Emma Watson Displays Grammatically Incorrect ‘Time’s Up’ Tattoo at Oscars

Maybe she was too busy working on her ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ wand stroke than her grammar at Hogwarts, but it seems everyone’s friendly neighbourhood feminist wanted to prove being illiterate wouldn’t stop her from virtue signalling that men are complete and utter sexist DICKS!

Actress and left wing political activist, Emma Watson, sported a temporary tattoo on her arm at a recent Oscars Vanity Fair after party, wearing the words ‘Times Up’ in support of Hollywood’s movement against sexual harassment, Harvey Weinstein, and anyone remotely white and with a penis.

However, in a desperate and hurried bid to prove she is still the spokesperson and queen of all things feminism (sorry Meryl!), she actually missed the apostrophe out on her powerful tattoo statement piece. Not just any old apostrophe mind you, but the all-important apostrophe between the letters ‘e’ and ’s’. Fail!

The tattooist was probably a male chauvinistic pig to be honest. Bloody men! They ruin everything!


The Hollywood elite squad of Oprah Winfrey and Lena Dunham have really taken the #TimesUp theme to heart recently, what with a strict protocol of wearing all black (racist?) and accessorizing with a white flower for an extra display of female solidarity.

After all, nothing says empowered women more than a delicate little flower, right? It feels more like “Me! Me! #MeToo” then a genuine concern for womanhood, plus it seems the public are sick to the back teeth of whining, hypocritical celebrities and their obsession with virtue signalling and identity politics. Viewership for the Oscars plunged 20 percent from last year to a record low of 26.5 million viewers, sparking the trending hashtag #OscarsSoBoring on Sunday night.

When it comes to #LookAtMeImAFeminist, Emma Watson’s tattoo shambles has been the biggest public statement of menopause mishap so far, with Twitter swarmed with comments on the awkward fail. One user claiming her efforts to ‘prove’ her feminism led to her grammatical mess up, with another pointing out that the actress’ hair resembled Jim Carrey’s ‘bangs’ from the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ film as she showed off her clumsily etched arm on the red carpet.

Hindustan Times

Watson, who is best known for her role as the stuck-up Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise, studied at Brown University (not the school of witches and wizardly contrary to popular belief), and was further mocked on her ‘shameless’ public display of rabid feminism.

“One would think if you’d gotten a degree from brown university that you’d know to at least spell check… Emma Watson: ‘orders temporary tattoo online Tattoo: has typo Emma Watson: eh, good enough” said one ferocious social media user.

Another blistering commentator was more offended with the tattoo’s font: “Ok ok I’m a big big fan of @EmmaWatson but I can’t be the only one who thinks the #TimesUp tattoo is really tacky? Nasty font, awkward placement and missing apostrophe. IMO it cheapens her whole stance on the movement”

With such scathing and severely critical comments against her temporary stencilled sketch for the sisterhood, we wonder if Watson just wanted to cover her embarrassment with a cloak of invisibility and never be seen again?

harry potter GIF


This is of course not the first time that the rumoured love child of J.K Rowling has shared with us her philosophy about feminism and gender equality since her appointment as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, whether we like it or not (mostly not).

There was that time when Watson’s 2017 Vanity Fair shoot had a real whiff of hypocrisy (and under boob smell) about it as she posed semi-nude on the cover whilst at the same time criticising fellow feminist and queen bey herself, Beyoncé, in an earlier interview in which the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ actress questioned Jay Z’s wife’s use of sexuality in front of what she described as a “male voyeuristic” camera. The ‘Bey-hive’ were certainly best not pleased with that statement, and brought Watson up on her double standards in which she later tried to defend.


Or that that time when she won the first “genderless” MTV award, all while giving a predictable spiel on gender equality.

“The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience” Watson wailed as her fellow male and female social justice warriors (who were clearly ACTUAL males and females) cheered on in synchronization.

At the end of the day, Emma Watson’s pretty, pristine and polished brand of feminism is as lacking in depth as JK Rowling’s swallow social media politics. Neither of them seems fully able to separate reality from fiction. Emma Watson’s reality is that she was born to two highly established lawyers, privately educated, and has never known life not being a privileged millionaire.

When you think of the female Kurdish fighters battling ISIS, or the Iranian women currently facing prison for protesting the forced Hijab, we don’t think that a fake tattoo is really highlighting the female oppression and sexism that Emma Watson has actually never truly experienced, do you?


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Sky News

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