Mike Pence Leaves 49ers vs Colts Game After Players Take A Knee During National Anthem

Now, just when you thought that the hysteria of left-wing politics inside the NFL was going to subside, since then, many players had begun standing for the national anthem again and even linking up in arms. But, after this weekend, it’s clear that it hasn’t subsided completely and so still some NFL players are seeming pawns to George Soros’ insider funded NGO race baiting resistance to divide America, even on the field of sports. That’s a shame! Are we shocked? No, we even suspected George Soros had his dirty hands deep within the NFL and causing all this kneeling in the first place, in order to disrespect the anthem and side with the other Soros funded groups like the BLM, who’s only purpose it is to divide America and propel the nation into a race war and further division. Don’t believe us, well, our friends at Breitbart have all but confirmed this, read here. Yes, as we already suspected and wrote more than a week ago, we had stated that it’s the work of George Soros. Once again, we were correct.

Here you can see a divided gesture of kneeling and standing during the anthem from he 49ers, the ex-team of Colin Kaepernick. Credit: AP

Cue this weekend, the San Francisco 49ers (the former team of the now sole social justice warrior ex-football player without a team, Colin Kaeprenick) played the Indianapolis Colts, which was attended by Vice President and former governor of Indiana himself, Mike Pence.

Mike Pence hopes to enjoy his team Indianapolis Colts beat the 49ers, whilst standing for the anthem, he notices that the Soros left-wing activism is still adhered to in the NFL. Credit: AP

So the stage was set for the national anthem, and what happened? Well, 50% of the players stood for the anthem, while about 50% of other players knelt down, disrespecting the flag, the military, and public service men of America, so seemingly in kneeling in race baited confusion and in Anti-American collusion upon the instructions of George Soros, the Antifa and BLM funder of domestic terrorism himself, it not only disappointed legions of fans, but it also prompted VP Mike Pence to leave the stadium, as a result. Fair play to Mike Pence, as if it weren’t for America and the national anthem, there would be no National Football League. We suspect that the ratings of the NFL will now continue to fall and soon people will turn their back on the much loved game altogether, unless people stand for the anthem again. These NFL players are multi-millionaire cry babies and uneducated at that, to continue to play the game whilst disrespecting their nation, the nation that puts mansions in their grasp, with supercars with gold rims in their driveways. Go figure…

Credit: VicePresidentPenceTwitter

Now whilst the liberal mass media will often side with the kneeling and take a knee players, since liberal mass news is also in collusion with the efforts of George Soros, in all actuality, the American public are disgusted by the antics of the kneeling players, as it shows American hatred and breeds disrespect to the service men of America. President Donald J. Trump tweeted:

Credit: DonaldJ.Trump/Twitter

So, Mike Pence was already in agreement with Donald, thus he left the stadium, but then the American football gods up above, dealt a huge bout of karma onto the 49ers, since the final score at overtime was an instant dose of karma and pure joy to witness! As the 49ers lost 26 to 23 in overtime. Ouch! We suppose karma is real and those 49ers players that knelt during the anthem, suffered a loss as a result. Here’s a catch up or a roundup of that game if you’re interested, right here, but just like us, we won’t be showing much interest in the NFL anymore, either. That’s the ramifications of bringing socialism into sport, what happens? You lose the fans.

Anyway, on a topic away from football now, in comes Colin Kaepernick and he’s the one who started the kneeling trend to promote Soros’ BLM organisation and spread racial divides since way back in 2016, and now as we know, he’s without a team and he hasn’t played in the NFL for a very long time. Since his performance was not good enough and that’s why he got benched. Yes, Colin isn’t an NFL player and he was a benchwarmer for the 49ers, for much of last season, so one wonders what in the hell Colin actually does these days? Apart from being a social justice warrior and a direct bosom buddy of George Soros and basically just being an all around clown, since what does he actually do anymore?

