Modelling Industry Discrimination: Where Are the Plus Sized Male Models?

Happy Valentines Day to all the ladies, gentlemen, and the gender queer people out there! That should’ve spoken to everyone, but anyway, let’s tackle this most interesting disparity in our world, weight issues and their promotional exposure in a healthy light, shall we?

There’s been so much talk recently about women’s rights (that they already have), those women’s marches/pussy hat parades, the supposed gender pay gap (that doesn’t really exist), as well as the horrible existence of body shaming/fat shaming in today’s world, with the immediate resolution being the creation of plus sized female models to combat anorexia and unrealistic ideals set upon young girls that lead into things like body dysmorphia, bulimia, and depression. To all of this, now we ask the following: “Where are the plus sized male models?”

Drink your beers and eat your pizzas and twinkies dudes, the days of the plus sized male model is now almost upon us! After this article, anyway.

No love for the beer belly. Credit: Healthline

Everybody’s equal in a socialist world of political correctness that’s fearlessly defended by feminists these days, until we pit them against men in sports and they lose horribly… Perhaps it’s fairer to say we are all created better at certain things?

But no, we are all created equal still, even though men suck terribly at not “manspreading”, finding the female “G-Spot”, or being very arrogant when “mansplaining”. Some are probably just best at masturbating themselves, whilst some women still give terrible hand jobs to others, can’t really play soccer, and when they’re trying to direct films, they don’t often get the job done well enough, do they? Is there perhaps a reason why men command more clout in these high production Hollywood instances of creativity, maybe? That’s gender discrimination!

We will never know… Erm, but we have our suspicions… Perhaps somebody should send a self stamped return letter to Hollywood and ask them, please? Like we said before, maybe men are still better at certain things than women? Just a suggestion.

However, when it comes to divorce court, women still rule, take half your finances, take you down to the cleaners to steal your dry cleaning, your dog, and the children too, but this is not the topic of the day now, is it?

Let’s get back the topic at hand, since it’s good to debate this on Valentine’s Day when many overweight men find themselves single and alone on the day of love (amongst the skinny). What are the biased modelling industry doing to support and coddle these overweight men in the righteous equality in public perception of beauty standards for men?

Ashley Graham is a gorgeous big girl model, right? But, we wonder who she’ll be sleeping with on Valentine’s Day? Money aside and all… But just ask many women, since sometimes bigger is better… Credit: TrendHunter

Do we see plus sized men in any fashion magazines today? Well, if being overweight doesn’t really make you undesirable, then why aren’t we seeing more men with a bit of girth and beer belly’s in the modern day exposure of hotness, huh?

“Where is the equality for these plus sized men when female plus sized models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holiday are portrayed as goddesses?”, you may ask yourself. What if someone like Chris Farley became the poster boy for the plus sized male model today, if he was indeed still alive? Ask yourself that!

Related image
Mind blown! Credit: Giphy

The sad truth of the matter is that we never see any plus sized male models promoted in our popular culture, even in the progressive year of 2018. Why is that? Where is the “beer gut and the pizza” bod or the “dad bod” in fashion magazines, men’s fitness media, or even within the modelling industry as a whole? Are we to suggest that women only like men with six packs?

When will totally catty gay men in the fashion industry come out as advocates for overweight male models, praise a fat man for being so “fierce”, and worship them with America’s Next Top Model like phrases like, “Werk it, Papa!”

We must live by the small joys of beer, and we must also in our very constricted lives in general, so we must eat BBQ, eat potato chips and enjoy the NFL, even after marriage… So why isn’t that being celebrated or catered to, or even at least being reflected in real life society or the modelling industry, at all? Credit: CollegeDadBods/Instagram

That’s probably never going to happen, is it? So, where is the equality? Large women now have a voice, and men get to feel bad every time they drink twelve beers, eat an extra large pizza, followed by totally caning a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream all in one sitting? Just why is that? It’s 2018, and we need to move on from this biased nonsense already!

Are plus sized men still not just as attractive as Ashley Graham for instance? Seemingly, plus sized men are just discriminated against because they’re just fat these days. That’s not right in 2018! Please send a telegram to the socialist, politically correct faction of the modelling industry too, as many people just won’t stand for this systemic bias any longer.

Sorry Vince Vaughn, you’re one of our favourite actors, but we had to include you, on the part of men all across the world. Do spread the word about Brainstain! Credit: Pulptastic

It’s discriminating (and maybe also racist) towards overweight men to just exclude plus sized male models from making their breakthrough in their dream career of being a male model, since what’s really the difference between a beautiful, full sized treasure chest of abdominal slackness, compared to a washboard abdominal section that you can just wash your panties on anyway? Send some inquisitive postcards to the many half naked women on Instagram and ask them, why don’t you?

Or better yet, seek advice and answers from Ashley Graham, or somebody that really understands this modern day bias in our culture and within the modelling industry.

Whether you decide to eat healthily and do your upmost to get a six pack to compensate for your lack of personality (and maybe coupled with a trial upper arm tattoo for the really brave/stupid), or just decide to drink and eat like a terrible piece of sh*t of a man, shouldn’t all men be given the same courtesy as women and just be splayed all out over your modelling publications, huh?!

Wouldn’t that be something?! Plus sized men shouldn’t be discriminated against in this politically correct world, should they? They should also have their moment and right to be deemed as “sexily overweight” in the world of acceptance of everyone.

“Welcome all plus sized men”, should be the catchphrase, a la Angela Merkel’s socialist derivative slogans of modern day equality!


Brainstain, over and out!

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