Truck Carrying 34,000 Litres of Chemicals Stolen in Belgium

A truck carrying 34,000 litres of chemicals has been stolen from the province of Zedelgem, not far away from the city of Bruges in Belgium. This has put Belgium Police, and police all across European nations on high alert as they look to track down the vehicle that could obviously be used to make a bomb.

This news has sparked a Europe wide hunt for the truck, which has been missing since Saturday, with the 34,000 litres of the unnamed chemicals inside of it. New reports suggest the chemical is called “Radicacid”as was recently reported by journalist Laura Alonso.

Warnings have been sent out to the police in surrounding nations, since Zedelgem is also located near the Belgian port town of Ostend. Interpol is reported to now be on the case in the search for the missing truck, which seems to have just vanished into thin air thus far.

A spokesman for the Belgian Federal Police, said, “as far as we know the substance cannot be used to make an explosive material”, then declining to mention whether Interpol are involved. Interpol have not yet commented either way, which is probably a good thing.

Police on High Alert across Europe. Credit: AFP/GettyImages

Italian media have reported the license plate of the vehicle as being is 1-QEB-708. However, thieves or terror suspects could probably be able to change the license plate in an attempt to leave the country.

Well, perhaps they should release a description of the truck, shouldn’t they? However, perhaps this is being withheld for the safety of the officers currently hunting the truck, with border police now on alert in Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, following the theft on the truck on Saturday.

This theft of a very risky truck comes a day after Belgium had lowered its terror threat for the first time in three years, after being on high alert after the Brussels bombings. Prime Minister Charles Michel said the OCAM National Crisis Centre had reduced the level from three to two on a maximum scale of four, with “occasional exceptions”.

Charles Michel said that the levels now are not as bad as before (really?), after a reinforced security culture is now in place in Belgium. Michel’s spokesman, Frederic Cauderlier, mentioned that AFP troops would still be stationed outside sensitive sites, such as nuclear power stations, religious sites, including synagogues (obviously!)

The AFP troops would also still be deployed for major gatherings, such as sporting events. The terror threat level had been on a level three, which means that an attack is “probable and likely”, since they captured a terror cell in the town of Verviers in January 2015, who was planning an attack on the local police.

That Verviers terror cell had links to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the November 2015 Islamic State attacks on Paris that killed 130 people.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud had links to the Verviers terror cell, that planned the Paris attacks. Credit: NBCNews

After that, Brussels raised the level to category 4, signifying a “serious and imminent threat”, and placed Brussels on a lockdown for a whole week.

You may also remember the ISIS bomb attack on Brussels airport, making them raise the threat to level 4 again on March 22nd through to the 24th in 2016.

So let’s get this all straight. There’s a stolen truck on the loose with dangerous chemicals aboard, that everyone should be on the look out for, and it came from the country of Belgium, the nation that harbours the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union whom have brought all this mess onto European shores by enabling the mass migration of unassimilated migrant refugees and terror operative invaders into their lands from Islamic countries.

Is this yet more evidence of the unspeakable causation of the European Unions’ deadly mistakes of letting in hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of undocumented muslim migrants now present all over Europe? Ancient Astronaut theorists say, “YES!”

Is the EU’s will of the supposed multiculturalist paradise plans in Europe, working out well? Ancient Astronaut theorists, say “NO!”

The evil man, George Soros who’s behind the socialist invasion of unassimilated migrants into Europe. Still think the EU is great? Credit: infoWars

When will the European Union super state admit their collusion with an evil entity (Soros’ Open Society) to flood Europe with yet more migrant terrorists? Not to mention threats to European cultures, and to our very own way of life, without seeing the need to censor the overly socialist news outputs, and use socialist brainwashing on the liberally indoctrinated oblivious public, whom are made to feel afraid about speaking out against the migrant crisis, for fear of being deemed “racist” by the followers of the cancer known as “political correctness”.

Yeah, that will be a fine day indeed when they admit that and actually rectify the problem from within their countries, for everyone’s safety and well-being by doing a 360 degree stance on the migrant crisis. Sort of like what Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are doing now, and rightly so!

Yes, we think that the stolen truck full of chemicals can probably be linked to Islamic terrorism, brought on by the migrant crisis, which should be seen as the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union’s bad karma for all of the illegal immigration that they have supplied Europe with, don’t you think? Let’s hope the Police find the truck before it’s too late!


Brainstain, over and out!

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