Three Reasons Why ‘The Emoji Movie’ Is An Epic Fail

The Emoji Movie has been something many of us had been dreading since its announcement and even before the trailer got released, the film had received so much backlash merely for existing, that one wonders why Sony Pictures Entertainment even wanted to put out the film? At one point, there were even rumours about the film getting cancelled. No such luck, though.

Since that wasn’t the case and the film was released earlier this summer to some rotten reviews. As expected, the film was panned by critics for being “unfunny and a waste of time”. It even scored 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Quite an achievement. Will they make next year’s Razzie Awards? We certainly hope so…

What exactly was it about this joke of a movie that makes it fail so hard? Well, here are a few rough ideas for you to ponder.

You know the saying, “If it looks like ___, it usually is” Credit: JoBlo

1. The plot is totally unoriginal and stupid

Critics have unfavourably compared to The Emoji Movie to films with similar plot devices such as Inside Out, Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie. The difference? Those films were at least original in some way and actually provided good entertainment.

The plot of The Emoji Movie follows an emoji named Gene who lives in Textopolis, or in other words, inside the phone of a boy named Alex. You can see where it’s going with the similar setting already, because the whole “what happens inside x/y” totally hasn’t been told before.

Gene is a “meh” emoji, but due to having different emotions and messes up his expression for a text, he is seen as a malfunction and must be deleted. He is then chased by bots and from then on, goes on a wacky adventure to avoid these spam bots.

Just from reading about it, you can seen the similarity in setting and plot is painfully obvious to those who have seen Wreck-It Ralph or Inside Out. But don’t expect The Emoji Movie to be anything like them, because unlike those films, we get blatant advertisements shoved in our faces, complete with unfunny jokes and “bland as hell” characters.

Source: KnowYourMeme

2. You’re just watching one big advertisement

With this film being about emoji’s living in a boy’s phone, it’s no surprise to see apps and games such as Twitter and Candy Crush appear on screen. It’s all just some shameless cash grab ploy to all children, because obviously adding Candy Crush in the film will get more users to install it and ASAP! So, therefore more money. Win win!

Source: Entertainment Focus

3. There is nothing interesting about emoji’s

The sole purpose of creating this movie? Capitalizing on what’s trendy, of course! The only problem with that is there is nothing interesting about emoji’s. Yes, we use them when sending messages on our phones, but that’s it. You can’t really make a remotely fun or interesting story out of them, because you’ll just get crap like this… The reason Wreck-It Ralph worked so well was because its prime focus was on a likeable and fun character setting out to prove himself as more than just a video game villain, all with the element of fun that comes when you play actual video games. Sure, there were references and appearances from the likes of Super Mario and Pac-Man, but they were only subtle and served as a homage to games gone passed. Nice!

But Sony Entertainment don’t care whether a film is good or not, because it’s all about the money, right? Who cares what the audience want, as long as you’re getting richer. Sadly, that’s the attitude of many film production companies nowadays, and it’s just sad. No substance to speak of… So to speak.

Make it rain! Source: Giphy

So, if you’re ever planning on watching The Emoji Movie, be prepared to waste 86 minutes of your life and be questioning the direction of which the film industry is going nowadays. Or your brain will be fried by so much advertising that’s shoved in your face, that you’ll even question the existence of human life… So, choose wisely.


<Story by Emily Clark>

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