Donald Trump Reveals Reason Why He Cancelled London Trip; Laments U.S. Imports from 3rd World

If you hadn’t already heard the really bad news, Donald J. Trump has cancelled his trip to London, since the US Embassy in London is being moved from its majestic Grosvenor Square location to south of the River Thames on Nine Elms Lane in Wandsworth. Yes it’s true, and it’s not really the sort of thing that anyone would like to hear. Moving the brilliant US Embassy from London’s Mayfair to Wandsworth, you say?? Unfortunately it is true, and it also serves up as the reason why President Donald J. Trump is cancelling his penciled trip to London in February of 2018.

Clearly, we aren’t the only one’s disappointed in the change of location of the US Embassy, and rightly so. There isn’t even a Tube stop anywhere near the new Embassy, because it is stuck in between the far away rail stations of Vauxhall and Battersea Park. Now if you’re at all familiar with London, you’ll know that going south of the River Thames is about as convenient and pleasant as taking a trip to the South Pole.

How it basically feels to cross the River Thames and go south. Credit: PolarTrek

Most Londoner’s would rather die a slow and painful death then have to cross the River Thames in order to go anywhere, unless of course, you already live there, which means that nobody will ever come to visit you. That’s a plus, we suppose.

Donald J. Trump took to Twitter and blasted the Obama Administration for selling the Grosvenor Square site for peanuts at £500million, and for building a new one in Wandsworth for $1.2 billion (£750million). We would have to agree with President Donald Trump yet again.

Credit: realDonaldTrump/Twitter

Donald J. Trump indicates that they sold the prime location of possibly one of the finest Embassy’s in the world at Grosvenor Square, only to build a new one for $1.2 billion in Wandsworth of all places. (Sigh)

Donald Trump was clearly not happy with the arrangement of the trip, and the moving of the Embassy was the final straw. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will now reportedly be making the trip instead, and the poor guy will have to go south of the river to open the new US Embassy. Luckily for him, it will probably be in a private chauffeured car, but as for the rest of people attending the embassy, they’ll have to walk there from far away, fork out for an expensive cab ride, or pay for a multitude of trains, tubes and automobiles, in order to just to get to the location.

The breathtaking US Embassy at Grosvenor Square will soon be no more. We don’t think that was a bright move or good deal eitherCredit: NBCNews

Last night, Downing Street refused to comment on Trump’s cancellation, but a spokesman said, “An invitation for a state visit has been extended and accepted.”

The US Embassy said that no firm date for Trump’s next visit is currently in place, but he is still expected to visit sometime later this year. The US embassy claims on their website that the decision was made to move to a new location at the end of George Bush’s Presidency, which sounds pretty unlikely seeing as Obama went into office in 2009.

This was the exact same face we made when we heard the US Embassy was moving from Grosvenor Square to Wandsworth. Credit: AFP/GettyImages

In other Donald J. Trump news, he has expressed concern as to why the US imports only people from Haiti, El Salvador (MS-13 hotspot) and from other lesser developed countries on the continent of Africa, as opposed to from developed countries such as Norway. Yes, the US imports are mainly from the third world these days, and not always from the better countries, are they?

We’d agree on that, since we are also wondering why the USA couldn’t attract more highly skilled people from other nations. But, with Democratic socialism being rife across the world these days, and Democrats needing votes and offering welfare handouts to secure them, maybe that’s the answer to the question which is being asked by us and many others after eight years of Barack Obama.


The Democrats need unskilled, unassimilated imports that can live off the state in exchange for a life of voting Democrat. The DACA and the Visa Lottery Program is the Democratic Party’s insurance for votes, apart from all the dead voters (systemic Democratic voter fraud). It’s pretty much the only way anyone will vote for them at all in future elections, and that’s just sad.

Of course, Donald J. Trump has been accused of racism now, which is now being splayed across mainstream media as they continue to push their racist agenda of division, instead of logically being honest and stating that Norway is surely a better country than Haiti ever was, or ever will be. If Haiti didn’t get hit with those recent disasters, or suffered as part of the Clinton Foundation’s corruption, maybe the country would be in better shape.

Haiti, at its worst. Credit:AFP/GettyImages

To say that Norway isn’t a better country than Haiti would be a naive and kind of dumb thing to suggest. Of course, socialist corruption is also trying to ruin Norway, as it has already ruined Sweden. But, let’s hope the original citizens of countries like Norway and Sweden are not deemed the same as the unruly Muslim migrants seeking asylum there, whom are brought in, in order to live off the free state handouts, and then in return, vote Socialist to keep getting all their free stuff at the expense of original citizens.

We wonder when common sense will become fashionable and trendy again? It doesn’t look like it ever will be, with so much collusion and dirty politics present in this world. Thank the lord we have Donald J. Trump highlighting the issues, instead of cowering to widespread socialist political correctness.


Brainstain, over and out!

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