Agents of Mayhem Released Today

Following on from the acclaim of the Saints Row series and with the most recent Saints Row 4: Gat out of Hell  in 2014, comes another colourful and eccentric video game from Deep Silver and Volition today entitled Agents of Mayhem, which is a game that’s very much inspired by the Saints Row series, with a creative storyline, jokes, swear words, cool characters and open world action gameplay in third person perspective. The release comes as welcome news without many open world games coming out of late. Now let’s take a look at some trailers, so you can get a sense of the mayhem that awaits you.

Starting off with the story trailer, this game is sure to strike a chord with young gamers and features a robotic element, to say the very least, as it’s set in a fictional futuristic setting of Seoul, South Korea.

It’s a lot less grim than the competitor GTA series or the original Saints Row series, where in this new game you can play as twelve different agents, with each agent harbouring their own unique play style and abilities. The game has been described as “G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Megafight 2020” with additional inspiration taken from 1980’s TV cartoon shows like He-Man and the real life action show the A-Team, in the tone and rhetoric, which also sounds a bit similar to the most recent Zombies game from COD.

Whilst this game might be finding inspiration in familiar places, it’s now been released on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Let’s get a better idea of the gameplay with this exposition, to see whether this is a game for you or not.

You’ve got fast cars, you can play as multiple characters, swapping them as if swapping weapons and then naturally pursue various missions much like GTA, however, some critics are already calling this Volition’s most fun-filled release to date.

The game is said to have a nice feel to it, within its controls, but for some gamers, (i.e the older gamers), the over use of futuristic elements may not go down well, as which we saw with the 2016 first person favourite COD: Infinite Warfarewhich saw fans shunning the new futuristic element to that release.

So, did Volition do the right thing on focusing on robots and setting it in the future of Seoul, South Korea? That all remains to be seen, once fans get their hands on the game, so let’s wait and see on gamer reactions and reviews, soon.


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