Justin Bieber Gets Rejected By Taken Girl On Instagram

Things don’t appear to be going great for the number one pop singer Justin Bieber at the moment. First he gets bottles thrown at him on stage from fans for not being able to sing ‘Despacito’ in Spanish, (a blessing in disguise really), now he fails to flirt with a girl after sliding into her DMs on Instgram. Rejected! You might expect that any girl would be fan-girling all the way for Bieber and instantly reply to his message, however, her rejection was just something totally unexpected for Justin.


Savannah, GA based gym called Fitness on Broughton posted a video of a pretty blonde girl promoting an energy drink. She must have caught Justin’s eye as he sent a direct message to the gym’s Instagram asking “Who’s that girl?”

The mystery girl was revealed as Jessica Gober, who apparently found the situation so hilarious, she had to share it with the world and posted his DM on twitter.

Credit: jessicagober

Any other girl would probably love to be in her position, but Jessica didn’t show any interest at all in the 23 year-0ld multi-millionaire. So, she responded in the most savage way possible: a collage of adorably cute couple pictures of her and her current boyfriend, with the caption: “I have everything I need right here.” What a way to rub it in Jessica!

Credit: jessicagober

Beliebers all over the world are dying to be noticed and they are not happy with Jessica’s response. They are all probably constantly watching their DMs as we speak, right? Jealous fans took to twitter to express their grief for not being the chosen one.

Here’s a selection of the very amusing, slightly saddening and somewhat desperate calls from Beliebers to have him notice them instead. Click the links below and have a read, you will not be disappointed. We went from best to last, in a “1 to 3” format.

1) https://twitter.com/romsdeanda/status/895396945501364224

2) https://twitter.com/MeghanKiep01/status/895463555041959936

3) https://twitter.com/JustinMyHubby94/status/895596548138168320

Anyway, music wise, Bieber has been phenomenal this past year, according to his fans and the charts. He’s practically taken over the charts with smash hits such as “Sorry“, “What Do U Mean?”, “Love Yourself” and more recently a “Despacito” cover. As if we hadn’t had enough of the original song already! Purpose, his world tour was also a complete sell out everywhere, so despite his shortcomings on the dating scene, surely Justin can still smile about that. However, despite having all these number one hits and billions of fans, the star must be lonely. He’s resorting to what basically is online dating and attempting to slip into girl’s DMs. Chin up, Justin, you’ll find the right one for you one day.

That’s just what happens when you’re incredibly busy and also successful. You just don’t have the time that you used to have, right?

Credit: LaughFactory/IG

Meanwhile, his ex Selena Gomez is anything but lonely. The “Bad Liar” singer flaunts her new relationship with R&B singer The Weeknd, seen taking in a recent stand up comedy night at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. How long will this celebrity couple last? Hopefully a fair bit longer than others. The Weeknd previously dated Bella Hadid, (despite the height difference issue), and everything was going great till that all came to an end. Bella warned him of Selena Gomez after hearing they got together. She called him to say Selena is just using him, but he thinks that she’s just jealous. Peanut butter and jealous!

Obviously, The Weeknd hasn’t taken her warning into account, but will he live to regret it? Probably, but imagine how great their break up songs will be! Will things get better for Justin? All we can say is keep a look out on Tinder, you might just see him on there, one day.

<Story by Henna Sharma>

Featured Photo Credit: JustinBieber/Instagram

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