The Mainstream Media Protects the Corrupt Clintons over Uranium One Deal

So, what happened last week in corrupt politics? Well, increasing heat has been placed on the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for their Uranium One deal with Russia, whilst claiming Donald Trump had colluded with Russia to swing the US presidential election. Yeah, Russian hackers, erm… Okay, Hillary… Apparently, the liberal establishment mass media wants you to believe that the Russian collusion fake news story is still within the Trump administration. Zzzzzzz… Give it a rest, already… Isn’t Robert Mueller really flogging a dead horse by now?

Meanwhile, the Clinton’s continually paid GPS Fusion (a nasty firm) and involved an ex-spy, Christopher Steele from England, to continue with that now proven fake dossier published by Buzzfeed, claiming Donald Trump had Russian prostitutes urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room where Obama once stayed. The dossier cost around $12,000,000, which was funded by the DNC and corrupt Clinton campaign cash to try to swing the election Hillary Clinton’s way, through April to November last year. Too bad that didn’t work, because guess what? 60 million American’s saw through the complete and utter BS and lies, and they went and voted for Donald Trump. Result!

Robert Muller has an announcement or a planned arrest on Monday, maybe… Credit: GQ/GettyImages

Add to that, the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich (shot in the back), which hasn’t been investigated properly since it would most likely link back to Hillary Clinton and their people, plus, what about the 33,000 emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s not so secret private email server? What of James Comey who was appointed as head of the FBI by Barack Obama, but now no longer there? He basically refused to investigate or charge the Clinton’s on those deleted emails, giving her a free pass from her corrupt ways. Talk about collusion within, right there.

How about Democratic voter fraud? With so many illegals and dead people voting Democrat for years, yet they still lost in 2016. Epic fail!

As anybody with an ounce of intelligence would realize, the real collusion is the dirty cesspool of Clinton cash, donated by foreign interests (Middle Eastern countries) into America, in various pay to play schemes, then simultaneously using the funding from George Soros’ stakes in various media companies to perpetuate and spread lies through the Fake News networks against Trump, which is still ongoing. Hence, why today, Robert Mueller and his endless goose chase in the Special Counsel Investigation of Russian Interference tries to pin the Russian collusion on the Trump administration again, with a supposed arrest now said to be made on Monday. However, didn’t they just ignore all of Hillary Clinton’s proven collusion with Russia already, with that Uranium One deal just last week? Well, why’s that not being pursued, hmmm?

Haters will say it’s photoshopped. Credit: tothedeathmedia

Yes, the Clinton Foundation and Obama administration have conducted themselves in very criminal ways, which has now been exposed, even more so than before. Robert Mueller, formerly with the FBI and now the head of the Special Counsel Investigation of Russian Interference in the Presidential Election of 2016, has seemingly long-held ties to the Establishment, (as well as George W. Bush and Barack Obama), and is still trying to pin this ridiculous investigation onto somebody within the Trump administration with this made up story about any collusion to Russia, whilst the real collusion of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and this Uranium One deal is sitting there, staring everybody right in the face. Why won’t Mueller investigate that? The diversion is clear, as you can clearly see, it’s all a one-sided affair. James Comey and Robert Mueller are entirely unwilling to investigate or charge the Clinton and Obama administration for any of their shady business deals or questionable practices which was occurring in the previous presidency.

Many Republicans are actually awaiting Robert Mueller’s resignation as this Democrat scandal grows. However, some rumours suggest that something could arise with Paul Manafort, formerly of the Donald Trump administration, who may be under scrutiny due to some wire transfers. This could be Robert Mueller’s announcement or plot for arrest on Monday, however, this is still currently not known, for sure.

Either way, the Fake News media like CNN won’t even cover any of Hillary Clinton’s scandals, so now this morning, since the news broke of Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal with Russia, Robert Mueller and his Special Counsel Investigation of Russian Interference in the Presidential Election of 2016 team are trying to divert the Russia collusion story back to the Trump administration. As if educated people wouldn’t notice that this is all a fake news witch hunt to divert people’s attention away from Hillary and Obama’s complicit lies and dealings in giving 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia, which was siphoned through the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

What sort of lies will Robert Mueller come up with today? That remains to be seen, but one thing that we can be sure of is that it won’t be anything to do with the Clinton’s, or Obama administration’s ties to Russia. Well, one dire narrative that it could be are those supposed Pro-Trump Facebook ads that were paid by Russia before the US election, last year… That is pretty much fake or irrelevant news. What will these supposed arrests on Monday by Robert Mueller really be about? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Republicans are forming together and pushing for further investigation of the Clinton Foundation in that Uranium One deal, as well as finding out where the funds came from for the fake Steele dossier? Hillary Clinton claims she knew nothing about the funding of the dossier, even though, it cost over $12 million which came from her campaign funds.

Something doesn’t smell right, and yet again, what do we have? We have the Democrats being exposed, with many people saying that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,should really be the one’s brought up on criminal charges instead.

Additionally, President Donald J. Trump has long since denied any involvement with Russia, which is more than clear since after almost a year, there’s been no evidence of any collusion with the Russians on his part. The only collusion with the Russian’s going on here is happening with the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, and that’s a known fact.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, you know? Kevin Sorbo talks some more home truths. Applause! Credit: FoxNews

Update to this story is that as suspected, with Paul Manafort and his assistant Rick Gates have already surrendered to the FBI today. However, these latest developments happened long before Paul Manafort briefly served as Donald Trump’s earlier campaign manager in the election. Now, what about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats dealings with Russia? Why aren’t they being investigated?

Brainstain, over and out!

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