Angela Merkel’s True Origins Exposed

For the last few months, we’ve suspiciously been suspecting the relation of Chancellor Angela Dorothea Kasner Merkel of Germany, as being a direct descendant of Nazi Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Call it intuition, call it logic, call it a conspiracy theory or just call the dates and compare the photos.

It doesn’t take a Nazi rocket scientist from Operation Paperclip to see the resemblance between the current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and that of Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun.

Yes, just as very many Nazi scientists were recruited for U.S. government employment after World War II, it has since been proven in a declassified CIA document that Adolf Hitler was still alive in South America in 1955. Adolf Hitler seemingly escaped with Eva Braun and others aboard a submarine, which reached the shores of Colombia or Brazil. Later, Adolf Hitler reportedly lived in Argentina from January 1955 onwards for numerous years.

That’s a full ten years after the end of WWII. In the released declassified CIA document, a man in Europe details that a former S.S. trooper named Phillip Citroen, who worked for him at the KNSM (Royal Dutch) Shipping Co. in Maracaibo, Venezuela, reveals that he had met Adolf Hitler in Colombia, who travelled in from Maracaibo as part of his work, and that he had to have contact with Adolf in Colombia about once a month.

The unnamed contact who told the man that Hitler was still alive even managed to obtain a photo from Phillip Citroen, who had told him about meeting Adolf Hitler. He later provided a photo of Citroen next to Adolf Hitler during one of their meetings in Colombia. Here’s that photo obtained by the CIA, stamped on July 20th, 1963, long after the story from 1955 about Citroen having met Hitler.

Phillip Citroen next to Adolf Hitler, a photo said to be taken in Colombia in the year of 1955. Credit: CIA documents

These declassified files also prompted the History channel documentary, Hunting Hitler, attempting to locate his previous whereabouts after World War II.

So, just as Angela Merkel is entering her tenth year in charge of Germany as Chancellor and the migrant influx crisis’ crumbles the country from within itself, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to remember that the Nazi party were actually a socialist party, and that they had close ties to Islam, presumably because it’s an oppressive and barbaric ideology which Adolf Hitler liked very much.

It sure is curious to know that increments of evidence are now starting to emerge which propose that Angela Merkel is in fact, Angela Hitler, as we have been suspecting for quite some time. Ms. Merkel is said to be born in Hamburg, Germany on July 17th, 1954, and raised by a Pastor, however, could it be that Angela Merkel may have been born in Colombia or Argentina, with Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s wish to carry on the Hitler lineage with offspring, and effectively create a new Hitler youth, so to speak?

Credit: Instagram

When you look at Angela Merkel next to Eva Braun (above), there’s an uncanny resemblance between the two, and when you take Adolf Hitler into the mix with those very similar eyes, then you’d probably not even need to consult a geneticist to confirm that this could very well be the child of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

It gets even more interesting thanks to a recent Qanon drop from just a couple of days ago, laying weight to our earlier suspicions about Angela Merkel. She really isn’t who she says she is, which is a burgeoning non-secret that’s slowly coming to the light, very soon.

One thing that we all know about Freemasonry and the elite is that they sure do like their blood lineage to be in power around the world, you see?

Credit: Instagram

Now, you may think that this doesn’t hold any weight, but mysteriously, there’s more photographic evidence which would suggest that Angela Merkel – if she isn’t the daughter of Hitler – could instead just be a close relative of the family.

Is this little Angela Dorothea next to Adolf Hitler? Or will haters just say that it’s photoshopped? Credit: Instagram

Either way, you cannot deny the resemblance for much longer, can you? You cannot deny that the little girl next to Hitler looks a lot like Angela Merkel, back when she was younger. Now how about a real history lesson of the planned Reich and planned conquests made in the world, shall we?

Credit: Instagram

The pamphlet above states that Angela Merkel was named after Adolf Hitler’s sister, Angela. Could it be that Angela Merkel is actually Angela Hitler, as we have often thought to be the case? Is she now reigning in the invasion of Islam into Europe with the help of Hungarian born Nazi aide, George Soros?

Credit: Pinterest

Well, that’s exactly what she has been doing, even though she has recently had to admit that it’s been a major failure for Germany. Perhaps that was the plan, all along? After all, the Nazi’s had very close relations to Islamic states, as we had stated earlier. You can learn more about it here.

So, does it come as any surprise that Germany, with Angela Merkel at the helm, as well as being at the helm of much of the EU, with the backing of ex-Nazi aid George Soros, that Europe is now also flooded with a religion and culture which doesn’t align with that of contemporary western culture? Now if you deny that, then perhaps terrorist attacks, Sharia Law, and the mass raping of European women by these migrants, would most likely be enough proof of just that.

Credit: Instagram

Perhaps, this is why the people in the know are not big fans of Angela Merkel and her immigration policy, since it’s eating away at the seams of German society, and affecting everything in its course. Recent statistics of Angela Merkel’s earlier lies about Germany needing the labor force from these countries, has been shown to be nothing more than a scam, with less than 1,000 of the one million migrants that Germany have taken in, actually being employed at all.

This is causing the massive rises in rape, gang rape, robbery, murder, plenty of migrant No-Go zones, and even a heightened terror threat across the whole country.

Is Angela Merkel really Angela Hitler, who was implemented as Germany’s Chancellor in 2005 in order to bring in the Fourth Reich?

The most vocal opposing political party in Germany is the AfD (Alternative for Germany), whom are rising in popularity in the wake of Angela Merkel’s disastrous immigration policy. One wonders just how many people know of Angela Merkel’s true origins? Make of it what you will, but isn’t all of this very interesting indeed? One piece of advice that we can give you, is don’t believe the George Soros funded falsifying fact checker, called


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Featured Photo Credit: DNA India


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