Black Ice Monday follows Snow Bomb Sunday in the UK

Brace yourself people, because it’s about to get even colder and more treacherous out on those roads, with black ice setting in this Monday morning. The snow from yesterday that settled in many places across the UK will have frozen over during the night where temperatures reached as low as 3 degrees celsius, and even into the minus’ in other places, creating black ice on the roads, rails, tarmacs and pavements across the British Isles.

Schools, train stations, buses, airports and general travel have all been affected in a big way since Sunday, and you can expect that it will carry on today, specifically in Birmingham where all schools have been closed, giving some 200,000 children the day off. Schools in Gloucesterhire, London, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Leicestershire and Derbyshire will also be shut today.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning for ice in the UK, with more snow forecast for the Midlands. Due to these adverse weather conditions, this Monday has been dubbed as “Black Monday”, but there won’t be any cut price deals on electronics, just black ice and slippery conditions throughout the United Kingdom. In some places, the temperature dropped to -8c overnight, which has caused many homes to lose power at this most cold time. Thousands of homes are currently without power to start this week off, so wrap up warm or better yet, stay at somebody’s house that has power or heating.

A gritting lorry took a spill on an icy road. Credit:

Cars had been abandoned on roads as many motorists were left stranded. Road accidents have been reported all over the country, with Britain’s road network grinding to a halt in many areas. At the airports, thousands of people spent the night at Heathrow, Stansted and Luton, as an estimated 50,000 British Airways passengers were left stranded – that’s 30,000 in the UK and 20,000 in Europe.

As we expected, (and as we reported some weeks ago), with a bit of snow and some cold weather, and the nation unfolds into travel chaos, mainly due to safety concerns. It’s no surprise to us because this always happens when the United Kingdom is faced with cold conditions, coupled with snow and ice.

The airport situation is as bad as the roads. Credit: Twitter

Bicester Village in Oxfordshire was closed due to a lack of electricity on Sunday, along with a Christmas market in Lincolnshire, much to the disappointment of shoppers. The RAC has declared this so-called Black Monday one of its busiest days for ten years, with an estimated 11,000 call outs needed to rescue motorists.

Motorist Carl Palmer witnessed the scenes yesterday out on the road, and said it was “like a war-zone, with crashed cars everywhere, others spinning around”.

However, some people felt that all the fuss over closing schools was a bit too much. Somehow, the safety precautions that have been put in place due to the weather has divided opinion. Michelle Skeels wrote on Facebook: “How ridiculous… it will be melted by tomorrow”.

Margaret Morrissey of Parents Outloud, said: “I think the schools are too quick to close, it is the easy option. I think the decision to close all of the schools in a city as big as Birmingham is quite frankly ridiculous.”

At least this guy seems to be enjoying himself. Credit: PA

Elsewhere, former footballer turned jockey, Michael Owen, parked his Bentley under a tree, thinking it would protect it from falling snow, only for the weight of the snow to break branches, bringing it all down in top of his car. Better luck next time Michael.

So there you have it! It could be a bit slippery out there, and most likely a lot of travel services have been cancelled, so if you can (and if you have the reason), maybe consider taking an extra day off?

Tell us in the comments section below if this really is a travel apocalypse as has been described, or if this “Black Monday” name is just a little overboard.

Stay safe out there! Brainstain, over and out!

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