Everything Was Better In The 1990’s

Yes, you read that right. We thought it be about time to remind people of all the nostalgia and the very good bits about the 1990’s today, since seemingly we’re living in a modern world that’s so very detached from the purity of that monumental decade, which defined so much of contemporary times.

Oh, just where do we even begin to start? Well, first and foremost, the 1990’s served as the creative inspiration for much of the basis of completely terrible things that exist today. Right off the top of our heads, the extremely bad popular music of today bares no resemblance to the good music of the 1990’s, but everything that happened in the 1990’s brought us to the devastating point of the crap music that we have today. Funny that! Call it a major Illuminati coup of manipulation in blatantly obvious ways. The purity of great music was lost to mainstream marketing, pushing fads and the dumbing down of the masses. The starting point of the decline of the music scene was late spring of 1997. In a decade, where the world saw the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac (wink, wink) Aaliyah and Big L to name just a few, which was enough to change it all, whilst Puff Daddy and Jay-Z seemingly helped to conspire with the elite to make music the worst that it’s ever been. How about that?

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They turned the most popular genre of music into a circus, of sorts. You cannot erase history just like that, you know? Now artists are almost crossing dressing all over again, just like 80’s glam rock bands and pushing bizarre agendas through repetitive choruses that are used to brainwash the youth and make them drink codeine laden candy shakes as beverages, because it’s cool. Today we have mumble rappers and autotune. Well, at least in the 1990’s, music had substance, and there was an equal market of popular music available to all, from Pop to Rock to Rap, and the Illuminati influence over everything was a lot less blatant and controlling. Back in the 1990’s, it actually sounded like real music. God bless the nineties, a decade that supported artistic integrity.

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Much more important than that, the 1990’s didn’t just have great music on tapes and CDs with Grunge, Metal, Hip-Hop and Rap (with substance, unlike today), it was also the birth of consumer Internet consumption, where people would log into AOL chat rooms to talk (amazing!), after enduring that god awful and somewhat enticing dial-up tone on the 56k modems, only to sample the very basic foundations of what is an absolutely “out of control” necessity which we cannot live without today. There was something really nice about the Internet being very basic, wasn’t it? Or maybe it wasn’t.

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Moreover, in the 1990’s, because we didn’t have smart phones and the Internet at our very fingertips, people actually communicated in natural ways, such as with just talking to each other. So when we ever wanted to reach out to people, we called them to have real conversations and made plans without any LOL’s being mentioned, you see? We had no excuses to just ignore people with our microwave SAR radiation emitting smart phone devices in our hands, did we?

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Yes, before the introduction of the first consumer cell/mobile phones, we left messages with people’s mothers, brothers, or even sisters, and also kept hand written phone numbers in our diaries. There was something so authentic about that. HECK, people even memorised people’s phone numbers. How’s that for special? Go ahead try to recite three phone numbers out of your phone book today without failing miserably. Go ahead, do it. See, you failed, didn’t you?

How about dating? Well, if you wanted to find someone that you were into, you met them at a party. When you asked for their phone number, they would just write their phone numbers down on a napkin (give the slip) or even write it on your forearm, and then you knew already that you were on your way or basically half way in there. Unlike today, you stare at a phone screen and swipe left and right on photos, which hardly bare any resemblance to the person that you end up meeting on one of those god awful Tinder dates.

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Jeez, the kids of today will never know the magic of the 1990’s, will they? Today, millennials find it inappropriate to talk to new people, even when they go out. It’s almost as if you don’t exist if you don’t meet them on Tinder first. Yes, it really has got that bad, plus the cock blocking culture is systemic among millennials, since they’ve been raised thinking that everyone should get something, like a socialist participation trophy or something. So, they’re cock blocking at light speed these days, since jealousy and entitlement is the fuel of their culture of YouTube videos, Snapchats and instant gratification in having the whole world’s attention available over social media.

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What else was better in the 1990’s? Well, films of course, since back in the 1990’s, it was the decade of the movie star. You didn’t just go to watch trilogies, remakes from the 80’s and comic book films, did you? No, most of the films were original and born out of entirely new ideas. With the current movie stars of today that cannot even be compared to the major one’s of yesteryear, since people nowadays would rather go to watch the title of the film. In the 90’s, you wanted to watch the comedy of Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Martin Short, John Candy or in other films, you went to see Arnold Shwarzenegger, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Wesley Snipes; not just some entity of a film character based on a comic book, novel, or even a video game, right? Plus, child and teen stars like Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and Macauley Culkin really pulled in the crowds as major movie stars, all on their own, way before we thought about the actual film. Yes, the 90’s sure were special, since people came to watch the movie star, which ultimately sold the tickets, unlike today.

