Jamiroquai’s New Music Video Echoes London Nightlife

So, we thought we’d cover some music now, and since we only ever cover the original artists, (since 99.9% of the popular music industry is full of Illuminati programming with all songs written by more or less the same four people), we thought we would focus on one of the last standing, most famous original artists in music, Jay Kay (aka Jamiroquai), and check out his new video for ‘Nights Out In the The Jungle‘, which was released just over a week ago.

Somehow we’re late to the party, but if this video is anything to go by, then it looks like we’re not missing out on anything, as has always been the case. Yes, this new music video by Jamiroquai echoes the notion of the immensely dire nightlife that the city of London has to offer.

In a misanthropic reality, Jamiroquai echoes what many people are thinking about the nightlife in London, which may also be the reason why people simply aren’t going out anymore like they used to, all those years ago.

Jay Kay, aka Jamiroquai knows about the nightlife in London. Credit: Irish Times

As we all know, nightclubs and bars have been shutting down in great numbers in recent years. People are fed up with the standard crappy night out in London.

Maybe it’s the high prices, the crap music, the queue and the VIP club rejection culture, the poncy guest list pricks, the high priced drinks and the overall pretentiousness of it all? Even once you go in, you discover the reality of a waning interest of superficial “twat” people and high priced cocktails, all of it making you fill up with displeasure, so you try to push yourself to inebriation in order to enjoy it. Participating in just about anything that will bring you closer to total self destruction. Let’s just say that we’ve been there before, so you can take our word for it and also that of Jay Kay’s, if his new video is anything to go by.

So let’s take a look at the latest genius of Jamiroquai, which can surely resonate with us all.

Another stroke of genius from Jamiroquai, summing up just about every night out in London, which ultimately makes you very antisocial, and causes you to prefer secluding yourself from ever going out, ever again, until you convince yourself later that it might be fun, and you decide with slight optimism – brought onto you by some other fool trying to convince you to go out with them – to try it again, only for the same expensively lame and disappointing experience to immerse you, usually resulting in regret and you asking yourself inside your head, “Why did I go out?” and “Why did I spend my money on that shit night?”.

Oh and let’s not forget those people that always say, you need to go out in East London, right? Since that’s where it’s at, these days?! Well, if shoddy streets, shady people and fake drugs being sold out on the streets, with the threat of being robbed is your thing, then by all means, be our guest and go there again.

Yes, “Nights Out in the Jungle” are pointless and meaningless, and nowadays they’re getting more dangerous, as under Sadiq Khan, London has seen a 70% rise in Youth Homicide in the last year, plus, Theft has gone up 34%, Gun Crime is up 16%, Knife Crime is up 31%, and Homicide is up 27%.

Nightlife in the capital city, should probably be enjoyed in the confines of a pub these days. Credit: theuniversityliving.com

It makes you wonder why you would ever even entertain the idea of going out into “the jungle”, especially when London has also become the acid attack capital of the world and East London is a hotspot for that and also theft by moped.

Sure, hopefully Central London should still be relatively safe, but coupled with increased terror threats, in the words of Breitbart London Editor, Raheem Kassam, recently said, “London is turning into a shithole under Sadiq Khan”.

Well that’s true! Plus, the nightlife has pretty much been shit for many years, but to top if off, now it’s no longer safe as well.

It looks like Jamiroquai is onto something with his thinly veiled video “Nights Out In The Jungle”. It will surely bring back memories for anyone that has attempted to enjoy a night out in London, only to be sorely disappointed. In Jay Kay’s own words, “nights out in the jungle, always bring me down!”

‘Nights Out in The Jungle’ is from Jamiroquai’s latest album, ‘Automaton’. Order here!


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Featured Photo Credit: Lineup MX

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