The Mainstream Media’s Smear Campaign Against Kanye West Has Begun

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the falsifying mainstream media and liberal tabloids at it once again, now besotted to portray Kanye West as being mentally ill, after he publicly stated that, “I like the way Candace Owens thinks” and for expressing his aligned conservative outlook onto the world, thus shunning the liberal narrative that censors any freedom of expression, and this phenomenon is being called out as the being the “thought police.”

Let’s bring in the definition of the “thought police” in the recent climate in mainstream news, entertainment and even in social media, shall we?

thought police


  1. a group of people who aim or are seen as aiming to suppress ideas that deviate from the way of thinking that they believe to be correct.

“Mind blown” for some people! Anyway, People Magazine and just about every other liberal leftist publication, forming the liberal narrative, is now saying that Kanye West is mentally ill and that him and Kim Kardashian are even fighting about his recent tweets. Here’s a picture from the other day, where there doesn’t seem to be any signs of any fighting, only happiness.

A recent family photo, and Kanye West looks very happy, doesn’t he?  Credit: PopSugar

Fake liberal news sites have also stated in recent days that Kanye West had an opioid addiction, and many people who claim to know him and speak for him say that they are concerned about his mental well being. So, let’s fact check all those fame hungry bozos and tell them that’s all lies, and to not believe in the liberal mainstream media smear campaign. What happens to stars once they go against the grain and don’t do as they are told? Think! What happens when they speak out against the liberal agenda and their instructed narrative?

Well, do you remember Dave Chappelle, when he didn’t take that $50 million dollar deal for renewing The Chappelle Show on their terms? Well, after that, they said Dave Chapelle was addicted to crack and that he had ran off to Africa. What happened to Prince after he spoke out about Chemtrails on live television? A few years later, he died after taking extremely strong Fentanyl pills by a doctor, instead of regular opioids. What happened to Michael Jackson all those years ago when he stood up to Sony about his catalogue? He was accused of being a child molester, even though he wasn’t one, whereas many other people around him were in fact the real pedophiles all along.

When Michael Jackson didn’t do what they wanted, he was deemed a child molester and went to trial. Credit: YouTube

How about Tupac Shakur? What happened to him when he didn’t want to play ball with the Illuminati? A whole bunch of nasty things we’ve covered before. There’s seemingly a pattern, when stars express their own beliefs or don’t play by the rules, they then get an immediate media smear campaign placed upon them, you see?

So does it come as any surprise that Kanye West now has a smear campaign on his back, just for thinking and believing what he truly does believe in, as well as sharing it? The answer is “NO!”

These false stories of the divisive liberal agenda has even sparked much loved Momager, Kris Jenner, to shoot down these false stories on her son-in-laws behalf, because she know’s better than to let this happen once again to the husband of her second daughter, Kim Kardashian. Read the tweets!

This time Kanye West won’t be silenced after being sectioned under a 5150, after communicating his beliefs on his own stage at Sacramento, California in November 2016. Kanye West has now done the right thing and fired the handlers of his career and brand in recent days, since Kanye West said he doesn’t need lots of people with fancy titles around him, and that he’s going to do it all by himself from now on. Kanye even fired his manager Scooter Braun. Nice work!

Clearly the best thing to do is to get rid of these occultist handlers and bring in a new team of his own, if that’s what’s needed, so that he can continue to be himself, and not be silenced through somebody else’s agenda. The Kardashian sisters have all come out and said that Kanye is in great spirits and is firing on all cylinders. In fact, you can actually see Kanye doing very well and he’s actually smiling in all the latest photos, and is doing much better than in previous years.

Kanye is in his element and firing on all cylinders, plus is being supported by the Kardashian’s on his recent political stance. Credit: Balinnn

Kanye West has also recently been vocal of his support for Donald Trump, and he also voiced his backing of Conservative commentator Candace Owens. This has now upset Satan’s insignificant minions in the Hip-Hop industry, such as radio stations and DJs that cannot understand why Kanye would support the President and go against their liberal agenda, perpetrated by their shill employers wanting to spread the narrative of racial division.

Of course, that’s because they make their living off of the lie that is perpetrated by the Democrat false ideology honed by the liberal mass media, hoping to stifle the black community into a mentality of perpetual victimhood, as they always have. They want them to feel oppressed and held back, but that’s not Kanye West’s vision. Not to mention, according to the liberal narrative, all white people are racists, right?

Credit: KanyeWest/Twitter

Indeed, this time it looks like Kanye West will have his way, since there’s a civil war of information going on right now, and as the tides finally begin to shift, Kanye is on the crest of a new wave of real change, that’s breaking forward into the public consciousness for many people. Perhaps, even all the interest in known Satanic celebrities will soon wane off…  Wouldn’t that be something?

Now the divisive liberal narrative is labelling Kanye West as far-right, as they do to every logical thinker in the whole world, since the left don’t want logical thinkers being given a voice, since it would expose their false narrative of lies and deceit, even though it’s absolutely easy to see through their entire charade anyway.

Hence, logical thinkers and people who stand up for what they believe, outside of the indoctrinated liberal agenda and narrative, are always labelled as far-right, racist, or homophobic, or any other of the choice words that the liberal leftists want to label logical people with the days.

This is an example of the liberal lefts’ response to Candace Owens and Kanye West linking up and in thinking alike over Twitter. Credit: Trendsmap

Tom Arnold should be cited for sexual harassment we think. Anyway, now the liberal left are having a terribly hard time labelling Kanye West and Candace Owens as racists, and it’s really eating them up inside, because they don’t know what to do now in order to contain these logical thinkers that are now brave enough to start to emerge, after Kanye West stated that he supports Ms. Owens.

How are the thought police going to tackle these thinkers? How can they stop freedom of thought? Credit: UrbanIslandz

Kanye West recently said, “Yeezy is the New Apple”. Wouldn’t it be nice if Facebook and Google would be impartial and not just serve one agenda or narrative too? Equal time, perhaps? How about not censoring conservative views and or logical content? That’s something for those people in Silicon Valley to have to come to terms with in the near future. Call it the “Great Awakening.”

We do sincerely hope that Yeezy could actually become a new Apple, or a new Google, or a new Facebook, where everybody’s right to freedom of expression is encouraged. A place where freedom of thought, was heralded as a necessity without any liberal bias handed down by the monopoly media. Hell, how about a new music industry and film industry too?

By the way, Kanye West has a new 7 Track EP coming out on June 1st, which remains untitled, and we’re eager to hear it and to buy it, knowing full well that Kanye West has taken back his creative control which can only be a good thing for music as a whole.

Kanye West has tons of new fans now, and all we can say is that do not subscribe to the liberal smear campaign against Kanye. It’s fake news!

Oh, and how about Kanye West and Candace Owens for a 2024 Presidential run? Why not? That would be something! Let’s let Kanye be Kanye, and see what he comes up with, for there’s a shift in the tides coming very soon, and it’s a beautiful thing. Where people can finally wake up and escape from the prisons of their minds, and rip off the chains from the systemic liberal mainstream media’s brainwashing.


Brainstain, over and out!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: Freshestwear

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