LaVar Ball Pulls Sons Out of School to Play Basketball in Lithuania

LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo Ball (of the L.A. Lakers), LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball, was once thought of as a clever and decent guy, raising three young promising basketball players, much to the excitement of the sport of Basketball. Then one day, he unfortunately showed the world his true colours by being an ungrateful jackass on CNN. While being interviewed by Chris Cuomo, he disputed that Donald J. Trump had anything to do with getting his son LiAngelo Ball out of a prison sentence in mainland China after shoplifting from more than one store in the Hangzhou district. Unbelievable!

Today, LaVar Ball announced that LiAngelo Ball, 19, who had been suspended indefinitely by UCLA’s college basketball team for shoplifting in China, will along with his brother LaMelo Ball, 16, be pulled out of Chino Hills High School, and are both signed up to play pro-ball in Lithuania on the Prienai Vytautas team in the Lithuanian Basketball League for a one year contract.

Could this be the Trump effect? Donald Trump clearly never wanted anything bad to happen to LaVar Ball’s son, otherwise, he wouldn’t have helped LiAngelo Ball out of jail. Unfortunately, LaVar Ball made a clear and very unintelligent reaction to Trump being instrumental in the releasing of his son from the grasp of a Chinese jail, which all in all, made us all very confused when we watched LaVar Ball’s ignorant interview about Trump’s help, live on CNN.

LaVar Ball proved to be unlikeable and as dumb as a bag of rocks during an interview on CNN. Lithuania still seems like a good career move for the moment though. Credit: GettyImages

We feel that Trump felt the same way when he heard about the very ungrateful man he took the time out to help, who is clearly not so clever when it comes to anything but basketball…

It was embarrassing! The only sympathy one could have for LaVar is that he made himself look incredibly dumb on international television, and that his interview will go down in history as probably one of the dumbest things anyone has ever seen before in the history of mankind, not to mention the most disrespectful. We do feel some level of empathy for him however, and we’re also interested in this sporting story, since the Ball players have been known to garner interest within the sport of basketball.

LiAngelo Ball thanked Donald Trump after his release, but he will now be playing in Lithuania, which won’t be easy. Credit: SLAMonline

The curiosity surrounding LaVar’s son’s remain. Apparently, his sons who are said to be able to play a fairly good bit of basketball, so this latest move to pull them out of school to go full time and pro, may actually be somewhat of a good thing. Early signs point to yes, as LaMelo Ball will be playing professional basketball against senior players, and with his other son, LiAngelo, suspended from the UCLA indefinitely, they will need to be playing basketball regularly in order to stay well trained and polished.

Lithuania is a pretty big basketball nation on the European stage, so this could either turn out to be a very good thing, or it could turn out to be bad thing depending on how they measure up to the rest of the players. Early signs point to it being a good thing for the teenage basketball players, who probably will have to earn their right to play in the NBA in the future, if at all.

LaMelo Ball is in for a steep learning curve in Lithuania, which can only be a good thing. Credit: USAToday

Hopefully they will learn something, and hopefully LaVar Ball will learn something too by being exposed to a new culture, and getting a chance to be involved in the steep learning curve that Lithuanian basketball provides, as well. The Ball brothers have to hone their skills against much older players which will no doubt toughen them up before they try and head up towards the NBA.

Hopefully, they won’t be home schooled by LaVar Ball himself, though. Currently, there’s been no apology from LaVar Ball regarding his car crash interview on CNN, or even any statement thanking Donald Trump either.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

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