Are We The REAL Aliens?

Have you ever sat and wondered where we, as the human race, came from? You know, like the origin of our species and such? If not, maybe it’s time that you did. Are you going to just sit there and believe all you were taught in school about Charles Darwin, evolution, Darwinism and even of Lucy being the mysterious missing link? If it isn’t inside a textbook from the 1970s, or if it’s not told by today’s scientists, Wikipedia, or by some other truthful source, than it simply cannot be true. As a side note, did you know that they found an out of place baboon bone in the skeletal remains of Lucy? Hmm, so much for that missing link, eh? Time to raise up the age old question: Are we truly the descendants of apes?

They say human chromosomes are only one chromosome away from the Chimpanzee. Humans have 23 chromosomes and other apes have 24. Surely there’s something else missing here, right? If not, then that one lone chromosome must add up to make quite a bit of difference.

On the other hand, are you going to throw yourself wholeheartedly into pseudoscience and binge on Netflix episodes of Ancient Aliens and just blindly believe in all of that?

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What we can all clearly confirm is that we don’t know much about anything as a human race. It feels like we are simply told what to believe at the best of times. We are taught what to believe starting from the indoctrinated education we learnt at school. We’re taught a rewritten history, suiting a time, thought pattern or place, whatever it may be. There’s still so much that we cannot account for in terms of our very own evolution.

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What about this missing link, if there indeed is one (there most likely is). If you look at a monkey today or in the past, then look at yourself now, then clearly this missing link has never been defined or even been confirmed, unless of course you consider Lucy and that oddly placed baboon bone, which still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Click here to check out this list of top 10 missing links.

Now we’re not saying you should believe every alien abduction story you see on television, as well as search up some grainy images of unidentified flying objects, which always seem to be just out of focus enough, to make them seem believable.

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Does the military industrial complex and Area 51 harbour aviation secrets and UFO technology? Maybe. Are we getting warmer? Probably not. Is this mysterious painting that we managed to dig up a description of our origins?


Could it be that the “missing link” is in fact alien DNA that we all possess from a cross breeding experiment long ago that birthed the modern humans, as we know it? If we were 100% genetically related to apes, then when did we suddenly have much less hair on our bodies? Is the evolution of air conditioning unit, an answer to? In the olden days, we stayed warm by making a fire. Fast forward a couple thousand years, and now we have radiators and built-in heating systems. Could it be that we have don’t hair on our bodies nowadays, because of scientific progress?

When did we suddenly appear less hairy and more “human” looking? All very good questions indeed, as nobody can quite pin point any of this stuff in history down to a tee just yet. What do we actually know of our origins? Apparently, not much, unless you want to believe everything that you are told to believe. There’s a massive grey area that nobody cares to think about, we believe…

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Anyway, we don’t have the answers, but does this look like our nearest ancestral cousin to our modern-day existence?

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What’s the real missing link if it isn’t Lucy (the Australopithecus afarensis)? Answers on a postcard please, we welcome your thoughts. What if we all possess elements of alien DNA already? What if that is the missing link? Who knows for sure? We thought we’d keep this crazy fun going by implementing this recently uploaded video on YouTube, that has some endearing elements that made us think that there’s a chance we may be part alien. Wouldn’t that be something?

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Let us know which alien species that you are, in the comments section down below. Have fun, and enjoy the video!

Brainstain, over and out!

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