Donald Trump told George Soros to “Go to Hell” at World Economic Forum

At last weeks World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, you may remember evil billionaire socialist-terrorist George Soros, giving a speech about his concerns about the rise of Donald Trump, hampering his New World Order plans of total destruction of planet Earth, but what you might not know is that Donald Trump responded to George Soros by telling him to “go to hell” right to his face.

Now who wouldn’t want to do that in person? Clearly only the misinformed…

Well, those are the privileges that come with being the rightful leader of the Free World, so Donald Trump told George Soros to “go to hell”, so that the rest of us wouldn’t have to. Nice!

Whilst the 45th President Donald J. Trump was greeted in Davos, Switzerland like a hero and the talk of the town, nobody cared to welcome lowlife George Soros in quite the same manner, apart from corrupt European Union cucks and Satanic demon worshippers like Angela Merkel.

Let’s hear the fake philanthropist Nazi overlord George Soros making his disgusting speech at the World Economic Forum, shall we? Please prepare a sick bag, because you’ll need it.

This was played on all the biased news networks, peddling the NWO agenda to the idiotic left-wing zombies present in the world, and to the corrupt political socialists on Soros’ payroll in the European Union and beyond.

As if educated minds wouldn’t notice the complete and utter bullsh*t that George Soros stands for, and as if people have forgotten how he has done his best to destroy the world for his own profit: By destroying whole countries in the Middle East and flooding Europe with unassimilated migrants that then sponge off regular citizens tax money in countries like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden and countless others, whilst you, your parents and grandparents will be the one’s to suffer the consequences in those faltering nations.

The only condolence we can look forward to is that hopefully Soros will die soon. He is already losing the war against Trump, and is also losing more and more money as a result. Soros is of course, the primary funding source behind Antifa and the BLM movement in America, as well as the Women’s March, pushing and promoting abortion for the Democrat trade of harvesting human organs on the black market. Not to mention him funding the Open Society pushing for open borders across Europe.

It’s no secret that these corrupt socialist hacks in these nations, need these migrants for their socialist votes in exchange for free stuff at your expense to further their corrupt agenda, but now, even the most stupid people who have been clouded by socialist news and rhetoric are beginning to wake up to this ongoing scandal in Europe and beyond.

These are the types of people who the European Union and Soros want to culturally enrich Europe with, give them your Tax money and free living, at your expense. Credit: CNN

Indeed, they’re all waking up. So much so, that corrupt politicians are calling the (logical) right side of politics out as “populist” and “racist”, you see? They have nothing else to come with, but to try to bash “logical reality” and use the topic of race to try to dispel that their plans are a massive failure. It’s no secret that George Soros’ Open Society are heavily in bed with the unelected bureaucrat fat cats of the European Union in Brussels, as was revealed by Nigel Farage in the ‘Paradise Papers’ address which he made some months ago.

Now on the contrary, Donald J. Trump was greeted at the World Economic Forum like the world’s holy saviour, and we only need to refer to his full speech in Davos, Switzerland, to communicate that very fact of how he was given a heroes welcome, and received rapturous applause from attendees, despite George Soros’ funding of the biased news networks to deploy anti-Trump Fake News across the world, from CNN, the BBC, Sky News, and way beyond that to the local news channels in Germany, Sweden and throughout the rest of Europe.

Here you can enjoy Trump’s speech in full from the World Economic Forum, or simply go through the best parts. Enjoy!

“America is open for business” said Donald Trump.

Perhaps Theresa May should stop pretending that Sadiq Khan is the President of England, realise that she’s Prime Minster, and give people like Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker a massive kick up the backside? That would be a good alternative to failing the United Kingdom with her recent actions in the dealings of Brexit, seeming as if she’s completely forgotten the democratically voted wish of the people, and cowering to politically correct socialists, whilst failing to capitalise on the prosperity of world trade with nations such as the United States of America still available, until you ruin the prospect of International relations entirely. Get it together Theresa, please!

However, Soros’ Fake News agenda hasn’t stopped the rise of Donald J. Trump, and as the results of respectable capitalism and national interests at heart, come to light through Trump, the lies of the liberal leftists and their corrupt socialist agenda is being exposed more and more, every single day, with more and more countries defying the EU and their totalitarian socialist migrant agenda. A full 14 countries are now refusing to take EU migrants, and the right-wing sentiment is rising in countries across the world.

Credit: Reuters

So, after George Soros’ speech in Davos, Donald Trump was extremely coy as he sat up on stage as a journalist with a German accent then asked him, “Why are you smiling so broadly, like the cat that got the cream?”

Before Donald Trump could respond, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, featured in the above photo, said, “He is smiling because he just told George Soros to go to hell.”

Nice! We encourage everyone and anyone that sees George Soros to tell him the exact same thing, since this is where he will end up regardless.

Whilst George Soros received a muted response and was largely ignored for his speech in Davos, Donald J. Trump was celebrated and revered at the World Economic Forum. That fact should encourage more and more leaders in the world to now start to steer well clear of the failing European Union agenda on migration, as well as that of George Soros, and the corrupt cronies in Brussels and beyond. Only then can these nations embrace change for the better of the world, sans socialism and socialist political correctness.

Plus, all this good news is coming on the day of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in the chamber of the United States House of Representatives, tonight Tuesday at 9pm EST on the 30th of January, 2018, which will hopefully also be followed later by the ♯releasethememo revelation.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: World Economic Forum

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