Lily Allen Says Rochdale’s Muslim Rape Gang is Not the Problem

In the quasi celebrity world of stupid, Lily Allen is a bright shining star. We already knew this, but we weren’t aware that she would go to even greater lengths to display her stupidity over Twitter all over again. You just can’t keep a totally dumb liberal pawn of a person quiet on Twitter these days, can you?

This leads us nicely into the story of Lily Allen, somebody who’s so CHAV and so STUPID that she’s literally battling it out with Cheryl Cole for the prize of who’s got the biggest bricklayer (no offence) elbow in UK celebrity circles, alongside Towie and Geordie Shore stars, of course.

Lily Allen was probably born with a black NaF NaF jacket in the delivery room, right out of the womb, chain smoking some fags in one hand while holding a pint of lager with the other. Her first words were probably “OI, YOU!”, because that’s how mentally deranged she seems, in judging by her latest comments on Twitter about the Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale, and their groomed victims.

At this rate, being totally thick (unintelligent) will surely become a trend. Perhaps Lily Allen is just leading that agenda? The only real sad difference is that even the most common of people are by far more esteemed citizens with higher intelligence, plus are much harder working and even more contributing members to society than Lily Allen will ever be. Lily Allen is a deranged, sensitive and unintelligent liberal moron, much to the opposite of a British hard working class craftsman or lager lout, that stands by their country and fellow Brits, at least.

Lily hasn’t made any music in a while, so she needs to make a mess of herself on Twitter. One really wonders what her stupid spiel is really all about? Just take a look at this sh*t!

Credit: Lily/Twitter

Lily Allen goes on to blame the teenage victims of the Muslim rape/grooming gangs from Rochdale, for being raped, and not even blaming the Muslim rape gang itself. Let that sink in. Want to learn about the Rochdale rape gang? Click here. If you want to learn about the Rotherham rape gang in the UK, click here.

You see, it’s not only in Rochdale or Rotherham, but it’s a UK epidemic of Muslim men grooming underage white girls to be raped, right across the country. Do not worry though, Lily Allen is here to commentate over the issue of the UK raping crisis.

We need to take a moment to wonder if Tony Blair did his absolute best to escalate the nature of enabling rape grooming gangs into existence with his Labour immigration policy whilst being Prime Minister. After all, he did say, “we got it wrong on immigration” not so long ago.

But now, Lily will help to put it all into perspective! Take it away, Lily.

Credit: Lily/Twitter

Yes, some Muslim men in the UK, stand firmly by the beliefs that white women are only good for one thing, which is “raping”, and that’s also been emphasised by continuing occurrences of rape in Sweden and Germany, since the EU sponsored “Welcome All Migrants” movement came into order.

They’re bringing with them a culture which is systemically sick when it comes to the rights of women, especially to their opinion of white women. Should that come as any surprise from a culture that would willingly beat their wives, kill their sisters, or anything else in the name of religion and honour, for a simple thing such as having a job? Watch!

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Many deluded liberals wonder why we shouldn’t just blend this age old culture in with our western values on women.

“Let them in!” They scream and yell.

Hmmm, YES, everything is just honky-dory in Sweden, Germany and in parts of the UK these days, due to these socialist multicultural values of political intent, protected by political correctness, which is meant to destroy our communities, especially when one thinks on the topic of escalating rape and violence from unassimilated Muslim migrants, or to that of British born Muslims, with their hereditary beliefs of Islam (whom are basically patron saints compared to the new Migrants in Europe), with their honour killings and women being treated as anything less than human. That should just be okay for the West, right?

Is it a surprise that with such beliefs on their own sisters, that other women could and should be freely raped for just walking down the street without a hijab? This is what’s happening in Sweden, Germany and parts of the UK, but in the United Kingdom, it’s also very organised and it’s turning into a crime syndicate of rape culture.

What would Lily Allen know about such things? The virtue signalling celebrity said we all should take in refugees into our homes, but yet, how many refugees has she taken into her home, or to that of her rental homes? We will tell you! The answer is (surprise, surprise) ZERO!

Lily Allen also recently complained about how life is hard, despite recently selling a mansion for 4.2million pounds and just how many refugees has she housed, again? Credit: PublicityPicture

After Lily Allen’s tweets got out, she faced a backlash on Twitter about the rape gang blame game, penning an apology afterwards: “If there are any victims of abuse and particularly any girls or women from Rochdale who saw my tweet and were negatively impacted, I apologize, of course.”

She added, “Being able to accept responsibility and apologize is a strength, not a weakness.”

Can you say, “Dimwit?”

The stupidity of Lily Allen knows no bounds. Just last week, she tweeted this, “To be honest I think it’s time we talked about banning sports in this country. It’s clearly putting our young men and boys at risk of abuse. #banfootball.”

With that, we’d just like to tell Lily Allen to just please “F*ck Off!”. Seriously, which planet is she even living on? Honestly.

Now for some reactions from some Twitter users about Lily Allen’s dumb comments about rape and the Muslim rape grooming gangs.

Credit: Twitter

Lily, do promise us, that you’ll never reproduce again. Please, it’s for the best for our dear planet Earth. Surely you can understand that much, right?

Credit: Twitter

Trying too hard, or just being plain stupid? Lily Allen is as stupid is as stupid does, but you can’t knock sense into every celebrity, can you? Forrest Gump would agree, he had a kind sense of self, after all, but not Lily Allen, that’s for damn sure!

Whatever next from the world of Lily Allen? What rape gang in the UK will she pardon next? Who will be the next victim of a grooming gang to be shamed by Lily Allen? Only time will tell, since in the world of Lily Allen, it’s all a multicoloured idyllic rainbow world of Unicorns, with neatly placed placard signs of “welcome all refugees” stuck into the grass. A truly magical place where horses graze on hay with their eyes covered so that they don’t see the gay men that are being thrown off of buildings to their bloody deaths on the horizon, whilst the screams of women being gang raped by Muslim men is simply drowned out by the sounds of her own music.

That’s the world of Lily Allen, folks.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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