Happy Birthday Michael Jackson!

On this momentous day, we celebrate Michael Jackson’s birthday. What more can be said about this legend? He’s simply the greatest to ever do pop music, and has spread so much joy and love to the world over the years. The King of Pop title is merely an understatement and doesn’t go halfway to explain all that he did for charitable causes, nor does it even do his musical influence on everyone enough justice.

Yes, today Michael Jackson would’ve been 59 years young, and if it wasn’t for all the dark forces that he had to endure whilst in the public eye, he would still be with us. Think about it for minute: He faced two child molestation trials, was found not guilty twice and yet his finances, emotional health, and energy suffered a great deal because of those untruths. These unpleasant events in Micheal’s life can both make you sad and angry, but you can be rest assured that Michael is now in a much better place. That’s what we like to think and he’s somewhere now, where nobody can accuse him of falsehoods and or try to use him for his huge fortune and or try to target him for his fortune, by using the mass media against him, as the Establishment does to all the greats throughout history that are simply sick of going along with their evil deeds. Yes, that is the life for many people of success, isn’t?

The legend behind the masterpiece, Thriller. Credit: Icons of Fright

Their wish to control everything and everyone is no great secret and so on the weekend at the VMAs , it saw precious and young Paris Jackson, make a very strange and deluded speech on instruction of the Establishment, to conjure more lies and hysteria to try to influence young people to dislike Donald J. Trump. Sure, it’s all well and good to call out “white supremacists”, but what about George Soros, Antifa and the evil plotting Leftists, that are still in uproar about Hillary Clinton losing the election? Which put a fork in their plans…

So, with this deluded and false narrative from Charlottesville, was a huge Macguffin at the VMAs and has nothing to do with the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump and if anything we believe Michael Jackson would be ashamed of his daughter’s speech at the VMAs; which is very much instructed by the Establishment and it’s a shame to see his daughter joining the same Establishment that did her father so wrong in so many ways. She knows all about it, but she yearns for fame, she yearns for film roles and she yearns for other avenues to make her even more famous, independently away from just being a Jackson. However, by being a social justice warrior for a corrupt and lying cult, doesn’t sit well with all viewers. Especially when it’s all based on lies. Let’s see her deluded speech, right here!

Micheal during his “Bad” years. Credit: Rolling Stone

Paris’ actions call for people to “resist” which is just another sore loser left ploy to try to influence the already brainwashed youth, to associate Establishment media lies that they perpetuate on a daily basis, whilst the Establishment and Democrats are behind all the events in Charlottesville in a false flag attack, to try to incite a race war, whilst funding both sides, then blame Donald J. Trump for it. Those are actually classic Nazi tactics (implemented by the Left, the Democrats and such Socialist parties) by using the media to spin lies in order to effect the non-knowing public in kind. Those are textbook tactics from Nazi Germany, to be honest. But, let’s not let Paris Jackson’s delusion and lies and embarrassing speech, ruin her father’s memory and birthday.

Paris Jackson (among others) made the VMA’s very political this year. Credit: Veja

This is her father’s day ands let’s imagine if he’s still alive, as many believe that he is, perhaps living on a private island somewhere, deservedly away from the cruelty that he faced whilst in the public eye. If so, would he approve of Paris Jackson’s action on the weekend. We think not!

Let’s play some Michael Jackson tunes now to celebrate his birthday, shall we? Late August people are well known perfectionists with big hearts, abundance of loyalty and with very kind souls, which is Michael Jackson in a nutshell. But, they usually like to be left alone.

To round things off, we couldn’t not include one of the best songs in all of history, could we? After all, all Michael Jackson wanted to do, was to do good and spread love, however, amidst the witch hunt for his private life and finances, we didn’t even get to hear half of all the wonderful things he did for children and for countless charities, since some evil force was hell-bent to assassinate his character and even himself. Shame on them! But, let’s remember “Heal the World”, right?

So, today we shout out a big “Happy Birthday” to Michael Jackson (the greatest) and he will forever live on in our memories and until the end of time.

We love you Michael!

Brainstain, over and out!

<Story by The Narrator> 

Featured Photo Credit: Gigwise

Could this be real footage from 2009? WATCH! You be the judge. MJ is now Resting in Peace, either way.

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