Kanye West Tweets Support for Candace Owens

Remember that time on the 19th of November 2016, when Kanye West went on an epic rant on-stage in Sacramento, exposing the new world order endeavours within the music industry, expressing his disdain for the indoctrination of the youth, the current state of the radio airplay, and indirectly pointing the finger at the satanic agenda, of which we all must abide by?

Well, if you don’t remember, keep reading, take a red pill, and see what Kanye West was really saying back then. Of course, immediately afterwards, the Kardashian klan and MK Ultra handlers had him sectioned under a 5150 in the California penal code for a mental disorder that might be harmful to him and others, so that he could be reprogrammed in the rehabilitation centre.

This garnered lots of concern from true Kanye West fans, since he was in a hospital or rehab centre for days, and many were naturally concerned for his well being. How come Kanye West wasn’t allowed to express himself on his own stage, without the censorship of the satanic agenda of the liberal left, which unfortunately dominates the mass media?

Kanye West praises conservative Candace Owens, and the left loses its mind. Kanye West and Donald Trump at Trump Tower, New York City 2016. Credit: Daily Wire

Once Kanye West emerged from the stint in rehab, complete with blonde hair, he went straight to visit President Donald Trump, and this raised further eyebrows from the liberal left. However, if you had half a brain you’d see that Kanye West was wanting to have a discussion with Donald Trump, in a very bold move indeed. Now we always understood why, but most people are too brainwashed by TV, the Radio and crap music, to be able to decipher the news and the mass media, because the youth is beneath and very much below normal intelligence levels, to their very own detriment.

Let’s take a look at what Kanye West was really saying, with notable excerpts, such as: “It’s a new world Hillary Clinton. It’s a new world Barack!”

“It’s a new world Jay-Z” and “I’m on my Trump shit tonight!”

True blessings from Kanye West are coming. Just listen as he exposes the satanic leftists and states the following: “This is the future and this is the way of thinking to make America great again!”

Additionally, Kanye West exposes how Google and how Facebook have been lying to the public, which is prophetic after the Cambridge Analytica scandal a month back, as well as how all of the Internet monopolies are complicit in the new world order and our very own surveillance. So why can’t people like Kanye West express their true feelings without being sectioned, such as after this speech, and then have his hair dyed blonde and held back from from speaking out further, by even his wife in Kim Kardashian and moreover by his Illuminati handlers, amongst this leftist Satanic liberal agenda… one wonders?

However, once he emerged from this reported rehab stint, he was rumoured to have been brainwashed into that sunken place (‘Get Out’ style). Perhaps he really was given electric shock therapy and other medicines in order to keep him docile, but who really knows? Kanye knows… That’s who!

Kanye West showed himself to take a footnote out of Tupac’s existence in standing up to the establishment in his Sacramento stage rant, which he was silenced for! Don’t you think that that’s wrong??

The ever inspiring Candace Owens, pictured, so could Candace and Kanye connect for a 2024 Presidential run? Why not? Credit: Watif

Anyway, Kanye West tweeted this on the weekend, showing his support for Candace Owens, a conservative and inspirational speaker for the black youth, who models herself on being an anti-victimhood pro-stance advocate on the current political sphere, and to that of the black community, something which Democrats despise, so as to keep black American’s down and on welfare and in the 21st century’s own form of Democratic mental slavery, be made to feel live victims of non-existent racism in America.

Credit: KanyeWest/Twitter

This was a monumental stance coming on the weekend, as Kanye West reportedly has  a “7 Track” EP coming out soon, featuring Kid Cudi, with the number 7, almost prophetically aligning with the artist of all artists’, Tupac Shakur from ‘The Don Killuminati 7Day Theory’ album, just off of first impressions alone, thus perhaps signalling the current state that politics will have over music in the near future, and at least we could hope so, at the very least…

Credit: KanyeWest/Twitter

This is a new world like Kanye said in 2016, and the NWO has been set back some 25 years after the election of Donald Trump, and thank god. That agenda has even been changed, much to the dismay of Satanists, since God intervened in the 2016 election and not Russia! That Russia narrative is just “Fake News!”

Seemingly, Kanye West is more than aware of this, and Candace Owens is a trailblazer for the well being of the future world, and for blacks in America, steering away from Democratic socialism and the ideology of racism, victimhood and this modern day slave like mentality, you see? Just look at what Candace Owens has to say here, about all of this, that we just touched on.

Both Candace Owens and Kanye West are aligned with positive conservative views in the current political landscape, and that’s refreshing and a threat to the liberal left, since what Kanye West and Candace Owen’s proclaim is nothing but truth and is additionally a positive outlook for the youth of America. Far away from the liberal indoctrination of the youth in schools, that are succumbing to victimhood and institutionalised racism as perpetuated by their complicit teachers and professors on a daily basis.

Credit: RealCandaceO

“I need you to help wake up the black community.” Candace Owens tweeted after Kanye West showed his support for her work. Could this be the birth of Kanye West for President in 2024? Well, at this rate, we certainly hope so, since once the cabal falls, it’s the dawn of a new age, and thus prosperity can come for everyone with the right mindset.

This will hopefully also pertain to politics and also to the future music industry output, as opposed to repetitive choruses and mumble rappers, fraught with facial tattoo’s, prescription drugs and  homosexual themes, one would hope…

After Kanye West’s tweet this weekend, another extremely woke favourite of the world, Roseanne Barr, responded to Kanye with the following tweet. Check it!

Bingo, indeed! The liberal left and the Satanists are having a meltdown right now, since the “great awakening” is already upon us and that’s a great thing. Pray the lord for Kanye’s safety. But, isn’t it curious that the song that propelled Kanye West into superstardom was “Jesus Walks”, which should put his allegiances to one side, but so was he mocking Jesus and God?

We think not, and his music is becoming more and more prophetic today and you can be sure that we will now seek out to buy his new 7 track EP, since we’re so based with Kanye West right now! “God show me the way because the Devil’s tryin’ to break me down” –  Kanye West ‘Jesus Walks’

Keep fighting the good fight, Kanye. Respect to you! You got tons of new fans!

To shed further light onto the stance of Kanye West at this current time, let’s bring in commentary from Paul Thomas Watson on the truth about Kanye West, amidst this liberal leftist controversy of culture wars and the mainstream media funnelling those flames, in labelling Kanye West the “Black Trump” and for labelling Candace Owens as a controversial YouTuber, which is all “bullsh*t”, in the very hindsight of reality. The End.


Long live Kanye West and Candace Owens!

Story by The Narrator 

Featured Photo Credit: The Daily Dot

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