Fifth Harmony Throw Shade At Camila During VMA Performance

The music event of the year, MTV’s Video Music Awards 2017, came back with a bang. Literally a bang. Fifth Harmony won this year’s Best Pop Video award. However, that isn’t the Fifth Harmony moment people are talking about. Former band mate Camila Cabello made an appearance (kind of) and just like Fifth Harmony’s hit single, she fell ‘Down, down, down.’

During their performance, the girl band opened their catchy dance number with five shadowy figures on a high platform stage, but as soon as the music starts, you hear a bang and the middle person (obviously representing Camila) instantly falls backwards never to be seen again. Brutal! Viewers were completely amused by Fifth Harmony savage start to their performance. Tweets include, “I saw the full Fifth Harmony performance. I’m not ok. Pls excuse me while I hibernate or just crawl in my coffin… Epic. Iconic. Mic drop.”

However, some viewers were not too keen. Was it too harsh? Perhaps the main reason fans were shocked by the shade is because the band appear to be happier and very much over the news of Camila leaving. Is it all a show? Or is there some unfinished business to be had here?

No one saw this savage shade towards Camila coming. The four piece band gave the impression they were so over Camila leaving and were happy being a foursome, especially after the most awkward Fifth Harmony interview ever with The Sun’s Dan Wootton went viral. The band clashed with the journalist after he persistently asked questions about Camila’s decision to leave. Despite her diplomatic answers, Lauren Jauregui soon got fed up of answering questions regarding Camila and refused to answer Dan’s question “Do you think you guys will ever be friends again?” That question that did not go ‘Down’ well at all. The band’s PR interfered asking the journalist to move on and talk about their new music. Making the situation even more awkward, Dan decides to question why they do not want to answer news related questions. This prompts Lauren to whisper not so quietly “so shady” and the other band mates finally back her up and say “we wanna talk about our new music, we don’t want to be shady”.

Of course you don’t girls. That’s why you blew Camila off the stage. Something tells us they aren’t as over it as they make it seem.

Camila quit the group, so they “fired” her on stage. Credit: Fuse TV

Dan took to twitter almost immediately after the super awkward interview to express how Fifth Harmony were “rude, loud and total divas.” In which Lauren replied “I’m not sure how trying to avoid answering probing questions meant to start drama b/w women is being “diva”…but thanks for the support.” For a group trying to avoid starting drama, they have definitely started more drama now. It’s not like the whole world watches these awards or anything, right?

Was there a creative meaning behind the savageness? One fan reckons they have it all sussed out. They wrote, “No shade. They were just telling the story of what happened. She jumped by herself & dragged them down. BUT THEY CAME BACK.”

Or was it not shady at all? As another fan says, “For the record Fifth Harmony didn’t push Camilla she jumped by herself. The others chose to jump as a group.”

Hmm, she doesn’t seem to be voluntarily jumping though does she? Plus, we don’t even see where or if she even landed! Will solo artist Camila Cabelo reply to her former band mates? Or will she just let it slide? We guess we will soon find out. To any journalists out there, do not ask any questions about Camila when interviewing the Fifth Harmony girls, unless you want to be brutally blown off a stage.

Relive the moment and watch Fifth Harmony’s full VMA performance here:


<Story by Henna Sharma>

Featured Photo Credit: YouTube

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