Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Shirt Number Revealed by Adidas

As we’ve been saying all this whole time here at Brainstain since Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s unfortunate injury in April against Anderlecht in the Europa League, Zlatan would return to Manchester United upon his recovery, and low and behold, he has done just that! Yes, it feels good to be right, and even better knowing that Zlatan will be putting the colors of Manchester United back on his back for yet another season. Whilst naysayers and critics had said that Zlatan’s time at Manchester United was over, we knew Zlatan, Manchester United, and football in general much better.

So today, we bring you the almost secret news of Zlatan’s great return to the Red Devils, with some tell-tale signs of him signing a new contract. We will even reveal some expected and exciting news to solidify this story, but first, let’s start with a spin-kick from the world of Taekwondo – Zlatan-style!

How about that knee in fluid motion, eh? No sign of any knee injury at all. Hooray! It even seems clear, like we’ve been saying all along, that he’s probably near fit to even play before January. Let’s hope that Manchester United register him for the first half of the season, as we know that Zlatan would and could be ready to play in November.

Adidas, the sporting giant whom makes the Manchester United kit, have this on their website, which all but confirms that Zlatan will be wearing Wayne Rooney’s number 10 shirt. Now we’re really in the market for a “Zlatan the Return” shirt. If Manchester United see this, please send us one! We’d really like to get our hands on this new shirt after Lukaku took Zlatan’s old number 9 shirt.

Adidas have his shirt in store already. The number suits him, doesn’t it? Credit: AftonBladet

As with all the greats in life, it’s inevitable that this be met with criticism and plenty of jealous non-believers, but they also garner huge fanbase’s of those who know just how great they are, and that includes us. When it comes to Zlatan, Jose Mourinho, and even the board and squad at Manchester United, we dedicate our fullest support.

It’s safe to say that Zlatan will be a Manchester United player this season. With the clubs sights firmly set on the Premier League title, a real chance of competing in the Champions League on the line, and with Zlatan available to compete yet again, Manchester United have made the right decision, to give him his chance to help them fulfil their goals (haw haw) of further success at ‘The Theatre of Dreams’.

The new contract is expected to be signed by Zlatan before the end of the week, and the former Swedish International, as expected, will take a pay-cut from his previous £300,000 a week contract, to a respectable £125,000 a week. Not a bad deal. With the strength, precision passing, and goalscoring prowess that Zlatan brings, we all know that this isn’t about the money, this is purely about football as it should be.

There’s been some talk of if Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic can play together. The answer to that is of course they can, with either backing up each other as substitutes, or even replacing each other when it comes down to it. They could even play together in a 4-3-3 position should Jose Mourinho entertain that idea, as we think he should as a backup formation option. If you stick Zlatan in the middle with Lukaku playing a tight forward next to him, with either flank players running wider on the opposite side, providing width, like with Martial, Rashford, Mkhitaryan or even Lingard, what you have is one holding the ball up and players on either side of Zlatan being able to latch onto balls and making runs into the opposition box. See? Not a bad backup option formation with all that pace, strength and fire power coming at you from all directions.

An unstoppable force, Zlatan, 35, will wear the new Manchester United kit as number 10. Credit: GettyImages

We look forward to hearing the news of Zlatan making his glorious return hopefully before January. Surely there must be enough space for a registration slot for the forward, ahead of January, right?

Fingers crossed. We here at Brainstain salute Zlatan’s incredible return, and we can’t wait to see him back on the pitch doing what he does best, which is scoring goals and bringing other players into play.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Firenews

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