Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies Age 91

Playboy founder and worldwide icon, Hugh Hefner, has died at age 91. He passed away peacefully in his home from natural causes on Wednesday night, September 27th, 2017.

Hugh Hefner, who released his first issue of Playboy Magazine in December of 1953, built the empire that we all know today, during a time where attitudes towards sex and female sexuality in society were still very much publicly unexplored and also hugely conservative. Hugh helped to push the sexual envelope for the good of the world in so many ways, and Playboy Enterprise Inc. will live on forever and continue in his memory.

Cooper Hefner released a statement saying: “he would be greatly missed by many”. Cooper said about his fathers’ “exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer”, being a purveyor of free speech, civil rights, and sexual freedom.

We couldn’t agree more, So today here at Brainstain, we also pay tribute to the great Hef, and raise a glass to all his great ventures through his work with Playboy that have done good in this world.

Hugh Hefner alongside third wife Crystal Harris, who he married in 2012 was 60 years his junior. Credit: BBC

Playboy has been part of society for generations. From the magazines, to the Bunny brand logo on women’s underwear, from the hats and t-shirts, to the classic video game, from endless hours of reality TV with Girls of The Playboy Mansion, to the well remembered, world famous sponsored nightclub parties across the planet, and of course, the members venue’s and casino’s that have been prevalent since the 1960s. Indeed, Hugh Hefner was a man who truly had and did it all.

Expect the tributes to come pouring in for this legend over social media today. It’s nice to know that the much loved philanthropist passed away in his home and at peace, having achieved so much in his lifetime.

Hugh Hefner’s magazine blazed a trail for the acceptance of nudity in modern society when the US wanted to ban contraceptives. The publication faced a barrage of opposition during its rise to world domination, but pulled through time and time again.

The first issue of Playboy featured Marylin Monroe, with a set of photos that Hefner had purchased for $200. After that, the rest is pretty much history. Hefner was the epitome of the sexual revolution, and he brought much joy to the world through his work.

Marilyn Monroe was the cover star of the first issue of the magazine. Credit: PlayboyEnterprises

Hugh Hefner, who was famous for his silk robe, pipe, pyjamas, and throwing lavish parties at the Playboy Mansion where hedonism was most definitely on the menu at all times, will forever be remembered as a pop culture icon in the history of the modern world.

Playboy was much more than just a little bit of female nudity in a magazine. It was definitely not a pornographic publication by any means, as the publication also had great journalism which consisted of quality feature articles, interviews with stars and political figures in current affairs, and was always touching upon various topics of current relevance at any given time.

Hugh Hefner told CNN in 2002, “I’ve never thought of Playboy quite frankly as a sex magazine. I always thought of it as a lifestyle magazine in which sex was one important ingredient”.

Hugh was also vocal for his support of integration and gay rights. Donald J. Trump famously appeared on the cover of the magazine in March of 1990 with the quote, “Nice Magazine, want to sell it?”


R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Playboy

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