Liberal Media’s Claim That Russian Facebook Ads Supported Donald Trump Are Shot Down

The liberal mass media have been proven wrong yet again within regards to their (sour grapes) theory of Hillary Clinton’s epic loss in the 2016 Presidential election being down to the result of Russia having anti-Hillary ads on the social media giant, Facebook. Why are we not surprised? Well for starters, it’s common knowledge to anybody else with half a brain that Facebook are anti-Trump.

Today we saw CNN (the KING of Fake News) were running a new story which we find very dubious indeed. It claimed that in Macedonia, people made a fortune (or are planning to make a fortune) spreading “fake news” for the 2020 election. More fake news to cover up their other fake news, perhaps? We reckon so, so do not be fooled. Watch this ridiculous exclusive report below from CNN! We’ll be keeping an eye out for these Macedonian websites and their URL’s, we suppose.

We know fake news when we see it, and this has “exclusive fake news report” written all over it. We hope the lady had a pleasant tourist stay in Veles, while they were filming this garbage. With Veles being such a poor city, as she stated in her report, surely CNN could have just paid anyone to comply with their narrative, and hired a few actors to make it convincing enough. After all, CNN do have their own fake news team, remember? Click here to read more on that story!

You cannot make a fortune online just like that by making fake news (unless you’re CNN) or with any news for that matter. We don’t believe that a few people in the Macedonian city of Veles had the influence to sway 63 million Americans to vote for Donald J. Trump, so how could they in Russia? Or how will Macedonia even influence an election in 2020? Interesting, indeed… Who are these new supposed Macedonian fake news writers, and how could they be responsible for something on this grand of a scale?

Could this sort of thing really have swayed the election in 2016? Credit: FilterTheFeed

The fake Russian collusion narrative to make people vote for Donald Trump has long since been proven to be false, and a ridiculous mass media ploy for deluded liberals to chew up, so really the joke’s very much on them. We laugh at this latest CNN report of people making fortunes in Veles, Macedonia and planning ahead for more fake news in 2020. Come on CNN, are you really lacking in content for today? Could this just be the work of fiction? You be the judge, but if somebody with a Russian or Eastern European accent says something, then it must be like the Russian influence upon the election, right?

This news story about Macedonian planned influence upon the next US election must be in direct response to the news that Facebook ads out of Russia actually sided with Democrat Bernie Sanders, the Green candidate Jill Stein and more so with Hillary Clinton. Not Donald J. Trump whatsoever. CNN are being pathetic, yet again.

President Donald J. Trump tweeted yesterday in response to the revelation that these supposed Russian ads were definitely not in favour of himself.

Credit: Twitter

Yes, the liberal news media and establishment are still trying to come up with yet more excuses for Hillary Clinton’s butthurt-filled loss in the presidential election and it just keeps on going on and on… The real reason why Trump won is tweeted below by the President himself.

Credit: Twitter

Facebook had been scrutinised for selling ads to the Russians last year, but as a new report by Politico reveals, those ads supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. These Russian ads only represented 1% of all election ads on the social media site, which cost the Russians approximately $150,000.

From the looks of these brief statistics, all this is pointing to is yet more excuses and the fake news media trying to explain Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

Are CNN and the liberal news media really being honest for a change? Only way to figure out that one out, would be if we take a vacation to Veles ourselves. You know, purely to find out more about this new Macedonian phenomenon just like this CNN reporter did. Hopefully, they have nice wine or something…

If you’re a Macedonian who lives in Veles, you can make a bloody fortune from peddling fake news stories. Very funny stuff indeed.


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