, liberal shill Bill Maher said the words “House N*****” on his show Real Time on Live Television, and later apologised, but his show wasn’t cancelled, was it? Liberal hypocrisy at its finest, yet again. If that wasn’t racist or had racist undertones, then we don’t know what is.

Or how about when Kelly Osborne, made the comment about Mexican people cleaning toilets? Somehow that was also given a pass. Flip through these next slides for even more liberal bias in the entertainment sector, just for your two cents.

But, when Roseanne tweeted out quite a funny observation on Valerie Jarrett, they deemed it automatically racist, since it fits right into their narrative in order to get Roseanne off the air, because it proved to be detrimental to their other liberal shows.

However, Roseanne’s cancellation on ABC is much more to the detriment of the TV network overall, both now and in the near future, since the show pulled in massive viewer ratings all across the nation, and they will now not have such viewership ever again.

We feel Roseanne had a point, even in her ill-timed joke, since who on Earth stands up for an open and unapologetic American traitor like Valerie Jarrett? Only Democrats, of course. The fact that she resembles somebody from the Planet of the Ape’s is besides the point and it’s nothing to do with race.

However, what’s clear here is if racial prejudice is somehow aimed at whites only, then it is okay (as we’ve seen in examples up above). Ultimately, there was nothing racist about Roseanne’s tweet, merely an observation by the comedian.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: NEWSiNi

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