Should Sweden Legalise Prostitution?

Sweden is a country that took in more migrants pet capita than any other nation in Europe, seemingly battling it out with Germany to see who can lose their own culture and country first, through the disasters of multiculturalism. Coincidentally, now the country is almost completely unrecognisable, and is headed for very dark times in the future. However, these troubling times have already commenced with a surge in crime, plenty of No Go Zones, murders, shootings, and even grenade attacks reported at a subway station in Stockholm and at least a couple of times grenades have been thrown at or near Police stations, across the country.

Even the migrants in Malmo recently said that it’s too dangerous there, and that they want to leave, but that’s another story for another time, since Malmo is predominately now a migrant city.

Yes, liberal Sweden cowered to the plans of the E.U in taking in more refugees than was first even planned, selling its soul to the evils of the European super state in an apparent socialist experiment. Needless to say, there’s been plenty of economic migrant invaders arriving, and Sweden is just letting in just about anyone who could get there who to claim those juicy welfare benefits, as opposed to preserving the plight of their own people and supporting logical immigration.

The influx of migrants has now also put a massive strain on the economy of the country, and it’s set to get even worse as the years go on. Additionally, Sweden has now garnered the title of the rape capital of Europe, which isn’t a pleasant title to hold, is it?

Sweden and Denmark have the highest rates of sexual harassment in Europe, often leading to rape. Let’s just say that there wasn’t this problem before mass Islamic migration. Credit: The Independent

With all that said, let’s move onto the main point of the article: Should Sweden legalize prostitution? Could it alleviate the rape epidemic and clear the air of the disparity of the obvious cultural clash, which may be adding to the reasons behind these rapes? In Muslim nations, there isn’t any prostitution available, unless you’re in Dubai in some flash hotel bar attended by Eastern European girls. In Sweden, prostitution is still a big no-no.

It may sound crazy, but surely at this point legalizing prostitution in Sweden wouldn’t hurt. In Germany, prostitution is legal, and the state charges taxes on it, and whilst it hasn’t solved the migrant rape problems in their nation, maybe that’s the difference between them and Sweden being the actual rape capital of Europe. Or is it? Let’s take a look at this information map of where prostitution is legal, semi-legal, and illegal in Europe.

Prostitution in Europe. Credit: Wikipedia

(Green) Prostitution legal and regulated. (Blue) Prostitution legal, but brothels are illegal; prostitution is not regulated. (Orange) Illegal to pay for sex. Client commits a crime. Prostitute commits no crime. (Red) Prostitution illegal. (Gray) No data.

As you can see, in Socialist-Feminist Sweden it’s illegal to pay for sex. The client commits a crime and is thereby charged for it while the prostitute gets off scot free having committed no crime at all.

That sure makes us wonder… Could prostitution be the answer (or a good test run) to see if it would help the rape epidemic in Sweden, rather than ignoring the problem?

Prostitution in Germany is totally legal and okay in certain areas. Perhaps, Sweden could provide a more hospitalised looking version of this? Credit: FighttheNewDrug

Of course, such a legalisation and service would have to be highly discreet so as to protect people from their own religion and things, but through time, perhaps prostitution could be a good move to solve the rape crisis and bring in tax money into the government for future years to come to redistribute it back into the public. With the welfare state handouts at an all time high, it’s a no brainer that it’s very much exceeding its limit and getting out of control.

Also, there’s seemingly a massive unequal balance of men to women now, given that most migrants were proven to be single travelling adult men whom entered Sweden back when the migrant crisis began. Statistics from 2015 prove that 71% of the migrants were adult Muslim men.

Well, if Sweden is so liberal, and if the Feminists in government could see beyond Feminism and just look at prostitution laws in other European nations as a guide, legalize it, and regulate the service in the same manner the Swedish government already controls the sale of alcohol, then perhaps Sweden would be onto something relatively great, and even perhaps lessen the rape epidemic (which is being perpetrated almost exclusively by unassimilated migrant men) for years to come.


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Featured Photo Credit: ViceNews

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