Pepe The Frog Cartoonist Sues InfoWars Host Alex Jones

Following on from the YouTube purge of conservative content and to that of highly informative content on various YouTube channels being deleted for violating so-called policies, plus within the existence of Silicon Valley, they’re also subverting likes and followers and viewers away from websites and their related social media pages, with “shadow banning” and implementing only visitation from mostly fake profiles, all because they don’t want the public to align with logical conservative intellects, amidst a ‘New World Order’ leftist agenda, that they absolutely do want people subscribing to.

Who would have thought? Internet censorship from Facebook and Google, whose aim it is to gun for the overall banning of all conservative voices (ideals) and thus wanting everyone to think, as they want you to think… This is ‘1984’ from George Orwell in the online community, where the Big Brother clan sits outside San Francisco in the valley, a place where everyone wears Hipster flannel shirts, grow beards, dress down and carry the ‘Communist Manifesto’ close to their hearts, whilst kneeling down to Obama and Clinton, whilst drinking soy milk and pumpkin spiced lattes, whilst policing the Internet for any logical thinkers, which they always call “right-wing”.

Hmmm, we know quite a fair bit about this, first hand, of course… But we can get into that later, which brings us into today’s news story.

Welcome to YouTube. Conform or Perish! Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Yes, over the weekend Alex Jones of The Alex Jones Channel had advertisers’ pulled from his channel and his channel was also demonetized, plus his YouTube channel was additionally frozen. So, Alex Jones made it news to his huge following that what Google / YouTube were doing, was also intending to completely delete his 33,000 videos and his whole channel on Sunday.

Alex Jones Tweeted over the weekend, “The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen. We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands [sic] videos will be erased”.

However, after promoting a new back up channel, called ‘InfoWars Censored’, YouTube later responded at many media publications requests for comment and then said that they had no plans to delete or ban The Alex Jones Channel.

This banning of The Alex Jones channel would have been a major channel in a long line of channels, that have already been deleted in the past fourteen days. But on Monday, YouTube announced this wasn’t the case, but The Alex Jones Channel was still frozen and this move by Google / YouTube has become all encompassed into the notion of the YouTube purge, already. This was their warning call to InfoWars.

Alex Jones, the man who originally blew the top off The Bohemian Grove, all those years ago. Nice work! Credit: InfoWars

Yes, this plan to ban all logical thinkers, with slightly right-wing based conservative voices, and just how they’re not being given their first amendment rights in the online community is “NO NEWS”, because lets face it, if you’re a pro-Barack Obama “Deep State” sheep and or a Satanic Hillary Clinton supporter with a leftist agenda news channel or website, which promotes Transgender men in women’s bathrooms, all in the name of gender equality, plus believe that planned parenthood abortion (genocide) is always okay and that all guns should be banned, whilst urging children to choose their own gender at 5 years old, then of course, your channel or website will be a huge hit!

Plus, if you believe in promoting illegal immigration, you adore Sanctuary cities (but ignore the homelessness epidemic around you), demand no Voter ID, encourage voter fraud and feel sympathy for the murderous MS-13 gang, then you’ll be much loved by the people of Facebook and Google. Lastly, if you think migrant rape is just par for the course in Europe, then that’s even better! Also, if you push the notion of “white guilt” and get all your ideas from Buzzfeed, then you’re surely onto a winner!

Yes, anything to align with the man underneath, and thus destroy man, woman, children and the wholesome unit of the family, as we have all come to know it, since the beginning of time. Then Google and Facebook will do their upmost to make your channel and website, something spectacular for all to see. The bias is very real folks, very real, indeed.

The San Francisco homeless problem is out of control, but Silicon Valley doesn’t care. They care about what your thoughts are. Credit: Curbed SF

But, if you preach a slice of reality, concern and or expose scandals and inconsistencies of the Democratic left, or within the political agendas’ of socialist disasters, on topics like mass immigration into Europe and beyond, then expect to be shadow banned, and basically Big Brother is now watching you, because you’re not telling the narrative that they want you to say. They don’t care if what you are giving the public is down right correct and absolute facts, do they? Nope, they don’t…

So, today this phenomenon is being called the YouTube purge, or is very much known as Internet Censorship conducted by Google and Facebook. Project Veritas was another terminology used on the exposed employees of Twitter over on Market Street, where they admitted to basically suppressing content from Donald Trump supporters and the like, over the Twittersphere.

So when people heard about Google’s plan to delete The Alex Jones channel, naturally it irked many people and very much confirmed that Silicon Valley only wants one type of content and that’s the content that fits the agenda of their ultimate overlord, or is it under lord? That’s still up for debate, but imagine a Utopia where both sides of an issue were equally heard in these days of the mainstream news networks much exposed fake news agendas’, that are used to deceive and poison the minds of children and the very impressionable adult sheep.

