CNN’s Jim Acosta Tries to Berate Trump; Gets Served

After the riot in Charlottesville on Saturday, President Donald J. Trump has condemned the attack along with VP Mike Pence numerous times, however, the colluded fake news channels that only serve to cause uproar in the nation following on from Hillary Clinton’s epic election loss have continued to not accept the president’s answer. CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to scandalise the post-press conference that Donald J. Trump called for on China’s trade policies, afterwards Acosta thought he saw a chance to berate the President and the White House administration once again. However, he was shutdown very quickly by Donald Trump. Watch!

Yes, Donald Trump is absolutely right, as always. CNN are fake news. Their practices in journalism have led them to be called the Clinton News Network, the Clown News Network, and the epitome of “Fake News”, so much so that a lot of people are now aware that they’re a socialist left-wing hate preaching cable news channel, that nobody in their right might should pay attention to anymore. Apart from brainwashed liberal looney tunes, that is…

The Saturday attack, which saw Antifa and race baiting hate groups like the BLM and other dangerous protest groups, become engulfed in a car attack by white supremacist, James Alex Fields Jr., which injured 35 in total and which seriously injured 19 people and also killing one. Since the incident, there has been an uproar across the country, and all one has to wonder is how much does George Soros have to do with this? How much have Democrats sought to divide the country, and how much money is Soros injecting to these Antifa and BLM hate groups? His funding of these groups has already been exposed numerous times before. He funds domestic violence and various protest groups against Trump on a regular basis. Soros has even interfered in elections and politics in numerous countries around the world too. He’s also responsible for the Arab Spring, which has seen millions of refugees and economic migrants swarm into Europe, something which European’s dislike him for, and rightly so…

Donald Trump tweeted about the interruption by Jim Acosta after his press conference on China:

Credit: Donald J.Trump/Twitter

Let’s now remember when Stephen Miller ripped the ridiculous Jim Acosta apart on immigration, a couple of weeks ago. Prepare to witness a total shutdown right here. Stephen Miller exposes Jim Acosta’s pathetic stance, in only serving as an irritant on part of the fake news network, CNN.

How about Jim Acosta’s lack of knowledge of the real world, in commenting that only English and Australian people, can speak English? Laughable! Jim Acosta is a whiney and pathetic CNN White House correspondent and one wonders how much longer he, or CNN for that matter, will gain entry into any future Press Conferences with the President?

If it was up to us, we would place a ban on CNN from entering into all White House Press Conferences, right away.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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