Jay-Z Gets Exposed

If you’re a brainwashed liberal, a deluded Democrat, or simply a person that’s totally bamboozled by the Fake News networks, then you might have enjoyed Jay-Z appearing on CNN’s new Van Jones Show, where political left-wing pundit Van Jones proceeded to interview Baphomet extraordinaire Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) about the current political field and that of President Donald Trump.

However, if you’re a person with an ounce (not the ounces that Jay-Z used to sell) of intelligence, then you would have found his appearance and interview by Van Jones to be seriously flawed, and to be nothing more than further Establishment lies to the unassuming public majority.

Yes, the failing left are being exposed everyday for their delusion and crimes against the American people, and so we thought we would help to add to the phenomenon of the blatant hypocrisy and lies that they perpetuate on a daily basis, by exposing Jay-Z for the very industry fraud that he really is.

To make it easier to explain our ongoing sentiment about Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the Establishment’s war on Donald Trump, we decided to provide it to you in Layman’s terms, via a video which delivers the message without any questions asked. Please enjoy!

It was nice to see Jay-Z get levelled and exposed for the Satanic fraud that he really is. His support of Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic lies of the Establishment keep some African-Americans in the ongoing cyclical circus of poverty and misery, whilst voting Democrat and also idolizing false prophets, such as Jay-Z himself.

That was Donald Trump’s tweet to Jay-Z, who in turn called Donald Trump a “superbug”, but make no mistake about who he serves in being apart of the Establishment music industry. We will give you one clue, and it rhymes with “Clayton”.

Anyway, here he is below, soaking up some satanic energy from spirit cooking and child molestation advocate, Marina Abramovic, who happens to be a dear friend of pedophile John Podesta, artist Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton, and infant peddler/abuser James Alefantis of Comet Pizza, who has undoubted ties to the very real PizzaGate scandal which circles over Washington D.C.’s deep state like an obvious elephant in the room.

Here’s Jay-Z the Satanist, soaking up the energy of Spirit Cooking artist extraordinaire Marina Abramovic. Credit: news.artnet

But wait, there’s more that we can show you! Here’s Jay-Z slapping a young girl fan in the face for taking his picture.

Image result for jay z slapping fan gif
Credit: Giphy

How’s that for: “treat people like human beings?” We speak of course of a quote Jay-Z made once. In his own words: “you missing the whole point. You treat people like human beings”. Well, excuse us for questioning your words right there…

Lastly, who can forget the MK Ultra like daze of Beyoncé, accompanying her man to watch a basketball game whilst showing herself to be consumed in a programmed like trance.

Related image
Credit: Giphy

You can find the full video of that online to see even more curious evidence of Beyoncé looking like she may be under a form of mind control or something.

Oh yeah, and who can forget that one time in that elevator where Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay-Z? It was all caught on CCTV cameras. Could it be that Jay-Z was not “treating people like human beings” again?

Image result for jay-z elevator gif
Credit: E! Online

Indeed, Jay-Z thinks that he can say or do whatever he likes, without being questioned on his words and credibility. He outright lied to peoples faces on CNN about “how having more money doesn’t make you happy”, and insinuated that Donald Trump isn’t treating people well, whilst on the contrary, the President is ensuring more jobs and more growth for everybody. His support amongst African-Americans has more than doubled since his election.

Jay-Z is nothing more than a selfish Satanic overlord whose purpose it is to spread filth, conjure deception, praise the failing Democrats, and expect people not to pick up on his race baiting tactics…

It’s been a pleasure to expose Jay-Z, aka Shawn Carter. It was only a matter of time before he would rear his ugly head enough for us all to be able to do so too.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: CNN

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