Fire Breaks Out at Clinton’s Home in Chappaqua, N.Y

As the New Year gets up to speed, there are still major Deep State scandals still not being investigated, nor have any media coverage or any prosecutions just yet. Scandals such as the Uranium One scandal, the Pizzagate scandal (not debunked), Haiti human trafficking & subsequent organ trafficking, plus Obama’s Iran cash giveaway in exchange for Hezbollah’s rampant dealing of cocaine in the United States of America scandal.

Today, the Deep State is focusing on frivolous Trump rumours and accusations again via the mainstream media, in the form of him eating McDonald’s in the White House (for fear of being poisoned), the current supposed rift between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, plus the various unverified stories coming out in a book called ‘Fire & Fury’ by Michael Wolff, released today, which stinks of Deep State propaganda.

Anyway, we’re here to bring you some real good news, and that’s that Hillary and Bill Clinton’s suburban home in Chappaqua, New York has mysteriously caught on fire just yesterday afternoon. We’re kidding, that’s not good news, just real news. It is still unclear if anybody was present at the property when the fire broke out, but the fire seems highly suspicious to us.

So far, the reason for the fire is still yet unknown, but we can all theorise, can’t we?

Could it have been the fires from the depths of hell just cropping up in their garage loft, emanating from a Satanic ritual space that’s present on the property? Answers on a Deep State postcard please…

Or could it have been God working in mysterious ways with a warning for the Clinton family? But in all seriousness, it could more than likely have been an intentional fire burning up any digital evidence or trail, such as that of the elimination of computer hard drives and other electronics, especially if previous occurrences are anything to go by. We all know about how the Dems used hammers on their hard drives amidst Hillary’s email scandal, right?

Anyway, the fire started at 14:50pm on Wednesday in the loft above the garage, and was extinguished by 15:15pm. This fire began just a day after daughter Chelsea Clinton wished The Church of Satan a ‘Happy New Year’ on Twitter. Wow! Yet they claim to be Christian, but the evidence of their worship of Satan and in practicing the elitist globalist religion of the Illuminati and serving only the New World Order is already well documented.

Reports of a fire at the Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York on Jan. 3, 2017. Credit: NBC News

Yes, in praying to Moloch and Baphomet, you’re a practising Satanist, like the all men’s club annual event at Bohemian Grove, which proves it’s a prerequisite to being an evil piece of work these days, with the cries of abused children not being far way from the religion of Satan, as well.

Not to mention the PizzaGate and the Spirit Cooking revelations via the John Podesta emails (Hillary’s former Campaign Manager), to James Alefantis Instagram page (Comet Pizza) and Marina Abramovic’s (Satanist) art, all of whom are close confidants of the Clinton family, so they’re most definitely involved in some pretty sickening practices, perhaps?

Career Politicians and celebrities just love Marina Abramovic’s Satanic art & magic. Interesting, eh? Credit: ZeroEqualsTwo

Was the space above the garage a Satanic ritual space? You never know… Early reports said it was a bedroom fire, which had started above the garage. If so, was it faulty wiring, or was it just the spontaneous human combustion of a Hatian child slave labourer or perhaps some other devilish causation?

We will never know… But the latest news is that the fire may have been started in order to destroy further incriminating evidence on computer hard drives. But, will we ever know the real truth?

Let us know what you think in our comments section down below, so that we can help solve the mystery of this perplexing fire. Luckily nobody was hurt.

Maybe it was just an accident (highly unlikely), but given the Clinton history of destroying evidence, we’re inclined to say that this is what might have happened at the property on Wednesday afternoon, in a controlled arson. But, thats just a theory circling around on the Internet, right now.

Anyway, Chelsea Clinton has since backtracked on her official Twitter account post on Tuesday, which was wishing The Church of Satan a “Happy New Year”… Strange, don’t you think?

It’s coming from her blue ticked verified Twitter account for all to see. So, we can all be glad that the Satanic trend stopped in The White House last year at least, after Donald Trump was elected President.

The massive house in Chappaqua is the house that the Clinton’s have lived in for 20 years, which was bought for $1.7million in 1999, and in August of 2016, Hillary, who presumed she’d be the next President, purchased the house next door for $1.16million, for good measure.

So, ‘What Happened?’, and what was the real cause of the fire at the Clinton home? It’s something to ponder whilst we’re fed the lame news stories of how many Diet Coke’s the President consumes a day, why he eats McDonald’s in his office, and questions as to how much golf he plays at Mar-a-Lago, and even more fake news stories and lies resulting from that garbage new book ‘Fire & Fury’ by Michael Wolff.

What a bunch of Deep State trash! Anyway, here’s to a great 2018 and to Donald Trump continuing to fight the good fight!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: CNBC

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