Vanity Fair Magazine’s Annual Hollywood Issue Has Major Photoshop Fail

It’s a busy time in Hollywood right now. Everyone’s getting all geared up for the 90th Oscar Awards, Oprah is coming out to deny the thought of ever running for President, (as was the talk of the town after her Golden Globes speech), and just recently, it’s been revealed that Harvey Weinstein’s former PA, Sandeep Rehal, is suing him from having to constantly clean up his fresh semen stains from the casting couch, pick up used condoms from the floor (before other meetings), and stock up on his erectile dysfunction injections in the event of another such a rendezvous…

Yes, Hollywood are in need of some good press right now, so up stepped Vanity Fair magazine with their annual Hollywood issue, but photographer Annie Leibovitz has been caught out with a major photoshop fail, after the magazines already went to press. Ouch! This created some fun reactions from the Twittersphere and the Internet as whole. Let’s get into this!

Here’s the cover in question. Can you spot anything strange? To the untrained eye, it’s hard to see anything amiss perhaps, apart from bozo Robert De Niro being situated on your far right (such a deranged leftie) but apart from that, it all looks okay…

Credit: Vanity Fair

But look closer however, and Anna Leibovitz’s photography reveals something mighty strange. Oprah has three hands, which surely could have helped Democrats if she would have ran and won in the 2020 Presidential Election against Donald Trump.

Credit: MathisGaggl/VanityFair

However, Oprah recently revealed with in regard to running for President, “I’ve always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not. I don’t have the DNA for it”.

That’s pretty wise and an honourable move from Oprah, given she was seemingly begged and insinuated by NBC to be the next American President. Could Oprah Winfrey be an Octopus, Alien or is this just a Photoshop fail?

Now you could argue that on the Vanity Fair cover, Orpah’s real hand is covered by Nicole Kidman’s head, but look closer, and the beloved Reese Witherspoon is in fact a person with three legs. Nobody has ever realised this before, because expensive green screen technology had hidden it from us all along.

Credit: AnnieLeibovitz/VanityFair

Yes, we all know there’s some weird stuff going on in “Hollyweird”, with the exposed casting couch culture now out in the open, and rumours of clones, synthetics, the occult, secret societies, shapeshifters, and even that of the existence of reptilians (HA!), but the fact that Reese Witherspoon has had three legs all along is just something that’s way beyond most peoples’ wildest imaginations.

To give it some clarity in this moment of Photoshop madness, the world of Twitter reacted in kind.

Credit: Twitter

Yes, she’s a busy bee, but all in all, both her and Oprah are well liked across the board from all walks of life, even us, but it was shocking to not realise Oprah’s third hand this entire time. Did you see it at the Golden Globes?

Credit: Twitter

With the current climate of acceptance in the world, with body shaming being frowned upon, and more plus sized models being commonplace in the fashion industry, this next person really hit the nail on the head.

Credit: Twitter

Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey took it all in their stride with some good humour, responding on Twitter with the following.

Credit: Twitter

With a funny response, Oprah Winfrey weighed in…


Credit: Twitter

Indeed, we also accept their X-Men like mutations/Photoshop disabilities as they are, but what is most funny about all of this is when sanctimonious Hollywood keeps on reminding us what’s right and what’s pure (even whist pushing a political agenda), but then fail horribly with image instances such as this.

Perhaps if Hollywood wasn’t so sanctimonious, and instead focused on entertainment rather than forcing political ideologies on people (e.g. stopping the Anti-Trump rhetoric), perhaps none of these things would ever happen. Who knows?

Having the right to an independent belief away from occultist Establishment favouritism for a foregone political candidate (Hillary Clinton) should be a God given right, even in Hollywood, but in trying to a find a challenger and Oprah Winfrey declining to run for President at all, maybe all these small embarrassments that are happening in Hollywood recently are down to the fact that perhaps God really does work in mysterious ways?

In saying that, we love Hollywood, but it be great if they stopped pushing politics, and respected the actors, producers, directors and so forth that have their own political opinion, rather than be shunned and blacklisted for having a conservative view. Perhaps that would make Hollywood Great Again? Wouldn’t that be something?


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Commercial Type

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