Pussies, Periods and Pandemonium: 18 Pictures That Sum Up The Stupidity Of The Women’s March

So, over the weekend, a group of overly privileged western women followed in line rigidly by their male inferior slackies complete with male collective guilt tucked in between their legs, assembled together in public to wave their homemade banners angrily in protest over a democratically elected president in the name of… feminism!

While most hardworking normal women had to work over the weekend due to the rapidly expanding Trump economy. Others dusted off their pink pussy hats and meowed in sync about the inequalities and sexism that they face on a daily basis, like having to pay half of the bill on a first date.

Ironically, organisers of the women’s march urged women not to wear the symbolic pink pussy hat for fear of it offending transgender women, as it also does not represent the diversity of colours found in a vagina.

So, with more diversity then a menstrual cycle, here are 18 Pictures that Sum up the Stupidity of the Women’s March.

If this is a nightmare, can we wake up now, please?! Now that you’ve seen that photo, you’ll surely have nightmares!

His girlfriend obviously took his balls and now she has more income. A real cuck for life. (sigh)

No! Clearly you’re a brainwashed midget, holding a sign made by your extremely weird liberal parents!

Generation Z clearly showing their respect for architecture. Although, how will Generation Z really tear down that southern border wall? With their hands?

Well, at least they admit that they are overly delicate iced particles of hysteria and menopause. Embrace the stupid! Perhaps, they just needed a day out walking around?

Oh, and here is what that leftard avalanche actually looks like when caught up in a blizzard. Nice!

Dragging your children outside in the glacial cold to propagate your deranged ideologies is not great parenting, you know? It’s insanity!

Using a fictional character who routinely engages in battles and viciously electrocutes wild animals that are captured for the amusement of humans is really not the best way to promote female empowerment, now is it?! Another mother seen warping her child here.

We are utterly terrified of these morons, aren’t we?! Yet more proof here that watching CNN and Ellen DeGeneres is bad for your mental health.

Oh cheer up darling, will ya?! Not like you’re being oppressed or forced to wear the Hijab or anything. What are you protesting about? It seems the derangement syndrome is truly alive and well in these women.

Well, at least that would explain all the broomsticks seen at the march. Although, promoting witchcraft shouldn’t be condoned.

Nobody wants to know about your period blood, thanks! Keep that to yourself, with all due respect!

While being suppressed in a leash, trying to flee the scene. Obviously, this dog doesn’t want to be there, either.

Erm, no they don’t actually. Quite the opposite and any ethnicity aside, any intelligence would deem the President to be doing an excellent job for the nation.

Actually, the Nazi party disbanded in 1945, hence why they wouldn’t be protesting in a rally over female genitalia.Well, unless you count Nazi zombies from COD WW2, of course.

If clits are super does that make penises kryptonite!?

We think that they took the dress-code quite literally! Imagine children having to see this sort of thing and the long lasting detrimental effect it has on them?

Oh, the irony! The photo above sums up the sorts of people who went out to march, without knowing what they’re actually marching for. Was it just a nice day to be outside? Regardless, it seems like Donald Trump won again in managing to get a bunch of deranged and overweight women to go outside and walk some pounds off, if not anything else…


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Glamour

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