EA Games Double Whammy: New Trailers for Star Wars Battlefront II & FIFA 18 Released

When you think of great game makers, surely the supreme and generous Electronic Arts Inc. should come to mind, right?

To solidify just why EA gives us so much in entertainment value, we bring you some expose to two of their biggest titles coming out this year, which have recently graced us with two brand new trailers. Yes, we are talking about Star Wars Battlefront II and FIFA 18 and what these new trailers are revealing to us. We’re getting a real sneak peek into what’s coming here! So, let’s cut right to the chase and commence with Star Wars Battlefront II’s Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer, shall we? The trailer has already amassed nearly 3,000,000 views in a matter of days, and it’s been trending up a storm on Twitter, so let’s check it out!

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be released on November 17th, 2017, and we seriously cannot wait, as the single player story mode will bring a much needed independent experience as you learn your Jedi craft and also face the dark side. However, with multiple playing modes across the whole Star Wars world, don’t expect to be locked in a box. You’ll be immersed in all the greatness that is Star Wars right from the get-go! May the Force be with you, reader.

Now for arguably the greatest and most popular game franchise of all time which pushes realism and authenticity to greater and greater levels each year. With another exciting football season already upon us and the transfer window closing in a week, you’re going to need something to pass the time between matches. If you’re football mad like we are, then you must get FIFA 18.

How else will you have Romelu Lukaku at Manchester United with Zlatan Ibrahimovic (put him in FIFA 18 from the start for christ sake! We’re not waiting until January like with Gabriel Jesus for Manchester City in last season’s game, okay?!), Alvaro Morata leading the line at Chelsea, and James Rodriguez in Bayern Munich colours? You simply cannot do it without FIFA 18, that’s why! Yes, you’ll even have Neymar Jr. for PSG plus alongside Kylian Mbappe. Brilliant!

EA released the latest trailer with signature moves, new celebrations, and new players in their new football kits. All of this is simply “Epic” with a capital E. Best of all, Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star of the whole game, as he should be. Let’s check out the trailer!

FIFA 18 will be released in the USA on the 26th of September, and on the 29th of September in the UK and Europe. To say we are excited is an understatement; that trailer has us at a Fever Pitch for next month already!

What’s better than games from EA? Not much, we can tell you. So, for those women out there with boyfriends and husbands that love a game or two, then please respect their need to play both these games for hours on end. It’s like a religious right to do so. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the women gamers either. Be sure to safeguard your copies and pre-order below from Amazon!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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