Colin Kaepernick getting smoochy with Linda Sarsour, the Sharia Law leftist pro-activist in America, from New York City. If you look up “hypocrites” in the dictionary, this is the photo that you will find. Credit: GettyImages

Colin’s idols are Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and he probably wishes that if he could read (can he?) and if he did, he’d read the ‘Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx, whilst picking up a hefty NFL cheque for his services, but now this isn’t the case, as nobody wants his services. Not a single team wants him. Is it because he knelt down or took a knee in 2016? Well, that’s what he’d like you to believe, as he carries on playing a victim and whilst he wants to paint an image of himself as the Malcolm X of the NFL, the real reason is because he wasn’t playing well. That’s why he was benched, since let’s be real about it, after the Jim Harbaugh era at the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick had started underperforming way before his departure. The 49ers fans had long called out and criticised Kaepernick, after he once emerged as a 2nd QB choice to be the 1st choice, and he once upon a time became a hero leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but the following season, he started playing terribly. That’s when all his social justice warrior ways began, with all his race baiting antics for George Soros organisations and in playing a victim of race, despite his mediocrity on the football field.

It’s been long while since Kaepernick has even been able to take a knee, you see? This was in 2016, like a puppet on a string. Credit: DailyMail

Without the NFL he wouldn’t have an estimated net worth of $22 million, but yet he’s an oppressed victim of America, he claims and we just can’t stand his ‘primadonna’ ways, any more than the next person. Now in a recent PR drive for the left, yet again, his girlfriend has come out swinging, saying that Colin Kaepernick, 29, had never said that he’d stand for the national anthem, if he could just get any team to actually sign him up for the NFL again. Hmmm… Let’s see some Tweets of what’s been happening in the communist SJW world of Colin Kaepernick of late, shall we?

Credit: Twitter

Ouch, are those social justice warrior, sour grapes? We think so… Perhaps, Colin could become the worst guest speaker at UC Berkeley, where socialists and communists are celebrated to no end.

CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora had said that Colin would stand for the national anthem if any NFL team would sign him up, after Jason had spent some time with the former NFL quarter back in recent months.

Credit: JasonLaCanfora/Twitter
Credit: JasonLaCanfora/Twitter
Credit: JasonLaCanfora/Twitter
Credit: JasonLaCanfora/Twitter

And on Sunday, after this storm of Twitter tweets sent out by Jason La Canfora, explaining the situation, the so-called morale high ground ex-NFL QB Colin Kaepernick, thought it might be an idea to sound all intelligent yet again, but little did he realise that he’s quoting Winston Churchill, a great leader that was so opposed to communism and socialism that if he was alive today and he saw Kaepernick using his quote as a Tweet, then Her Majesty’s Secret Service would be giving Colin a personal call laced with thinly veiled threats, until he removed such a Tweet from his Twitter account, because Winston Churchill would never stand for that. Let’s see Colin’s Tweet, shall we?

Credit: Kaepernick7/Twitter

Now if you need any Brainy quotes, you can do what Colin Kaepernick did and enter the Google search engine and just visit BrainyQuote here, to take your pick. Clever Colin, very clever. (face palm)

Last fall, Colin was ranked 17th in the league in the passer rating calculations list, making him not such a desirable Quarterback, plus with Jason La Canfora stating, “Bottom line – I can assure you that @Kaepernick7 would be willing to work out any place, any time, for any NFL team. He is not quitting”.

Well the bottom line is, not even the Dolphin’s, nor the Ravens and definitely not the Tennessee Titans wanted to sign him up, either.

So, the bottom line might be that Colin Kaepernick is just done in the NFL and hopefully for him, he can become a professor at UC Berkeley teaching how to be a social justice warrior, in a class called ‘Social Justice Warrior Snowflake 101‘ sponsored by George Soros.

So, there you have it! A comprehensive look at Colin Kaerpernick once again and we hope that you enjoyed that one. Since champagne socialist sports stars is not something that we can get behind, at all.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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