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For instance, we also still had the great remnants of the late 80’s films bleeding into the 90’s, with the ‘Indiana Jones’ films starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, sans Shia La Barf.  Plus, we also had ‘Back to The Future’ with Marty McFly and Biff. Class act! Indeed, there were many endearing films with strong plot lines and majestic adventure all mixed in with some character driven drama, at the best of times, like with ‘The Usual Suspects’, which is still a great film, even though we now know that Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey like underage boys. Ouch! A shame, a great film nonetheless…

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In the nineties, people played games on 16, 32 or 64 bit graphics computer systems and consoles, such as with the Amiga 500, the Sega Mega Drive or even a Nintendo console, but we still had fun with it knowing that one day we would have far superior games to look forward to, unlike today, where the next generation can look forward to an artificial life in the form of virtual reality.

So, whats better about today? In 2018, well, let’s be honest, video games for one, the deviation from New World Order politics in the form of the angel that is President Donald J. Trump, plus we have more readily available food from different cuisines, unless you live in a barren wasteland of strip malls, Red Lobster restaurants and the odd Olive Garden, (maybe even a TGIF’s if you’re lucky), and those other quite dreadful franchises out there in the world.

Yes, we suppose there was also a lot less Monsanto (or was there?) and in the 1990’s and at least then, we were oblivious to all that was unhealthy, before the majority of lies of organic food labels and the pushing of mandatory labels stating that it’s not GM food, even though there’s no seeds in your grapes nowadays, plus making you pay double for it, as well. Yes, in the 1990’s we were not immune to what made us sick and fat, but nobody gave a F*CK.

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Political correctness didn’t really exist yet, socialism wasn’t a cancer upon all of society in the 1990’s, and the evil plan that is the European Union seemed pleasant enough, but now it’s seen as the very elitist globalist agenda that it really is, trying to undermine the populations of countries in Europe with PC culture amongst other things, you see? If we knew all this sh*t would be happening many years after the year of 1992, due to the benefits of EU free roaming in Schengen Zone through airports and free reign for all Islamic states within it for oil exchange (Tony Blair!), then we would’ve bloody hell preferred to queue up for like three or four days, rather than have corrupt politicians now lobbying for the further rape of our children, and setting up Sharia Law zones in our nations. Simple maths!

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Also back in the 1990’s, there was a time when the Middle East was pretty much still in tact, before the Bush, Clinton and Obama machine. Yes, they were allowed to do what they wanted to in their own countries, without pushing their Islamic agenda on us and tapping into political correctness’ cowardice in Europe, you see? Yes, Middle Eastern nations could chop off hands, marry children, and pray five times a day without it disrupting the streets in Paris, France, for instance. Nice!

So everybody was pretty much happy everywhere, before George Bush Senior’s and Junior’s NWO agenda, when they went after Saddam Hussain twice, for oil, as well as cultivating the poppy fields in Afghanistan under the guise of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, causing the opioid crisis in America and cheaper gasoline prices, which all in all benefits you so much less than it does the elite. Wow! Amazing how that works, right?

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Yes, the Middle Eastern countries that nobody ever wanted to visit, now has Dubai added to the list. A great place to visit until people find out the hard way by ending up being arrested for kissing on a beach for Public Display of Affection, or even almost being imprisoned after a homophobic man accuses you of trying to touch them in a bar, whilst you’re simply brushing by them in a tight space. Luckily, that poor guy was released after three months in a jail. But whilst in your country, when they come to your lands, they push you in the back when they’re passing by you in the bar without saying, “Excuse me” first, as if that was nice a and polite thing to do in a premises that serves alcohol. What about those uneducated savages that want to rape our women, and the first thing that they say if they’re affluent, whilst stepping into a cab in London is “take me to brothel”. It’s a paradox of hypocrisy these days, so surely things were much better for everyone in the 1990’s.

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Could Islam just have lots of people who wish to remain in Europe or any other country besides Sharia Law controlled countries because of the human rights and natural freedoms that they’re given of which they’re not given at home? Hmmm. Answers on a postcard to Jesus please, as there’s nobody else that we could appropriately mention, right there!

Today in 2018, we’re literally living in the foreshadowing of the ‘1984’ novel by George Orwell, as well as the future burgeoning plans of the Freemason, Albert Pike, who wrote a doctrine in the mid to late 1800’s. There’s some food for thought for you, if you want to take a look.

So, let’s be clear, there’s just so many things that were so much better in the 1990’s before all this starts to take full effect, so hopefully President Donald J. Trump can really save us all from these evil plans. Yes, the decade of the 1990’s was, to us at least, the epitome of the notion of “ignorance is bliss” or perhaps even the “calm before the storm”.

Tell us if you agree, or what you think about all this in our comments section down below. Do you miss the nineties? Was there anything that we missed out on? Please fire away, fellow Brainstainers!

Over and out!

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