Donald Trump Calls Out The Violent “Alt-Left”

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t get real news on television and mainstream media channels anymore. In all likelihood, they’ve colluded with the establishment and the shadow government backed by the Democrats to try and overthrow Donald Trump, and we’re just totally sick of it. Evidentially, so is the majority of America.

These George Soros backed Antifa and BLM organisations never seem to receive blame for anything they do on the colluded news media networks. In a recent press conference, your President Donald J. Trump, stood up and stated the obvious that these one-sided news companies perpetuating the subsequent brainwashing of the susceptible news watching public about the coverage over the recent incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, refuse to cover in a non-bias manner, thus addressing the problems that are just not being addressed at all.

Most people are already clued up on George Soros and the shadow government’s paid protestors that carry out violence and provocation under the guise of being Anti-Fascist, (whilst being the real fascists themselves), since well before Trump’s inauguration. We must help to spread the news far and wide, and we encourage you, the readers, to group chain email this article to all your friends and family so that they’re also aware of what’s really happening.

Antifa call nationalism and people who have conservative views out as being racist, which is just a weak-minded ploy to cause confusion and uproar, so we’re helping to solidify that fact, that Antifa are the problem.

Did you know that Hungarian born George Soros, a Jew, befriended the Nazi’s as a fourteen year old boy in order to save his own life? He also helped to kill countless Jews with the Germans, a stage in his life which he stated was a time that helped to form his adult character. So in essence, he admits to being a man who has no regard for human life, as he continues to gamble his money on political situations and outcomes. He’s already been behind the Arab Spring that’s caused mass muslim migration into Europe, plus he’s funded protests and caused uproar in the Ukraine and in other Eastern European nations as well.

Here’s the Antifa’s German faction flag, the black and red colours, symbolise Blood and Soil, a well known Nazi song. Credit: YouTube

Did you know that the Nazi’s of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler were Socialists and that Nazi actually stood for the New Socialists Party? That’s a fact, and so when Antifa call themselves “anti-fascists” while practicing violence and getting paid to protest and commit crimes, (like the Nazi’s), whilst calling Donald Trump a Nazi and a white nationalist, is just beyond ridiculous. Eventually we hope that these Antifa thugs will face opposition for their crimes and terrorism.

Antifa have already been named a domestic terror group in the state of New Jersey, and have recently been pictured burning the American flag in Philadelphia, just to name one city in a whole host of cities across the United States of America where they have done this practice of burning the American flag. Antifa are clearly a domestic terror group that needs to be addressed and prosecuted to the fullest degree, no matter how much funding they have behind them. These are people who will not allow others to have freedom of thought and attack people’s rights to freedom of speech and expression. Guess what? That’s what fascism is, that’s the definition of fascism. So whilst they call themselves anti-fascists, they’re the real fascists at hand.

That’s Antifa for you, enemies of the United States of America. Credit: YouTube

When will more states across America cut ties with the collusion and start to arrest and charge these criminals for their crimes? When will America start to wipe out these moronic, masked thugs from the face of the United States?

If they were a peace group, why do they carry weapons and cover their faces? Hmmm?

Enough is enough! Hopefully, given the power of Donald Trump’s Presidency, he can go through the “fake news” smoke and mirrors scam and have these hoodlums arrested for their violent crimes.

Donald Trump, in his address with the fake news media, clearly stated that there were bad people on both sides, but which “side” has been the sore loser since the election? Who funds these Antifa hoodlums to go out and conduct violence? Surely there’s somebody behind the iron curtain that’s wishing to create a race war.

This has absolutely nothing to do with President Donald Trump, and has everything to do with the fake news media, the shadow government and their evil plans to try and overthrow Donald J. Trump, a President that’s been doing a magnificent job, despite all the paid protests and evil opposition that are against him.

Let’s now bring you to another video. If you needed anymore convincing/information as to what’s really happening here and who is behind these violent uprisings currently in the United States, just watch.

There you have it! A very logical and factual breakdown of the collusion within. One wonders why George Soros isn’t being mentioned on the news media for his funding and bailing out of these Antifa members?

Here’s even more news that you won’t catch on these biased news networks. Recently, a clergy addressed their support of President Donald J. Trump, calling out the evils of the fascist “Alt-Left”, whom attack anyone that they feel should be attacked for liking or supporting the President, by use of provocation and gratuitous violence.

There is no link between Donald J. Trump and any racist construct. He’s a businessman that’s done great things with people from all walks of life, and the conservatives of all ethnicities know this to be a fact, but never have any doubt that Antifa don’t care about this and will willingly attack a person of colour for supporting the 45th President of The United States of America.

So, with the fake news media brainwashing people, and with the George Soros backed terror groups that arrive in chartered buses to violently disrupt proceedings across the nation, armed with weapons, it’s important now more than ever that the police need to start cracking down hard on these unemployable, deluded fools so that they can finally return to their momma’s basement’s. That or be locked up in prisons.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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