Triggered Feminist Offended by Air Asia Stewardess Uniform

Just when you thought the world couldn’t be comprised of more ridiculously sensitive and annoying people who are offended by just about everything, up steps Dr. June Robertson from Wellington, New Zealand, who wrote that she was “disgusted” and “offended” by Air Asia’s stewardess uniform aboard her flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur.

Could Dr. June Robertson just be a short haired triggered feminist with no life? We still don’t know, but surely this must be the case as there’s seemingly nothing wrong with the Air Asia stewardess uniform, whatsoever!

Credit: Facebook

With seemingly nothing better to do than to complain about the uniform, Dr. June Robertson decided to write a letter to the Malaysian senator, Hanafi Mamat, which she also posted onto her Facebook to talk about her experience after seeing the stewardess’ outfits. (eyerolling into another dimension now)

People like her are quite clearly the problem in modern-day society. No matter where you go, there’s always one triggered feminist who’s offended by something. Let’s take a look at this diabolical letter from somebody who clearly has nothing better to do in her life than to be offended by Air Asia’s uniform.

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Yes, June Robertson clearly thinks that her opinion matters more than the millions of other passengers who haven’t been offended by the Air Asia uniform over the years.

The Malaysian owned airline is a popular, and well priced airline that travels all over Asia, and so far, only Dr. June Robertson has seen it necessary to be “offended” by a perfectly acceptable stewardess’ outfit. Why are we not surprised in these days of snowflakes and political correctness? There’s nothing “offensive” about the Air Asia uniform, but for Dr. June Robertson, it was. Could some people from Air Asia find Dr. June Robertson’s words and claims to be “offensive” to them? It’s just as likely.

She did hint in her letter that the uniform is likened to that of a prostitutes. Unbelievable! What planet is she living on? Perhaps she should go to Specsavers, get some new specs, or maybe have her mental health assessed?

Credit: Facebook

We think so! Dr. June Robertson describes herself as a middle-aged woman, who should perhaps fly on another airline if she feels that offended, don’t you think?

So what happens when you’re offended? Nothing happens, as we can refer to comedian Steve Hughes and his marvellous stand up set. Perhaps this might give June Robertson some answers on her experience after claiming to be so very offended by Air Asia.

Take it away, Steve!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Air Asia

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