Emmanuel Macron’s Core Foreign Policy Is Fighting Islamist Terrorism

In Paris on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation and revealed his core French foreign policy, stating that it is eradicating “Islamist Terrorism”. Now if there was ever a recent flimsy and very confusing career politician, it would definitely be Emmanuel Macron; a man who sprung up out of nowhere and somehow managed to get enough deluded and brainwashed French people to vote him into office. Now people regret it, some even stating that Marine Le Pen was a far stronger candidate, but with rampant accusations of voter fraud and the Establishment news being against her, Emmanuel Macron took the win, didn’t he?

Of course, Emmanuel Macron was continuously said to be a centrist candidate by all the Establishment media in the run up to the French election, where in fact he was anything but that, as evidenced by his membership to Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party; a party that let in so many Islamists and unassimilated Muslim migrants into France throughout the years, that once he got his “En Marche!” party going, he immediately became Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel’s illegitimate son. Not to mention also being Angela Merkel’s lap dog too. In effect, he’s been the prodigal son of the EU’s evil and lies, backed by these two traitors of European values. That is unless he changes…

Just his face makes us sick, so let’s hope for a swift Brexit! Credit: Reddit

Yes, those two evil faces (Juncker, Merkel) are that of two socialist hacks that hate Europe, and operate within the evils of the elitist agenda and their wishes to flood Europe with a crisis influx of Muslim migrants (already happened), that continue to rape, loot, and destroy European values. Not to mention, most live off the state and eat up all your tax money, whilst continuing to oppose Western values and demanding more Islamisation in the countries that they inhabit. So, what should we think of Emmanuel Macron now? He has been given a terribly low approval rating since becoming France’s President, and we continue to wonder of how different things would have been under a stronger and more hardline Marine Le Pen. We can only imagine…

Right now, Macron is definitely confusing, (but you can’t fool us), and perhaps it’s just a case of saying one thing, but doing another thing entirely. That’s what career politicians like him do so well, right? Are we to believe a man who had leaks from Wikileaks stating his plans with the EU included the further Islamisation of France and Europe? You do remember those leaked emails, don’t you? Those emails were so well covered up and hidden by Google and mainstream media, as the Elite were in a panic about Marine Le Pen winning. You might not believe it, but Socialists are also experts at voter fraud and cheating, with double ballots being highly exposed during the French election, not to mention in the recent UK General Election too. Socialists really like cheating the system, don’t they?

Luckily, that didn’t work in America, of course, since too many Americans ensured that Donald J. Trump rightfully won.

Macron did some good by inviting Donald J. Trump on a state visit to France some months back, and this sort of helped to resurrect some belief in this young President, right? However, just how much of that was genuine, and how much of that was just for show? Either way, Donald J. Trump, a man of high esteem and loyalty, respected it. Hopefully Donald Trump was able to inject some sense into the young French President.

Merkel logic 101. Credit: Meme Center

Now that he’s come under fire by low approval ratings from the French public, he’s doing some fighting talk about his core policy being fighting “Islamist Terrorism” to 170 French Ambassadors, and while we think it’s a bit late for these hugely delayed fighting words, we also wonder how the “mother of all migrants” Angela Merkel will take this? Angela Merkel wants more muslim migrants (a.k.a Savages), and Jean-Claude Juncker doesn’t care as long as he can drink himself merry, fly on a private jet, and collect his unelected pay cheque as en evil EU monster on the regular.

So, are we to believe Macron’s new fighting words? He’s even recently called out the influx of North African savages that are pouring into Italy and Spain, or did he? Well, if he didn’t, he really should’ve by now, as they’re just borders away from entering into France this very moment.

Who brings in these North African migrants by the boat load illegally, you ask? Well, that would be the various NGO’s that are funded by the enemy of the world, George Soros, of course. You can be sure that George Soros, the socialist pig that he is, was in cahoots with Emmanuel Macron, who happened to win the French election. Just another puppet on a string like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was… Yes, globalist leftist’s and the evil elite love a good puppet on a string, don’t they? When you have Donald Trump at the helm as the leader of the free world, all Soros can do is create social uprisings with paid protestors. The jury is still out on if he can also trigger natural disasters too…

Emmanuel Macron addresses French Ambassadors at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Credit: Yoan Valat/Pool

If you need to know more about George Soros, why don’t you read our past articles about him as well as other articles out there in the world, that already in the know about the terrible truth?

Back to Emmanuel Macron now, who has a lot of work to do if people are to really believe that he is a Centrist. We would welcome him with open arms if he broke free from the strings and actually started acting like an independent President like Donald Trump, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, is it?

Macron said to the 170 Ambassadors, “I want France to propose solutions and initiatives when there are new crises. The fight against Islamist terrorism is the priority of France’s foreign policy. France’s security is the main purpose of our diplomacy.”

Did Trump’s influence get through to him, or are these his own realisations after being totally clueless beforehand?

France has been active over the years in combating conflicts in Libya, Mali and the Central African Republic, which Macron now claims is leaving France exposed to future terrorist attacks. Perhaps so, but then there’s also France’s socialist stance under Hollande which let too many Islamists into the country, as well. That might also be the cause of this, right?

One of two major Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, 2015. Credit: France 24

Let’s remember the Paris attack, the Nice attack, and all the other attacks that have happened in Europe over the last few years. There have been so many terror attacks in France that it’s almost difficult to remember all about them. Islamist Terrorists and their suicide bombers have killed 130 people since November 2015, and over 100 more civilians have been killed since then, by use of knives, trucks, and cars.

So is Macron finally aligning himself as a real Centrist candidate to the policies of fighting terror that highly esteemed world leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump hold in such high regard? Is that what Macron is trying to do? Is he going to shun his illegitimate father Jean-Claude and his illegitimate mother Angela Merkel and be sensible for once?

We hope so, but all this remains to be seen. He’s seemingly unwilling to take a hard stance with Saudi Arabian influence by being flimsy and stating things on Gulf Arab state policies like, “We shouldn’t choose one side or another. Other great powers have”.

By bending over to Gulf Arab states for their oil rich funds, that’s socialist corruption in a nutshell, is it not? This also spreads more Islam into Europe by default. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you just go and ask Tony Blair about it? He’s well versed in that whole spiel.

Marine Le Pen could have been in control right now. Credit: Politico Europe

Emmanuel Macron remains a supporter of climate change, his party is more socialist then centrist, and when will he actually live up to the centrist lie and be more action and less talk? Talking alone never achieves anything, doing something does, and that’s the difference between career politicians and people like President Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps, Macron should be more of an independent leader rather than an elitist pawn who’s just hanging around on a string; a puppet performance, steered by Merkel, Juncker and Soros.

We’ll believe in you Macron, just as soon as you start being your own person. Why don’t you take a page out of Trump’s book and learn something about leadership? Better yet, get some lessons from Marine Le Pen.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out. All we can really say is that it’s a little late for this fighting talk stuff. The people of France are fed up with Macron already and want to see some real change soon.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Yoan Valat/Pool

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