Lily Allen Criticises Line-Up For Wireless Festival

Singer Lily Allen, who is more famous for being a virtue signaller these days, such as recently accusing the Tfl workers at Dollis Hill station of celebrating colonialism, had earlier come out and criticised the line-up for this year’s Wireless Festival 2018 for only including three female artists. Lily took to Twitter to express her disapproval, posting an edited version of the poster with all the male acts removed, along with the caption: “The struggle is real”.

The festival will take place for three days at Finsbury Park between July 6th and the 8th, which will headlined by J.Cole, Stormzy and DJ Khaled.

After removing the male acts on the poster, the only remaining acts were Mabel, Cardi B and Lisa Mercedez. Although, there are still more acts to be announced (which may contain a few more female acts), fans have shared the same view of not being happy with the lack of women artists so far. One user posted “Shame on @WirelessFest” while another responded to Lily’s tweet with: “Sad. Just 3 women? I’m so angry now.” Seems it’s not only the singer that is unhappy with the line-up, eh?

Another similar situation came from American singer Halsey, who criticised Delaware’s Firefly Festival for not representing the female acts fairly on the bill.

“Damn guys come onnnnnn,” she wrote. “Where the women at? This was one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever played and it’s a shame there’s not more females on the bill. With the exception of (the amazing) SZA, the first like 20 acts on the bill are men. It’s 2018, do better!”

Artist Halsey also called out the discrepancy in not many females being present in the line up at Firefly Festival in Delaware. Credit: Billboard

In response, one fan tried to call her out for her complaint, but the singer stuck by what she said and responded: “Who am I supposed to ‘go off on’ haha. Festivals ASK artists to play. Artists don’t ASK festivals if they can come. I’m just raising a point! So many dope women in music right now!”

Hopefully there will be more female acts performing at the festival, announced in the near future. The annoyance is understandable, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

What does everyone else think? Do you agree that three females out of so many male acts is unfair? Or do you think fans are just overreacting? Let us know in the comments section down below and also mention what women you think should play at the Wireless Festival of 2018.


<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: NME

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