Too late for that, we think… Credit: AnonNews

This George Soros (real Nazi) cash funded indoctrination is also very prevalent in schools, and not only in news and this is called the “liberal indoctrination” of the masses, sort of just like how Adolf Hitler used brainwashing upon its people in the forming of the Nazi state, with non-stop propaganda, going only in one direction. The direction that he wanted it to go. Let’s remember Nazi’s were in fact “socialists”, shall we?

Yes, to ban the first amendment “Free Speech” is what gives Silicon Valley a very bad name, indeed, since they’re not bipartisan, but more bipolar and schizophrenic in their goal to censor everyone to think in only one way, you see?

So, when YouTube said that they weren’t going to delete The Alex Jones channel, then what came next? Well, out of the blue comes the cartoonist who created Pepe the Frog, with a lawsuit, since InfoWars had mistakenly used the image of Pepe The Frog, on a poster that another artist had created for them, depicting the online war of thought, and who’s at the forefront of it all, mainly those that support President Donald J. Trump and have done so all along (just like us!) But, we’re not on the poster.

Credit: InfoWars

Yes, featured above, as you can see are people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson, but in the background there is the presence or likeness of Pepe The Frog, which was originally created by Matt Furie. Pepe’s image later became aligned with the great meme war, after Hillary Clinton gloriously lost the election and he’s since become a symbol of conservative logic and conservative winning, amidst the failing leftist model of globalisation, open borders and New World Order agendas, that much of the logical thinking world, naturally oppose.

So, not content with InfoWars being threatened with a YouTube ban, perhaps it was the perfect time for cartoonist Matt Furie, who no doubt already cashed in on his character ‘Pepe The Frog’ in becoming a conservative symbol of freedom, now decides to sue InfoWars for using his character on the ‘MAGA’ poster, which was being sold by InfoWars for $29.95.

Alex Jones has confirmed that InfoWars have only sold around 1,000 units of the poster, which was created by renowned artist and patriot Jon Allen.

Alex Jones has described the lawsuit as a “publicity stunt” and said to the Associated Press, “My listeners understand this is all frivolous. We don’t have any choice but to fight back, and the law is on our side.”

Alex added that it’s not one of InfoWars most popular items, stating “I think the frog is stupid looking. I think it’s a dumb meme”.

Yes, Pepe The Frog has become a very used meme by many, some even crowning him the King of Kekistan, a fictional country, so isn’t it a bit difficult for artist Matt Furie to pursue lawsuits on everyone and anyone that has since used the image of ‘Pepe The Frog’?

A sad Pepe The Frog here, since people are literally fighting over him now. Credit: MattFurie

Naturally, it’s within Matt Furie’s right to pursue lawsuits where people are selling things with his cartoon on it, so now it was InfoWars’ turn, it seems.

In June last year, Matt Furie started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a new comic book and also enlisted help from attorney’s to take legal action against those who appeared to be profiting off Pepe’s image without his permission. Fair enough.

A lawyer for Furie, said, “I think there has been progress. It is a little bit like whack-a-mole, candidly.”

Funny, as he could’ve gone with the term, whack a “Frog in the Hole” which has been seen up and down amusement parks across the world, for a very long time.

But in October, Matt Furie, sued a woman in Kansas for selling oil paintings, one in which a masked Pepe appears to be holding a rifle outside the White House, and that lawsuit is still now pending.

In other cases, Furie’s legal team had written letters and or sent emails to those that were using Pepe’s image without permission and asked them to remove any such content, but within regard to InfoWars, this didn’t happen. So, they were given a lawsuit, right off the bat.

Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, as depicted by artist Ben Garrison. Credit: Ben Garrison

Pepe The Frog first appeared in a 2006 comic book, called ‘Boy’s Club’ and later became a popular meme, after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Election. Pepe The Frog has often also been used to highlight bias, aimed leftist agendas, across the board in recent times, especially over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This Pepe The Frog has hurt Democrats and leftists so badly in recent times, in this ongoing and very hilarious meme war, so much so, that they then tried to say that Pepe The Frog was a symbol of white supremacy and he was ultimately, you guessed it, a “racist!”

Where have we heard that jargon before? Oh yeah, just about everywhere, since when the left loses an argument, then someone is immediately called a racist. But seriously, poor Pepe, he’s just a frog… Don’t you see?

So, it’s ironic that now InfoWars should be the subject of a lawsuit from Matt Furie, after YouTube and Google had threatened to delete The Alex Jones Channel just this passed Sunday, don’t you think?

Alex Jones said in conclusion, “Everybody knows I’m not a white supremacist. I’m not into that crap,” and later added, “This is just purely harassment”.

It could one day come to the light, that all those websites that were “shadow banned” by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, would join together and collectively file lawsuits against these Silicon Valley monopolies, one day. Imagine that?!


Brainstain, over and out!

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