Kadian Noble: “Harvey Weinstein Used Oprah Winfrey to Lure Me to his Hotel Room”

In the wake of Sunday’s so-called moving speech by Oprah Winfrey at the 2018 Golden Globes as she collected the Cecil B. de Mille Award, she was revered by the left for her acceptance speech by touching upon the #MeToo movement amidst Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault scandals, declaring the new phrase (and hashtag #TimesUp) on sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault in Hollywood, by seemingly standing up for women in her speech.

After her speech though, NBC and the looney left suggested that Oprah Winfrey should run for the Democrat nominee in the Presidential Election in 2020. In a Tweet, NBC called Oprah the “Next President”.

This is now also being met with some logical backlash over the Internet, and we need not look far, or very deep, to uncover the hypocrisy and lies for the rights of women that Oprah professed in her speech, as she seemingly was being an enabler of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual power games as well as sex trafficking within the industry, if all of this is anything to go by.

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Oh yes, Hollywood hypocrisy and Oprah’s speech is being questioned on her spoken word of #TimesUp. We need only to remind you of British aspiring actress Kadian Noble, whom met Harvey Weinstein at an event in February 2014 in London, through Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell at that very party. Kadian was impressed that Harvey Weinstein had Naomi Campbell and Oprah Winfrey by his side when they met, so Kadian expressed her dream of going further in the film industry to Weinstein. This was also known by Oprah, who said that he’d definitely help her with her career in film and that she should listen to him. Kadian recalled after they all met in London, “I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me.”

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Fast forward to Cannes Film Festival in May 2014, where Harvey Weinstein saw Kadian Noble in the lobby of Le Majestic Hotel and he approached her, prompting her to ask if he’d seen her showreel yet. He replied that he hadn’t, but invited her to show him her showreel in his hotel room. Kadian said that Harvey told her, “to come up to his room and he will have a look at it.”

How nice of him, right? To take his time away from his busy schedule and stuff, to help a not knowing aspiring actress from England.

However, once inside Harvey Weinstein’s Hotel room, Kadian said that “he didn’t seem that interested in my showreel” after she started playing Harvey her reel on an iPad, he then began touching her and rubbing her, and saying that he would help her in her career by introducing her to a modelling agency in London. Kadian said, “He gripped me and he led me to the bathroom and I was saying, ‘What are you doing?’”

Weinstein reportedly said, “I need to know you really like me. I have all the information we need. I just need to know you really like me.”

Kadian Noble in tears at a Press Conference. Well, we have heard before through the grapevine that it’s a “sick” industry. Credit: Mid-Day

In front of the bathroom mirror, he told her, “if you just relax everything is going to be taken care of”, before he forced her to perform sex acts on him and put his hands and her hands in different places. The full extent of the sexual escapade is still not yet known, but she said that he forced her to masturbate him, whilst she told him “No”.

On remembering the incident, Kadian said, “I felt completely played”.

However, after recently filing a lawsuit and with the news breaking on November 28th 2017, she appeared in press conferences with her attorney Jeff Herman to address the Weinstein issue. At the moment, it remains to be seen what will come out of the lawsuit, since Harvey Weinstein denies any of her allegations of sexual assault and or coercion. What’s interesting is how the presence of Oprah in London went some way to help to convince Kadian of Harvey Weinstein’s moral fibre, although, she said that she was a bit nervous before the Cannes incident occurred. Take a look at this report down below. Harvey could not have done it alone, right? Is this what they also call sex trafficking?

Kadian Noble said the following about Harvey Weinstein: “You’ve used the power, the gift that you have, you’ve turned it into such a corruption to take advantage of other people and to make promises to bring people’s dreams to a reality.”

She added, “It’s just not fair because you have no idea the impact you have on people’s everyday lives.”

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Kadian said that she had seen Harvey Weinstein on three or four occasions since the incident happened, where he further promised her that he would look into roles for her and help her out, but no film role ever materialised.

Kadian had become inspired by all the other women that had come forward to claim Harvey Weinstein sexually violated them, but had never spoken out about it publicly beforehand. She explained:

“I thought if I ever wanted an opportunity in this industry how could I ever — small me — to speak of this man to say he’s been inappropriate with me. People would look at me and say, ‘Who the hell is this girl?’”

Kadian Noble reported the incident to the NYPD when Harvey Weinstein never helped her in the end. Kadian’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, said he’s hoping for “millions of dollars” in damages. “The jury will decide what they think her damages call for” said Herman at the November 28th press conference. “But it will be “significant,” he stated. “It will go into the millions of dollars.”

We now wonder as to what role Oprah Winfrey had in being so close to Harvey Weinstein in so many photos over the years. Perhaps a close confidant that claimed not to know about his casting couch ways, whilst standing up at the Golden Globes and making a speech for women, when all the while many people could quite clearly see through the hypocrisy of it all.

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TIME’S UP! It will be interesting to see how the American public will respond to a rumoured Oprah Winfrey 2020 Presidential run now.


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