6 Ways in Which Migrants Are Destroying Western Society

When Angela Merkel first opened the gates to the hordes of blood thirsty migrants salivating from the mouth at the thought of all those shiny benefits and free generous handouts that they would soon be clutching upon reaching western shores, she opened up a flood gate of biblical proportions. 

But as evidenced by a European Commission-backed study, showing that only 1.4% of migrants arriving in Italy from the Mediterranean Sea were actual refugees from Syria and Iraq, it confirmed that the majority flooding our borders were actually economic migrants coming from North Africa, with the goal to destabilize European society and ultimately overthrow Western civilization in years to come.

This plan has seemingly come to fruition, with a record number of violent attacks, sexual assaults and even terrorist attacks being carried out by migrants during the past 3 years. Migrants have destabilised and devalued our surroundings and ultimately have not added anything of value or substance to the generous communities that has (unwillingly) let them in. That’s the consensus amongst many European nations, amidst their corrupt government’s trying to censor such opinions and view points,

They’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. they’re bringing crime, and they’re bringing rapists. So, with just the right amount of lube and pepper spray, one should have on their person before entering a migrant no go zone. Here are 6 Ways in Which Migrants Are Destroying Western Society.

 1 – Migrants! Migrants are EVERYWHERE!

People would love to assume that being around people who are completely different to you culturally and socially would cause people to become more tolerant, but it does the exact opposite. It highlights the irreconcilable differences between the two groups of people and how vastly different the social values, norms and views are from both opposing sides. Since, these migrants are not from a Western culture. Enclaves begin to form and groups congregate and before you know it, the place that these migrants emigrated to resembles the deteriorated image of poverty and corruption that they apparently wanted to leave behind.


2 – What happened to the good old days?

Unelected EU bureaucrats undemocratically decide that Europe must take migrants and as a result local inhabitants and residents must pay the price. Seeing your beloved surroundings transform into something unrecognisable and inferior is utterly heart-breaking. Becoming a minority in your own country is truly terrifying as well. Imagine seeing a community you helped build, slowly start to decay before your very eyes. Imagine the future, when your neighbourhood becomes a shanty town huddled together with improvised housing and cardboard boxes, as migrants rattle tin cans for loose change and sympathy outside our bus stops.


Imagine your lovely grandparents and their reaction to watching the quaint little towns they walked through as children, now just a pitiful wasteland of poverty and crime, where no one utters a word of English (well, apart from broken English anyway) and young eastern European men loiter outside betting shops (where else?!). It’s clear that multiculturalism and immigration does not necessarily equal a happy-ever-after ending, especially for the natives who ultimately are set to suffer the most for the influx of these migrants into our communities.

3 – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Simply put, those hordes of (mostly) migrant men have no respect for the lands they occupy. Their ideologies, beliefs, customs, culture and traditions are vastly different to that of a Western way of thinking and in a lot of ways, inferior. Aretha Franklin could ask them to show some respect, but (A) they probably wouldn’t understand her. (B) she’s a woman and has no authority to tell a man what to do or think (C) she has a vagina, so like most sexually obsessed migrant men from underdeveloped and deprived countries, she may need to say a little prayer (or recite the Quran) if she doesn’t want to be sexually assaulted and or be yet another statistic of migrant on domestic civilian sexual violence crimes.

Politico Europe

4 – What’s My Age Again?!

With no passport or any kind of official documentation, migrants seemingly forget their age once they are stopped by border control. And despite those aging lines etched across their face, they seemingly have sprung straight from the womb as they claim anti-age asylum. In 2016, a staggering 465 “child refugees” who were granted entry to Britain lied to officials to gain entry into the country, official figures revealed. In Sweden, up to 70% of migrants who said they were children, were in fact, proven to be adults. The reality is that fully grown men in their late 20s end up being put in foster homes with vulnerable children and in classrooms, with all the risks that puts on the safety of children’s welfare on the line.


5 – Attack of the Migrant Invaders

For many cultures to mix together successfully, they have to respect each other equally. In the real world, there are cultures through their ideology (whether political or religious) that feel their ideology is superior and needs to dominate the others. A more than two-year long migration crisis has caused immigration to become a major political issue in many European countries, including France. Official asylum requests rose 17 percent to exceed 100,000, the highest “in at least four decades”, according to the head of France’s refugee office. They are not migrants, they are invaders and they keep on coming in.


6 – It’s All About Sex 

Most migrant men are seemingly sex deprived and sexually frustrated perverts who find it difficult to keep their little migrant man-hood in their EU regulated designer pants. Take the case of an arrested 19-year-old immigrant from Iraq on suspicion of raping one of the children at a nursery school in the municipality of Lindesberg, Sweden, where the man was temporarily employed. Or how about the Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria, during a self-proclaimed ‘sexual emergency’, but got his sentence cut and he will soon be released, if he isn’t already free.

These are just a couple of examples of the many sickening and frequent violent sexual attacks carried out by migrants on European shores, and quite frankly there should be a separate article just for documenting migrant rape attacks alone (in a potential future article maybe!)


In Sweden for example (where else?), there were a total of 3,430 reported rapes in the first 6 months of 2017. In 43% of the cases, the victims were children (0 – 17yrs). That’s a 14% increase compared to 2016. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, after never having a rape problem before the migrant influx.

Yes, violent sex crimes are so routine in Europe now that authorities in Berlin had to erect a “safe zone” on New Year’s Eve to protect German women from sex-crazed migrants. A reported 3,304 sex attacks involving migrants occurred in 2016, it compared to 1,683 reported sex crimes that were carried out in 2015, as found in a government report.

In Germany, the home land of Angela Merkel, the mother of all migrants, her beloved asylum seekers were responsible for a 92% increase in reported violent crimes during 2015 and 2016, according to a university criminologist study.

The New York Times

The influx of migrants is on the rise and the perverted, non-consensual sexual attacks don’t look likely to be halting anytime soon.

Europe’s migration policy is suicidal madness imposed on the good people of Europe by their left wing socialist leaders.

In 2000, the idea of terrorism, vehicles ploughing into pedestrians, mass shootings, an abundance of rape and sexual assault and an influx of migration that would change the very fabric of society would have been laughed at. In 2018, it has now become an everyday part of our society.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: x-pressed.org

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