Burglar in Ireland Sues Shopkeeper After Injuring Himself

In a politically correct world of lunacy and overextended human rights, even the rights of burglars are seemingly being more catered to than their victims these days, if this latest news is anything to go by. The world has gone truly mad, but we already knew this. In this latest bit of niche news, we bring you the story of one of three burglars from Ireland who is suing a shopkeeper after injuring his scrotum during a burglary.

You can’t make this stuff up! This is a real story coming out of County Cavan, Ireland, where three burglars raided a small shop at night. When a local phoned the police, they arrived on the scene mid robbery, causing one of the men to injure his scrotum while trying to escape.

He was later taken to the hospital, and then to jail. The injured burglar is now suing the police and the government, as well as claiming damages from the shopkeeper after the unfortunate incident. So far, the identity of the robber hasn’t been disclosed, but somehow the man feels he is entitled to damages after breaking into the shop with a sledgehammer.

The shopkeeper named Kevin phoned into RTE’s Liveline Radio programme and disclosed that he’s being sued by the robber after he hurt his genitals while trying to escape from the police.

The shop was broken into in Cavan, Ireland. Credit: Google Maps

The incident occurred in November 2015, and the three men received six months suspended sentences for their crime, however, the injured burglar is still going ahead with his injury lawsuit against the the shopkeeper after he cut his genitals on a protruding shelf. How’s that for justice, eh?

Kevin told RTE that he received a letter from the burglars solicitor, “asking me to take all responsibility for the accident” as was reported by The Independent Ireland.

“Three men broke into the store at the back of the shop. While they were making their getaway there happened to be someone there and they rang the police and they (burglars) were caught red-handed.”

“They had taken stuff from the store and they were ready to load it into the car and make a getaway. The guards came and they were chased back into the store and in the process one of them injured themselves.”

Kevin elaborated on the aftermath of the burglary. “They were arrested and he was taken to hospital. He injured himself on a shelf or something. He had a cut to his scrotum. In the medical report it said he had to get stitches.”

The incident happened in County Cavan when three men tried to rob the shopkeeper’s premises. Credit: File Photo

The burglar’s solicitor went to the Ireland’s Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB), which said it would cost €600 for the case to be settled for arbitration.

“I got a letter from his solicitor asking me to take responsibility for the accident. My solicitor advised me to wait and see. We didn’t do anything. His solicitor then lodged it with PIAB and we got the letter from PIAB. If we wanted to take part it would cost us €600.”

“We didn’t initially claim insurance. We had to repair the door and they destroyed the CCTV.”

According to Kevin, the  burglar is also suing ‘the Garda Commissioner, Minister for Justice, the Attorney General and the State’ stating: “It would be funny if it wasn’t true.”

A PIAB spokesman said, “While we cannot comment on any individual case, when we receive a claim we are required by law to write to the person the claim is made against giving them the option of having the case assessed by PIAB, which is a low cost and quick system. They then have a period of 90 days to look into whether they believe the claim is valid or not, and can decide whether to allow us to assess the claim or not.”

Stuart Gilhooly, a solicitor specialising in personal injury, said a burglar suing a business owner would be highly unlikely to succeed. Credit: Irish Times

So there you have it! Even if you’re a burglar, it’s nice to know that your injured scrotum might qualify for some sort of pay out these days. You know? Due to burglars rights and stuff. So whilst we wholeheartedly disagree with this possibility of a burglar being able to sue for damages after robbing a shopkeeper, we aren’t going to get our balls in a twist about it, as that would be quite painful. Plus, there’s so much other stuff going on in the world right now that we should be more concerned about.

If you injured your scrotum in a robbery, would you sue the shopkeeper ,or just take it like a man? Please tell us in the comment section down below.

Additionally, it will surely be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out, as it echoes of the socialist construct and vibes of political correctness in modern times, where even robbers have the right to an untarnished scrotum amidst sure fire criminality.

It would also be interesting to know of the identities and ethnic background of the robbers as well, wouldn’t it?  We will keep you posted on any further updates.


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