Hillary Clinton’s Kill Count Rises by 71 People After Russian Plane Crash

On Sunday, a horrible plane crash occurred near Moscow, Russia. It crash landed and claimed the lives of all 71 people onboard in the process. The An-148 regional jet flight #6W703 bound for Orsk in the South Urals crash landed several minutes after take off from Domodedovo airport. All 65 passengers and crew of 6 aboard died on impact.

Investigators are now analysing the two flight recorders of the Saratov Airlines plane which seemed to have just crashed down to the ground for no apparent reason. However, there are those that have theorised that Hillary Clinton and her cronies may be behind the plane crash after it was revealed that Russian businessman Sergei Millian, as well as executives of the Rosatom company were aboard the plane, and who’s bodies were found at the crash site.

Sergei Millian was earlier named as the ultimate source from Russia in the now discredited, filthy dossier by Christopher Steele, who was paid for by the Clinton’s and garnered via Fusion GPS in an attempt to scandalise Donald Trump before the US Presidential election in 2016. This intel, of course, serviced the FBI under the Obama administration to wiretap Donald Trump at Trump Tower. All of this happened because of that phony dossier.

Sergei Millian is “reportedly dead” aboard the crashed #6W703 flight. Credit: BBC

Now, you might say that if Sergei Millian was on this plane, then it might all be a coincidence. However, as it turns out, Ivanov Vyacheslav, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Rosatom was also aboard the plane, and is confirmed to be dead as well. Still think that the Clinton’s didn’t have something to do with it?

Who was Ivanov Vyacheslav? As we stated before, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Rosatom, the company that owns Uranium One, a mining company complicit in the 2013 acquisition of 20% of America’s Uranium, which was sold to them by a Clinton State Department initiative to Russia, a very shady deal, indeed. Robert Mueller is also reportedly intertwined in this latest Uranium One scandal, after previously flying to Russia and offering up a 10 gram sample of enriched uranium to the Russians, before the deal was reached.

This deal has now come to be known as the Uranium One scandal, which occurred during Barack Obama’s second term in 2013.

Ivanov Vyacheslav, CFO of the Rosatom company that owned the mining company, Uranium One, died in the plane crash. Credit: Investors Hub

Sergio Millian and Ivanov Vyacheslav were confirmed on the official death toll listing of the 71 people that died in Sunday’s air crash, all of whom were Russian nationals.

At the scene of the crash, 200 body parts were recovered after the jet exploded upon hitting the ground. Here you can see some of the remains of the crash courtesy of RT.

Additionally, below you can also see CCTV footage of when the plane hit the ground and combusted into a huge fireball, killing everyone on board. The jet fell at an incredible rate of 22,000 ft per second before it crash landed.

Perhaps if these Russian executives were to have ever testified against the Clinton’s to counter the proposed Trump-Russia collusion reported in Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election, the revelations of the Uranium One scandal would have pointed the finger of blame to the real Russian collusion occurring with the Democrats and the Clinton’s. Hillary Clinton and the Deep State knew this, therefore, they probably needed to ensure that the CFO of Rosatom, that owns the Uranium One company, needed to ultimately be killed off before anyone could talk.

Internet source QAnon has been shedding some light on this tragedy, writing in a Q drop: ’71 killed in the plane crash near Moscow? Just to kill one person? They are getting desperate.’

You can check out the official list of the dead in Russian here. There’s some dispute as to who actually died on the plane, with various reports debating exactly who was onboard the flight, but there seems to be a reoccurring trend of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton’s, and now that numerous executives who were involved in the Uranium One deal have died, this notion continues to grow and expand.

The wreckage of the #6W703. Credit: NYMag

This recent incident has left various executives reportedly dead that may have had intel ties to the Deep State scandal, and to that of the Clinton State Department, whom under the Obama administration in the 2013, supplied 20% of America’s uranium to Russia in the Uranium One deal. Plus, with the Nunes Memo and Fusion GPS dossier all mixed in courtesy of Sergei Millian, who was also conveniently aboard the flight, perhaps they all needed to be eliminated as a result of what they knew.

The flight encountered sudden difficulties 5 to 6 minutes after take off. The official news story states that the plane went down due to a suspected pilot error, however, with the amount of body parts being splayed out everywhere on the crash site, some people suspect that there may have been a bomb aboard, but you won’t hear that on any mainstream news media reports, will you?


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