Jamie Lee Curtis Was Silent On Eliza Dushku’s Molestation

This weekend, actress Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted out that she was blaming the false incoming missile alarm alert destined for Hawaii, to be who’s fault? Guess who? Well, President Donald J. Trump’s fault, of course, despite the fact he had nothing to do with it, since it was the Hawaiian officials’ mistakes. However, with the public being so warped by the “fake news” media, they suspected that it would be as a causation of problems with North Korea. You can blame CNN first and foremost, we believe. Then after that, you can also blame former President Bill Clinton for selling North Korea the materials to make nuclear weapons in the nineties.

Anyway, South Korea and North Korea are embroiled in talks due to Donald J. Trump’s tweets, so maybe Jamie Lee Curtis shouldn’t be so quick to point the finger.

As a matter of fact people should really point the finger at Jamie Lee Curtis, because happened over the weekend? Actress Eliza Dushku, who got her first big start in film at 12 years old with her role as Schwarzenegger’s daughter in the film ‘True Lies’, has recently admitted that she was sexually molested by stuntman and stunt co-ordinator, Joel Kramer (36-years old at the time), who often worked on Arnold Schwarzenegger films as a stunt double.

Jamie Lee Curtis knew about the molestation years ago after Eliza Dushku had told her, before Eliza made it public on her Facebook page this weekend.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been called out. Credit: Fashion.ie

The film ‘True Lies’, directed by James Cameron, is now back in the spotlight after what we’ve been talking about for a long time already, (which has also been championed by Corey Feldman), and that is the systemic sexual abuse of young child stars in Hollywood. James Cameron had recently made a statement saying that if he knew about it, he would have dealt with it.

Now, perhaps we shouldn’t say that Jamie Lee Curtis is to blame for staying silent on the issue, however, some people might feel otherwise. Dushku was molested by Joel Kramer, in her own words, after Kramer lured her to his hotel room all those years ago. Dushku wrote:

“I remember how he laid me down on the bed, wrapped me with his gigantic writhing body, and rubbed all over me. He spoke these words: ‘You’re not going to sleep on me now sweetie, stop pretending you’re sleeping,’ as he rubbed harder and faster against my catatonic body. When he was ‘finished’, he suggested, ‘I think we should be careful…’ [about telling anyone] he meant.”

Credit: IMDB/JoelKramer

It’s not clear when Eliza Dushku told Jamie Lee Curtis about the incident, but Jamie Lee Curtis felt the need to pen an opinion piece on Huffington Post about the now 37-year old actresses’ ordeal at the hands of Joel Kramer. She stated: “She had shared that story with me privately a few years ago. I was shocked and saddened then and still am today.”

Yet these revelations haven’t come to light until now. On the contrary, Joel Kramer has told Deadline that the allegations are untrue and are just “outlandish and manipulated lies”, so vehemently denying these allegations.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Eliza’s mother in the film, wrote: “Many of us involved in True Lies were parents. What allegedly happened to Eliza, away from the safety net of all of us and our purview is a terrible, terrible thing to learn about and have to reconcile”.

Eliza Dushku spoke of her experience on Twitter. Credit: Bustle

She then went onto to explain that she’d worked with Daniel Radcliffe, Macauley Culkin and Lindsay Lohan, and wrote about child stars in general. “They are being asked to do adult work with you in an adult field, surrounded by hundreds of adults who want them to perform for them, and yet are still inherently children”.

Curtis elaborated, “I have wrestled with my role as a mentor, colleague, surrogate, and friend, and each relationship is individual and unique. Are we really friends? Are we work mates? Children are not mature enough to recognize that subtle difference.”

Does this writing really help at all? Anyway, Jamie Lee Curtis said there are “long-held and hard fought” regulations in place with child actors and “these are often broken”. Well, quite clearly they are, since most child stars seem to just disappear after being famous as kids, which – as pointed out by Corey Feldman – is a very strange trend, indeed.

Many of them die through drug overdoses, or their lives just spiral out of control, which may be a sign of something more sinister and dark at play, perhaps? How could it be that so many child stars either die in mysterious ways, or end up out of work with their lives succumbing to very dark endings? This doesn’t just happen to a few of them, if you do your research and maybe we will make a list, one of these days.

Curtis played the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the hit film ‘True Lies’. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Jamie Lee Curtis went to to say: “I hope today that what can come from all of these exposures are new guidelines and safe spaces for people – regardless of age, gender, race or job – to share their concerns and truths and that all abusers will be held accountable. The truth will set us all free.”

“Hopefully that freedom will bring a new ability to call out abuse and, when that abuse occurs, to have swift and consistent action, so that no one again will have to wait 25 years for their truth to be heard.”

Another actor from the film, Tom Arnold, tweeted this in response to learning about the news:

Credit: Twitter

So, should there be a new hashtag for those child stars that have suffered sexual abuse in the industry? Nobody knows, but after Corey Feldman has largely been ignored after speaking out about the existence of pedophilia in Hollywood and other such issues, perhaps Jamie Lee Curtis can now also acknowledge him, at least?

Macauley Culkin even has a band, called the ‘The Pizza Underground’ (hints towards PizzaGate) which is curious to say the least after also being a famous child star. Culkin has never said or stated anything about being abused, so he hopefully wasn’t and he said that Michael Jackson never tried to abuse him either.

It’s not clear for how long Jamie Lee Curtis knew about the Eliza Dushku molestation, but it sure makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

These revelations by Eliza Dushku bare something much worse in mind than your average #MeToo hashtag. The sexual molestation of children in the film industry, as well as everywhere else, should probably be looked into, don’t you think?


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