Heidi Klum Shows Off Her New Lingerie Line in Photo Shoot

Another day and yet another celebrity lingerie line (apart from Islamic Terrorism), but this time from well known ex-Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum, 44, who definitely has a say, when it comes to lingerie.

So, the German ex-supermodel VS Angel and Sports Illustrated cover girl is lending her talents to design and package her own line of skimpy threads for bedroom us, called HK Intimates, opting to even model it herself at her age, like a fine wine, aged to perfection. And, these new intimates may find their way into your significant others lingerie drawer, but they won’t come cheap with the reported price tag ranging from $20 to $170 per item or set, so some of the items might definitely be reserved for special occasions, rather than ladies wearing them under their pyjama bottoms and comfy sweaters, whilst Netflix’ing and chilling, so to speak…

At the launch at The Bel-Air Hotel, she threw a “bra-brunch” ahead of unleashing the new photos that were showing off the line on social media, so before that, here’s Heidi’s presentation photo from this event.

This “Bra Brunch” thing should really catch on and become a thing, don’t you think? Credit: StefanieKeenan/HeidiKlumInitimates

Now this wouldn’t be enough to launch the line and get an idea of just how intricate and gorgeous you can look in her HK line, so Heidi showed how modelling can also just be like “riding a bicycle” and she hopped into frame for some up close and revealing pieces from the latest collection.

Lady in Red, a classic choice. Credit: FrancescoCarrozzini/heidikluintimates.com

Now if this hasn’t got you onto her website to buy this racy two-piece just yet, then perhaps red just isn’t your colour? With this floral backdrop it leaves a lot to the imagination and also dreams of your dream woman somehow matching a perfect body, with a sweet and soothing mind, which would truly be a killer (no bunny boilers! a la Glenn Close) combination… A rare find, indeed.

Black is the new black and you can never go wrong with this in your drawer. Just look at the stitchings. Top class! Credit: FrancescoCarrozzini:heidikluintimates.com

Now if you didn’t like that either, then you do not like nice lingerie and that’s okay, but there’s more to Heidi Klum, than just laying out on a bed of roses, you know? Like a “kiss from a rose”, yes, here she is again…

Opting for the old left arm above the head, right here. Nice! But, the question is, “wouldn’t you like your significant other in just these stockings, at the very least? Credit: FrancescoCarrozzini/heidikluintimates.com

You can see that from the detail on the bra and underwear, that this just isn’t your standard “run of the mill” stuff that you’d find at BHS’ or at Debenhams, “oh no!”, this even has “to die for” detail on the stocking elastic, just to make sure that when you slip them off, you do it in style. Even giving unique texture to the touch, you see?

Peaches and cream, is all we can think of now. How about you? Credit: FrancescoCarrozzini:heidikluintimates.com

Yes, how about this embroiled and embossed design in peach? Yes, you know on dreary days like today you need to lighten the mood with some rare colours to brighten up your day, now whilst you might opt for the white, red or black, something peachy is always sure to bring all that light and joy into your life, straight away. Doesn’t she just look good enough to eat in those colours, eh?

There’s a lot to choose from at HK Intimates. Heidi is not included, of course, duh! Credit: GDMRetailSystems

Suddenly, we all need an extremely special day like Valentines Day or a Happy Birthday celebration to get these into the hands of the right woman, we suppose. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get online or down to the HK Intimates department in the right shops and then just shop away, since Heidi knows a thing or two about lingerie, umkay? Got that? Good… It was truly a pleasure reviewing Heidi’s undoubted talents in the underwear fashion market. Very nice, indeed.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Heidi Klum Intimates

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